Best Vegan Collagen Supplements and Their Benefits

Vegetarians have been making vegan food choices for many years to avoid eating animal products and because they are concerned about their health and the environment. Veganism is one of the fastest-growing lifestyle trends in the world today, with vegan diets being very sustainable. Many people believe that vegan collagen is just as good as regular collagen. However, it is crucial to understand what vegan collagen is before you commit to going vegan.

What Is Collagen?

The word collagen has been around since prehistoric times when it was first discovered by archeologists studying mummies from ancient Egypt and Greece. The word “collagen” comes directly from the Greek word ‘kolla,’ which means glue or gum. Collagen is the protein found the most in your body. It makes up about 1/3 of all the protein in your body. It is located in almost every part of your body, from the bones and tendons that hold us together to the muscles responsible for movement. Collagen is the magic glue that keeps all these things together

The reason vegan collagen is appealing is that you don’t need to use any animals to get vegan collagen.

What is Vegan Collagen?

Vegan collagen is a vegan alternative to animal collagen. In contrast to animal-based collagen, vegan collagen is vegan (well, duh!). This means that it comes from sources other than animals. The vegan diet strives to exclude all meat, dairy products, and eggs from the diet. Vegans do this for a variety of reasons. One reason is that vegan diets are ethical and better for the environment.

How is Vegan Collagen made?

Vegan collagen is a vegan alternative to animal collagen. In contrast to animal-based vegan collagen, vegan collagen is vegan (well, duh!). This means that it comes from genetically modified yeast and bacteria and not animals.

The bacteria and yeast are genetically altered. Four genes that are responsible for collagen production are added to their genome. Once these are in place, these microbes produce the components that would make up collagen. An enzyme called pepsin is added to these components, transforming it into the exact form of human collagen.

Benefits of Vegan Collagen

Vegan collagen has many benefits. Some of these are:

Vegan collagen is sustainable

Vegan collagen is sustainable as it uses lower amounts of energy than traditional ways. Using bacteria and yeast in controlled environments is relatively easy and economical. Moreover, it can allow unlimited scaling and hence total collagen production. This can lead to a lowered cost of the product, making it affordable for everyone.

Vegan collagen is environmentally-friendly

Vegan collagen is vegan and completely cruelty-free, so no animals are harmed in the process. Many people just prefer not to harm animals. However, not harming animals is also great for the environment and will help preserve ecosystems. This will prevent further climate change and make our earth a better place to live in.

Great for hydrating the skin

Vegan collagen helps to reduce redness, irritation, and swelling of the skin due to water absorption (hydration). This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Vegan collagen is recommended if you want glowing skin. It adds to the appearance of plump skin with fewer wrinkles, just like it does with people who do not have vegan diets or lifestyles.

Can act as an anti-aging agent

Vegan collagen may help reverse and prevent signs of aging due to its ability for natural repair. This can also help reduce your costs in keeping up with expensive anti-aging products while growing more environmentally friendly!

While normal collagen also has these results, people with vegan lifestyles have been void of them. This will ensure that they get their collagen beauty treatment too.

Great for increased bone and muscle strength

Vegan collagen provides support for bones and tendons. Collagen keeps the cartilage in your body intact, hence protecting your joints from wear and tear. This is especially great for older people who have a risk of developing osteoarthritis.

It was discovered that vegan collagen increased stability in cartilage cells during the healing process, which means recuperation time from injuries can be reduced significantly.

Vegan collagen can hence keep your bones healthy. Research has shown that collagen intake lowered joint pain in individuals. It is suggested that vegan collagen will have the same effects because it is identical to human collagen.

Great for hair

Vegan collagen is also good for your hair. It keeps up the density and strength of your hair shafts which prevents breakage. Vegan collagen will help you keep a healthy head of hair and prevent balding.

Can lower risk of animal-borne diseases

Vegan collagen lowers the risk of diseases that may be transmitted through animal-based collagen. You don’t want to get sick from the food you eat. It will give you all the benefits with no risks.

This is also true because vegan collagen will be made safely in a controlled environment and will not have the chance of toxins infiltrating through. On the other hand, animal-based products can have these compounds if the animal was introduced to such an environment.

Improves metabolism

Vegan collagen promotes a healthy metabolism because it increases lean muscle mass. It can also increase bone density and lower body fat by burning calories

Better availability for medical procedures

Collagen has applications other than dietary supplements as well. It is used in the medical industry to stimulate skin and tissue growth, fasten the healing of wounds, and as a drug delivery system for some types of tumors.

