What is an Instant Boba Pack?

With all the silly things people are doing with drinks, you might be forgiven for thinking that boba, otherwise known as bubble tea, is carbonated tea. But it isn’t. In this article, we will talk about the following: 

  • What is a Boba Tea Kit?
    • Where does boba come from?
    • What is instant boba?
    • How do you make instant boba?
  • How to Make Bubble Tea at Home
  • The Health Benefits of Boba
    • Is bubble tea safe for children?
    • Boba and allergies
    • The recommended amount of bubble tea
  • Where to Buy an Instant Boba Pack

Boba is a mixture of tapioca pearls infused with tea using milk or water. There are wide varieties and a ton of recipes. Here you will find pretty much all you need to know about boba.

What is a Boba Tea Kit?

Boba is made from tapioca pearls and tea. You can make it yourself from scratch, but making tapioca pearls requires skill and takes a long time. That’s why most people choose to use a boba tea kit instead. With a bubble tea kit, you can make boba instantly.

Where Does Boba Come From?

Boba is the national drink of Taiwan. Much like the Brits love a good brew, or the Americans drown themselves in coffee, the pan-Asian countries consume cup after cup of boba tea. Bubble tea is made with a base of either milk or tea, then glazed with cassava root extract, known as tapioca pearls because they are small and chewy balls. In English, Boba tea is called bubble tea because boba roughly translates as “bubbles” in many Asian nations.

What is Instant Boba?

Boba can take a long time to make from scratch, although that is how it is mainly done in Asia. But instant boba is available for the Western market with little knowledge of boba or even the time to make it. Because it is becoming more popular, you will find a boba store or stand in almost every major city, from New York, USA, to Liverpool in the UK. With instant boba tea packs, you can make your new favorite drink without the hassle. A bubble tea pack typically contains tea bags, tapioca pearls, cups, and straws. Of course, you will need to add milk or water. 

How Do You Make Instant Boba?

Making instant boba couldn’t be easier. A standard bubble tea pack has almost everything you need, including the cups. As per the instructions on the box, you pour hot water or milk into the cup containing the tapioca pearls and the tea bags. Then you wait a few minutes for the flavor to infuse from the tea. Some instant bubble tea packs require that you microwave the liquid rather than using boiling water. However, as tasty as some of these teams are, there’s no substitute for making your boba tea at home. And it’s easier than you think.

How to Make Bubble Tea at Home

There are many instant boba tea brands to choose from. But being the drinks masters, we are at Quench List; we have some fantastic recipes for you to make your bubble tea. It’s cheap, easy, and tastes phenomenal. Here’s what you need for a delightful bubble tea concoction:

  • For flavor: tapioca pearls (of course), honey, or brown sugar.
  • Your cup: a reusable boba tumbler to help save the planet one drink at a time.
  • To drink: protect the planet and go authentic Asian with bamboo straws.
  • Your tea: any will do, but we recommend using your favorite brown or black tea.
  • Infuser: this is personal, but you can use hot milk, boiling water, or broth.

Once you have all you need, making the boba tea couldn’t be easier. Make your tea as you like, and ply it with your sweeteners and bobas. Good bubble tea is creamy and sweet, so it’s best to use creamed milk and a generous amount of honey or brown sugar.

The Health Benefits of Boba

There is some controversy around whether bubble tea is healthy. Mainly because many people lace their boba with sugary ingredients. But you don’t have to make your boba the same way. High amounts of sugar aside, there are health benefits of bubble tea, including:

  • Boosts of energy
  • Stress relief
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Mood improvement

Most of these health benefits come primarily from tea ingredients. Yet mixed with different types of sugars and sweeteners, bubble tea can be joyful drink and healthy. Something most sweet beverages, like fizzy pop, can’t do in quite the same way.

Is bubble tea safe for children?

Of course, before buying bubble tea, you might want to know if it’s safe for kids. We recommend exercising caution when giving boba tea to little children. Tea contains caffeine, which can be considered toxic to kids, and there is also a choking hazard from tapioca pearls when sucking them up.  

Boba and allergies

There is also an additional risk for children or anyone else. And that is that while it’s rare, tapioca is a known allergen. So it’s possible to have an allergic reaction when consuming tapioca. Additionally, store-bought boba tea kits may contain other allergens such as gluten.

The recommended amount of bubble tea

There are some health benefits to bubble tea. But overall, it is unhealthy when consumed excessively. We recommend having two cups per week maximum at QuenchList because of the high sugar content. However, the tea is good for you and is typically zero calories.

Where to Buy an Instant Boba Pack

Boba has exploded recently so that you can buy it from many outlets. Online retailers like Amazon offer great bubble tea kits from resellers. Or you can order directly from the manufacturers themselves. But for the best bubble tea experience, simply Google “bubble tea near me.”


Boba is a relatively new phenomenon in Asian countries like Thailand and Taiwan. Essentially, it’s an Asian twist on the standard brew the British and the Indians enjoyed. Yet rather than cane sugar, brown sugar is used, along with tapioca pearls for texture and flavor. For an excellent boba experience at home, you can order a boba pack containing everything you need.


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