Three Spirit – Are They Really Worth it? [Reviews, Recipes and More]

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With awareness of the harm alcohol causes trending throughout the world, more and more people turn towards non-alcoholic beverages.

Non-alcoholic beverages provide you with the best taste and refreshment and have no harmful effects on your health. In the past, missing out on alcohol meant missing out on parties or all the fun. You couldn’t even find drinks to suit your taste if you wanted to quit. All there was available were bland, watery non-alcoholic versions of some drinks.

Brands like Three Spirit have restored our faith in non-alcoholic beverages. They are even more delicious than most regular drinks. The best part is, all their drinks have plant-based ingredients only. To make sure you know all about this brand before you make a purchase, we have included all you need to know about them below, including reviews of some of their best products.

Let’s dive in!

History of brand

The brand was started not for monetary benefits like most other companies but rather to provide healthier alternatives for beverages. The founders were tired of missing out on tasteful drinks just because they chose to avoid alcohol. The fact that the only alcohol-free options were soda, sparkling water, or bland NA varieties got on their nerves.

They hence combined their unique skillset and created Three Spirit. Three Spirit uses plants and their flavors to create their elixirs. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their noble causes were easier to trust because they went out of their way to protect the environment.

As we have gone through the brand’s history, let us look into what it promises. Three Spirit boasts three spirit-styled drinks, namely Livener, Social Elixir, and Nightcap. Each of these is intended to be consumed for different purposes, as the names suggest.

Livener is meant to be taken whenever you need an energy boost. It will lighten your mood and bring you in the spirit to have fun.

Social Elixir is to calm down your nerves and make you more carefree and talkative. It is the best for sipping as you enjoy a hearty chat with your friends.

Nightcap is more relaxed. It has ingredients that will soothe you into a comfortable sleep.

Ingredients in the Drinks

With most of the drinks you find in the market, looking at the ingredients is scarier than anything else. You will just see the name of a bunch of chemicals and artificial flavoring. You can already tell that it won’t be good for you. This ain’t the case with the Three Spirit Drinks. Their ingredients are not only natural but beneficial. We will mention some of them below.


  • Guayusa: Boosts energy levels and awakens the body and mind. It does so without any jittering or shaking of the body.
  • Schisandra: soothes the nervous system and provides physical endurance.
  • Guava Leaf: It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It also helps lower blood pressure
  • Panax ginseng: Boosts cognitive abilities and repairs cells wherever damage has occurred
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: supports the microbiome healthy, keeping the gut and digestive system in optimum condition

Its other ingredients include green tea, cayenne chili, hibiscus, watermelon, rosewater, pomegranate molasses, and ginger

Social Elixir:

  • Cacao: Contains a lot of antioxidants for your body’s protection. Also improves mood.
  • Lion’s mane: Elevates mood and improves cognitive function. A treat for your brain!
  • Damiana: Boosts physical stamina (used for treating sexual problems)
  • Coconut Vinegar: Full of prebiotics and nutrients to flourish your gut flora. It helps to keep your digestive system in peak condition.
  • Green Tea: Gives the body an energy boost while simultaneously calming the nerves. Therefore, it improves focus and cognitive function.

Its other ingredients include caraway seed, molasses, agave nectar, passionflower, and tulsi.


  • Valerian roots: Relieves stress and aids a peaceful sleep
  • Melon Hull Hops: Reduces anxiety and soothes the nervous system
  • Lemon Balm: Gentle and warming effect of easing into relaxation
  • Turmeric: fights pain and provides healing effects in the body
  • Black Pepper: Amplifies effect of other compounds in the ingredient list

Other ingredients include ashwagandha, Sichuan pepper, licorice root, maple syrup, and white willow.

The Three Spirit Drinks Reviewed

Before we dive deep into the drinks, let me say something that stands true for all three drinks. They do not taste like traditional alcoholic beverages. You won’t find one that tastes like whiskey or beer or wine. They have their own unique and weird (in a good way) flavors that you cant expect in anything else.

So, if you go into the drinks expecting your traditional beverages, you will be more than surprised. However, these drinks are probably even better than most alcoholic ones, so you have to give them a try. Just with an open mind!


Livener was perhaps the most unique out of the three.  Fans love the energy boost it provided without that jittery feeling you get with coffee. It has many natural compounds containing caffeine, but the effect is calmed using other ingredients. Livener is described as “exotic, fiery, and fun.”

It has a hint of spice in flavor, which just improved the experience for us. However, it is the kind of drink that takes a few sips for your palate to accept. The more you drink, the tastier it gets. It also has a fruity flavor with a ginger aftertaste.


Livener is best served chilled. It is almost as if the ice improves the taste. One great way to enjoy this drink is with a premium tonic. The combination is so beyond perfect that you will be using it for a long time. You can also try some other ingredients like pink grapefruit and Kombucha. This version of the drink is not only tasty but healthy to a whole new level. If you are a health freak, go for this version!