Vegan collagen will allow increased collagen availability for medical procedures, helping more advances in the field. Moreover, it may make some medical procedures cheaper because of its own lowered cost.

Note: While it is sure that vegan collagen is beneficial, many more studies are required to back up all the claims.

vegan collagen benefits

Compounds that help collagen production in the body

Vegan collagen is not widely available right now. Many supplements you see will just be collagen boosters that will have compounds that help collagen production in your body. Some of these products are vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and zinc, that the body requires to amplify collagen production.

Another option that exists in vegan supplements right now is a mix of the amino acids and vitamins, and minerals that your body needs for collagen production. The individual amino acids are usually mentioned. There are also some herbs and plant materials that stimulate collagen production. These are also included in the supplements.

It is possible to stimulate collagen production using food instead of supplements. Many foods contain the amino acids that your body requires to make collagen. They also have these vitamins and minerals to help. Some foods that you need to try for increased collagen in your body are:

  • soy-based products
  • beans (both black and kidney beans)
  • legumes
  • nuts: pistachio, peanut, and cashew

 Let us look into the best collagen options you can buy

Best vegan collagen supplements to buy in 2024

Here are our top picks for collagen supplements:

Garden of Life Vegan Collagen Builder10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Purity Products Vegan Collagen Builder
Check Price
Wild fuel Vegan Collagen Builder8/10
Check Price
Vitauthority Vegan Collagen Builder8/10
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PlantFusion Collagen Builder7/10
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Mary Ruth Collagen Builder7/10
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Rae Vegan Collagen Boost Powder7/10
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Garden of Life Vegan Collagen Builder

Achieve the beauty of your dreams with our Vegan Collagen Builder. This supplement contains collagen co-nutrients that will help build new skin cells, hair, nails, and joints. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and it’s what keeps our skin elastic and firm, our joints healthy, and our hair shiny. We lose collagen as we age, which means we get wrinkles, sagging skin, joint pain, brittle nails, etc. But fortunately for us (and the animals), Vegan Collagen Builder includes all of collagen’s co-nutrients to support your body’s natural ability to rebuild its collagen fibers.

Moreover, it contains beauty-boosting biotin from many fruits that will further hydrate your skin. You can enjoy this supplement in a refreshing citrus flavor. The organic ingredients in this formula are certified USDA Organic. It is also GMO-free, gluten-free, and kosher certified.

Purity Products Vegan Collagen Builder

The Purity Products Vegan Collagen Builder is a daily supplement to help support your skin’s natural collagen production. It contains Silica, Lutein, Vitamin C, Biotin, and Grape Seed – Amino Acids, Glycine & Proline. These ingredients are all known for supporting the body’s natural collagen production. It’s free of carbohydrates or sugar and helps in the development of strong bones and teeth.

This Vegan Collagen Builder also works to improve skin tone and elasticity, as well as helping maintain healthy nails and hair. It is also highly convenient, with a dosage of one tablet a day. Unlike many competitors that provide their supplements in powder form, this supplement is the most convenient.

Wild fuel Vegan Collagen Builder

Wild fuel Vegan Collagen Builder is the best vegan collagen supplement on the market. It’s 100% cruelty-free, GMO-free, and made with natural ingredients. This vegan supplement helps you stay youthful by promoting healthy hair growth, skin elasticity, and nail strength. It contains Vitamin C, Biotin, Glycine, Grape, L-Lysine HCL, L-Proline, and much more to help you look & feel younger!

Aging or the natural process of getting older is inevitable. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which can cause wrinkles, fine lines & sagging skin. This Vegan Collagen Builder helps increase your body’s ability to produce collagen naturally by providing it the necessary nutrients. This will boost your overall health!

Vitauthority Vegan Collagen Builder

Vitauthority Vegan Collagen Builder is a vegan formula that delivers various vitamins and nutrients to support collagen production. This powder contains antioxidants like Kiwi, Tremella Mushroom, Amla, and Pomegranate, which help fight free radical damage to your skin cells. It also contains hyaluronic acid to help you maintain your skin’s moisture levels.

This 100% natural formula contains no animal byproducts or gelatin. The powder form of this is perfect for those people who have a hard time swallowing pills. Add it to any smoothie or drink and gulp away! The taste of this supplement is great too: pink lemonade. The recommended dosage is one scoop once or twice a day.

