Ultimate Guide To Cactus Water

 Moving towards organic drinks is the new cool these days. 

Hence, it is natural to have a huge market of naturally extracted and organically produced drinks, and the top of the list is CACTUS WATER! It may appear vague at first that such a spikey and dessert-based plant can produce anything for human consumption, but here it is, offering a healthy and safe drink packaged colorfully just for you.

But being new, we believe you still have a lot to know about it. So here’s everything you need to know made easy for you in the Ultimate Guide to Cactus water. Not only will you find the tidbits about cactus water but also the best cactus water for you in the market. Go on, give it a read!

Best Cactus Water in 2024

Here is the list of some of the top cactus waters that you can buy in the market. But before you get one, read our guide below to understand all the facts.

True Nopal Cactus Water10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Caliwater Organic Nopal Cactus Water 9/10
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Pricklee Cactus Water 8/10
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CACTUS! USDA Organic Cactus Water8/10
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What is Cactus Water?

Naturally squeezed from the cactus plant, cactus water is a natural drink with an uncountable list of benefits. It is squeezed from the prickly pear cactus plant and, after the addition of sugar, additives, and preservatives, made fit for human consumption.

Being extracted from a pear cactus’ fruit, it is pink in color rather than being clear. It is natural; however, like almost all-natural drinks, it has some chemical additives to make the taste, concentration, and quality better.

You might have a thousand questions right now: What does cactus water taste like? How many cactus water types exist? Is cactus water safe? Is cactus water drinkable? Take a deep breath and move to the next section.

Is cactus water safe?

Cactus water may have varied effects on varied people. But one thing is clear: only certain parts of the cactus are safe enough to be extracted juice from. Whatever else you are being sold is not worth your health safety.

Also, it is better to consult with your physician and realize what is fit for your particular conditions. Pregnant women, young children, and diabetic patients must take the necessary precautions before taking cactus water.

Diabetic people should be highly cautious as it decreases blood sugar levels. This means it shouldn’t be taken with a diabetic medicine at all costs, or else it may prove fatal.

The same goes for hyperallergic people. They must be cautious and always check out the ingredient list before consumption.

Types of cactus water

There are not many cactus types; rather, there are parts that are used in making safe cactus water. These include:

  • Prickly pear
  • Nopal

The water is extracted from the pink fruit of the plant; however, some brands also use cactus paddles for making cactus water.

Benefits of cactus water

One benefit? There are just too many!

Some of these tremendous impacts lie in the health and beauty department. Let’s start off with them.

Health benefits

Coming from a natural source, it has proven health benefits which have also been recognized by the Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research, such as:

1. Nutrient booster

Cactus water contains huge amounts of nutrients. Combined with important nutrient components in additives, its nutrient content is further increased. It contains magnesium and potassium, which are great for boosting the health of organs as well as energizing the body.

Coupled with water, it also hydrates body organs and keeps them functioning smoothly. The anti-inflammatory antioxidants present in it helps with speeding up chemical processes in the body.

2. Hydration

Hydration is the key to all other health benefits. Being a natural drink, cactus water provides all supplementary nutrients and necessary electrolytes along with providing the water needed for long hours. Even if you are in a hot, harsh climate, a few sips of cactus water will quench your thirst for a long time

3. Full-blown treatment

If you are surprised by the above benefits, you will be absolutely shocked after knowing that cactus water is the answer to a lot of common diseases. Hypertension and diabetes are at the top of the list. It decreases blood sugar and also helps with digestion.

4. Great for the tummy!

It is just exceptional in treating stomach ulcers and eases digestion. It is also a great substitute for traditional laxatives and boring diets that have slow impacts and, let’s be honest, are quite outdated today. Therefore don’t be a dummy and get cactus water for your tummy.

Beauty benefits

1. Treats sunburn

Cactus water is considered amazing for treating sunburns. Being a refreshing drink, it is also great for treating skin conditions if taken in moderation.

2. Nail growth

Users have witnessed immense nail growth after using cactus water. It is not surprising that with adequate magnesium and potassium consumption, nails get enough nutrition to grow faster and stronger—no need for fake silicone nails. You can accessorize and boast your nails just with a little cactus water.

3. Hydrated skin means gorgeous skin

Cactus water, in addition to nutrients, is water, so it boosts skin hydration, increases skin elasticity and keeps your youthfulness intact. Cactus water is way better than simple water as it contains all skin freshening minerals.

4 . Cactus water toner

Surprisingly, water squeezed from the cactus can be used as an excellent toner. It contains mild lactic acid, which is helpful in removing dead skin as well as keeping freckles and wrinkles at bay, along with avoiding discoloration of your pretty face. It can also be used on skin marks to lighten them.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you must consult your physician before going wild with cactus water.

Benefits for athletes

Cactus water is especially prescribed to athletes who need quick sources for replenishing energy. Due to the presence of electrolytes, cactus water is one of the fastest and best sources to energize one’s body before a big game.

Apart from these benefits, cactus water is a great alternative to aloe vera and coconut water. People who are allergic to these or people who are always looking for new natural drinks have a great option of cactus water now. Moreover, cactus water is handsomely used in multiple health, beauty and cosmetic products to boost their effectiveness.

Side effects of Cactus Water

As mentioned earlier, cactus water can do wonders for your digestive issues; however, it is still a laxative and, if used in inappropriate amounts, may result in diarrhea or other gastro problems. It is great for treating ulcers but is not guaranteed for everyone.

Also, diabetic patients must use it in moderation, or it may generate a low blood sugar level condition that can prove life-threatening. So BEWARE.