PlantFusion Collagen Builder

PlantFusion Collagen Builder is a dietary supplement that contains collagen peptides from plants. It also contains essential oils for the skin, amino acids proline & glycine, and proteins from plants. Additionally, it contains Seaberry amla fruit extract, which has been used in traditional Indian medicine to promote healthy hair growth and healthy skin.

Not only will this product stimulate collagen production, but it will also protect the existing collagen in your body from breaking down. This is through a solid white tea extract called Oxyphyte that works with hyaluronic acid to protect collagen fibers from disintegration. The product comes in a chocolate flavor powder form and is mixed into smoothies, milk, or cereal. Moreover, it is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Mary Ruth Collagen Builder

Mary Ruth’s Collagen Builder is a great way to support healthy skin, hair, and nails. This unique formula provides the nutrients you need to help promote a vibrant, youthful appearance. Collagen Builder includes:

  • Lysine.
  • Vitamin A and C.
  • An alma fruit complex (supports collagen production for younger-looking skin and hair)

The suggested serving is 1 to 3 gummies daily. Each bottle contains 90 gummies which is a 1 to 3 month supply for one person, depending on how many gummies you take daily. The watermelon flavor with a hint of sweetness makes this product easy to take. Plus; it’s sugar-free with no artificial sweeteners or flavors. No other brand has all these nutrients in one convenient gummy bear formula!

Rae Vegan Collagen Boost Powder

Rae Vegan Collagen Boost Powder is one of the yummiest supplements on the market while being incredibly healthy. It is a delicious honey citrus flavor that most people enjoy. Being a plant-based collagen powder supplement, it will boost your skin’s natural collagen production. It contains vitamin C, which helps support the body’s natural collagen production and aids in the formation of new skin cells.

Moreover, It also has other great ingredients such as bamboo extract, which contains vitamins A, B, E, and minerals to help your skin feel smooth and supple. This vegan formula is non-GMO and gluten-free. The product comes with a scoop for easy measuring and is packaged in a resealable bag for freshness. Rae Vegan Collagen Boost Powder can be added to smoothies, coffee, or tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is vegan collagen? 

Vegan collagen has many benefits and is excellent for your overall health. Even the collagen boosters are great for you because they provide vitamins and minerals that your body needs anyway. However, not many studies have been made to compare the effects of vegan collagen to animal-based collagen. Therefore, although we know it is effective, we just don’t know how much.

Are vegan collagen alternatives better than animal-based alternatives?

The answer is yes, for several reasons. First of all, raising animals to make supplements such as collagen destroys vast amounts of land. What’s more important is that the process of making these supplements kills many animals. What about animal-based collagen benefits? Besides causing immense animal suffering, animal-based collagen is identical to the vegan collagen being produced in labs. Although not many studies have been carried out, the effects of both varieties will probably be very similar. If you are getting the same benefits with less suffering for the world, isn’t that better?

How to choose the vegan supplement right for you?

When you are considering buying a vegan collagen product, always check the ingredients list. What’s great about these supplements is that they can be used by nearly anyone – regardless of their diet and lifestyle choices. Another great thing is that these supplements don’t have to replace your current diet or fitness plan. It is important to remember is that although these products will provide many benefits for your health, they should not be seen as a replacement for other forms of nutrients such as iron or protein.

Moreover, it would help if you always looked into the company which you are buying from. Please make sure they are credible first. Always beware when a company makes claims that sound superficial. This is usually a sign of unreliability. That being said, always consult your doctor before incorporating any supplements into your diet. While the FDA requires good manufacturing processes for supplements, the procedures are not as controlled as other medications. Therefore, you need to be careful with supplements. Also, never take a dosage higher than recommended!

If you face any reaction, do not take any medication and visit the emergency room. You never know which compounds may react with one another.


If you’re a vegan, you know how hard it can be to find great supplements. Luckily for all of us vegans out there, vegan collagen is an option! We’ve shared a little about what vegan collagen is and why it may benefit your health. So this means that we get to enjoy incredible health benefits like stronger hair, nails, and teeth without feeling guilty about eating cows or other animals! Have you tried any varieties? If not, we recommend trying vegan collagen supplements to help your overall health! We want to hear what your experience has been with vegan collagen so far – let’s chat!

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