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Best Cactus Water

Having discussed the benefits, you must want to buy your cactus water bottle right away. Let’s see what options you have in the best cactus water milieu:

1. True Nopal Cactus Water

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Why we love it

  • Having low calories makes it perfect for fitness freaks.
  • Its light concentration makes it easy to consume.
  • It is great for a larger consumer base as it caters to vegan and kosher standards.
  • With zero added sugars, it is suitable for diabetic patients.
100% natural.Comparatively pricey.
Low-calorie content.
Cute packaging.

2. Caliwater Organic Nopal Cactus Water 


Check Price at Amazon


Why we love it

  • High vitamin C keeps vitamin deficiency diseases at bay.
  • It also works perfectly in combination with other drinks.
  • High volume gives more cactus water to drink.
  • Trustworthy due to certifications which makes it safe.
Available in different sizes.Compared to other brands, it has more calories.
Available in 3 yummy flavors.It may appear bitter to people with sensitive taste buds.
Tin style is easy to carry around..
Donates to social causes.

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3. Pricklee Cactus Water 

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Why we love it

  • For different taste buds, it offers multiple flavors.
  • Easy to open mechanism saves your time.
  • It is a reasonably priced bulk order hence light on your pocket.
  • It keeps you hydrated at work for long hours.
Long-lasting hydration. It has a lingering aftertaste.
Reasonable bulk choice.Pricey if purchased individually.
Available in multiple sizes.
No tongue-burning taste.

4. CACTUS! USDA Organic Cactus Water


Check Price at Amazon


Why we love it

  • It is extra nutritious for you due to paddle composition and energizes you within minutes.
  • It’s the best drink for getting over hangovers.
  • If you wish to shake off the alcohol consumption habit, this is your go-to drink.
  • Made from a sustainable source, it also proves environmentally friendly.
Worth every penny.The flavors are not strong.
Standard volume.
Available in eight mouth-watering flavors.
You get a personalized note from the company.
How to Make a Cactus water cocktail?

Cactus water is a new refreshing drink to replace other natural drinks, but at times one may find it boring too. In such a case, not to worry, as there are hundreds of cocktails you can make with the right cactus water. Some recipes are listed here. Knock yourself out!

1. Cactus Fizz Cocktail

This is the fanciest looking yet simplest of all cactus water cocktails. All you need is:

  • Cactus water- five and a half ounces
  • Tequila-one ounce
  • Grapefruit juice-two ounces
  • Soda water- one and a half ounce
  • Ice

Take a mixer and add all ingredients. Shake well. Mix all these in proportions, and your refreshing drink is ready within minutes.

2. Cactus water margarita

Talking about refreshing drinks and not taking into account margaritas is simply wrong. Cactus water can also be changed into a delicious margarita drink in no time. Once you try it, it will become your signature summer drink. What you need:

  • Salt-as or if needed
  • Tequila-two ounces
  • Sweet and sour mix-two ounces
  • Triple sec-one ounce
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice-one ounce
  • Prickly pear cactus water-one ounce

Mix all ingredients together in the mixer. To decorate the glass, wet its rim and dip it into salt. Pour the drink and enjoy.

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Buying Guide For the Best Cactus Water in Town!

When you are looking for the best cactus water, you just don’t jump to decisions. Rather you wait and analyze which brand offers you the best in the most reasonable budget. Added flavor is just an added advantage. But when you have to choose from a pool of great cactus water all around, you need help. Like pricing, added benefits, chemical composition and whatnot. Here’s the buying guide for finding your dream cactus cocktail in a blink!


Buyers beware! Not all types of cacti water are fit for drinking. You have to buy cactus water that is certified with zero toxins and shows the alkaloid and other content proportions. Just don’t go on a shopping spree and pick up any random bottle. Must check out its composition, list of additives, flavors, and most importantly, all the types of cactus used in it.

Furthermore, some cactus plants may trigger certain allergies in people. So keep in mind to be extremely vigilant before making the purchase. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 


Remember, you are always on a budget when buying fancy organic drinks. It is better to get your cactus water in bulk. If you are not a regular drinker, you may also consider buying a few bottles every two months.

As different qualities exist, different brands are also present in different price ranges. It entirely depends on your preferences and what you need to buy.


Budget leads us to quantity. Believe it or not, quantity is as important as quality since you will be spending a couple of your hard-earned dollars. So opt for cactus water which has the maximum quantity at a low budget. Just keep in mind you don’t compromise quality in the process.

In case you don’t find cheap cactus water in high quantities, buy one at a reasonable price and make yourself delicious cocktails using our recipes below! 


Not all flavors are for all taste buds. Some people like sweets, while others are high on tangy flavors. Hence you must have cactus water offering you the maximum flavors. At present, some brands have launched 10 to 12 flavors in cactus water. So this is the kind of cactus water we root for.

Moreover, if you are a sportsperson or living under extreme weather, you may have to drink cactus water almost regularly. Having flavor options will break the monotony of your routine and cheer you up a bit.


Does cactus water make you hallucinate?

No, it doesn’t. But if you have a mental condition like epilepsy or, as such, and you take excess cactus water to lower your blood sugar, it may have an adverse effect on your mind. So always consult a doctor before taking any supplementary beverage.

Is cactus water safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe being an organic drink. However, it must be taken in moderation and after consulting a physician if you have any medical condition.

Calorie content of cactus water?

You may be getting excited about buying your own cactus water and asking yourself Where to buy cactus water? It is available at all general stores near you. Just make sure you read the ingredient label and calorie content before purchasing if you are a health and fitness freak. This could really help you in maintaining your diet plan.

In a nutshell

This is the point where you ask: Is cactus water good for me? Cactus water is a great natural substitute for sugary coconut water and traditional aloe vera water. However, it must be drunk with caution for maximum health and beauty benefits. Have a little taste of the best cactus water yourself, and let us know how it is! Till then, adios.




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