Livener has very apparent effects. It gives you an energy boost, which elevates your mood and helps you get ready for anything. The caffeine from the natural ingredients is probably the reason. Despite giving you a boost, the l-theanine present in the drink soothes the nervous system and prevents jitters. This is why it improves focus and cognitive abilities without firing up your nerves. It is perfect for drinking right at the start of a night when you want to get ready to have some fun.

Social Elixir Review

Social Elixir is excellent for all those who do not like the taste of “adult drinks.” It is not at all challenging to the taste palette but just downright delicious! This drink has strong undertones of ginger. So if you are not a fan of ginger, you may find it too strong for your taste. However, the other flavors balance and compliment this very well. It is fruity and sweet while also being somewhat spicy.

Featuring a gorgeous pink color that has a hint of a caramel brown shade, it has a foamy finish when you shake the bottle before pouring. Truly the kind of drink that you will gulp down instead of sipping slowly.


Three Spirits recommends this elixir with ginger beer or ginger ale and a lime slice. Just pour it over ice, and you’re good to go! This makes for one of the most refreshing drinks we have ever tasted. Even by itself, Social Elixir is perfect!


Social Elixir has very noticeable effects. It elevates the mood and puts you in the right vibe for partying. You may notice your energy levels boosted, and just wanted to dance to the music playing. This elixir has some caffeine that motivates you. However, it may just be the placebo effect that makes you want to party with this one. However, it is one of the best drinks for a night out. It is excellent even for a summer afternoon. It is just so refreshing!

Nightcap Reviewed

Even if you barely ever liked dark spirits or after-dinner drinks, be prepared to be astonished! This may turn out to be a crowd favorite. It does have the burning sensation in the throat that you get from whiskey.

The flavors are absolutely stunning. The main focus in the palette is maple syrup, along with a rich nutty taste and hints of vanilla. Contrary to one’s expectations, the drink itself is on the sweeter side, despite having a noticeable spice. There are many flavors in this drink, but they are all in a perfect balance that leaves you wanting more of this.


Nightcap is best served on its own without any other additions, as suggested by the three spirits themselves. This is accurate because it already has a lot of different flavors in the perfect blend. If anyone were to add another flavor, the whole equilibrium might face disturbance. Therefore, you’d probably be better off pouring it over rocks as is.


Nightcap, however compelling, is not like a sleeping pill that will put you off to sleep in no time. This is especially true for those who have a hard time falling asleep. However, it does calm your nerves and relieve stress, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

Where to get Three Spirit Drinks?

After all, we have told you about these beautiful drinks; you may want to try them out for yourself. And trust us, you definitely should. They will be your best friend if you are looking to quit drinking alcohol. Even if you have no such plans, these drinks are definitely worth a try due to their unique flavor.

You can find all the drinks online at the official Three Spirits website. You can buy the bottles individually or in a pack of three. The package of three saves you about $18, which is an excellent bargain in our opinion! The store also provides free shipping for orders over $90.

Buy Here

You can also find them in stores. The website itself has a finder for all the stores that sell their products. Just find the one nearest to you!

Buy In Stores

Recipes using Three Spirit Drinks:

Livener Recipes:

Soft P*rn* Martini


  • Two fl oz Livener
  • Three fl oz Passionfruit Juice
  • 3 drops Vanilla essence
  • 1 Shot of non-alc prosecco
  • passionfruit kombucha


  1. Add Livener, passionfruit juice, vanilla essence, and NA prosecco in a shaker tin.
  2. Also, add the seeds from half a passionfruit
  3. Shake away!
  4. Strain it into a glass with a fine mesh strainer
  5. Garnish with the other half of the fresh passionfruit
  6. Serve with a shot of Kombucha on the side

Electric Cosmopolitan


  • Two fl oz Livener
  • Two fl oz cranberry juice
  • 2 bar spoons lime juice
  • Half a bar spoon Seville orange marmalade


  1. Add Livener, cranberry juice, lime juice, and orange marmalade to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Shake hard!
  3. Strain with a fine-mesh strainer into a cocktail glass
  4. You can top with cranberry candies and orange

Social Elixir Recipes:

Social Summer Cup


Two fl oz Social Elixir

2 Barspoons fresh lemon juice

12 fl oz lemonade


  1. Pour Social Elixir and Lemon Juice in a glass
  2. Ice cubes can be added according to your preference
  3. Add in the lemonade
  4. Slice orange, cucumber, and lemon. Top with these slices.
  5. Add in some mint leaves and serve

Social Sling


  • Two fl oz Three Spirit Social Elixir
  • Three fl oz pineapple Juice
  • 10ml beetroot juice
  • One bar spoon fresh lime juice
  • Rose lemonade to top


  1. Add social elixir, pineapple juice, beetroot juice, and lime juice to a cocktail shaker
  2. Shake until you see foam on top
  3. add ice and shake again
  4. Strain into a glass and add rose lemonade on top

Nightcap Recipes:

Nightcap Highball


  • Two fl oz Nightcap
  • 2 Barspoons Chamomile Cordial
  • Top with Soda


  1. To make the chamomile cordial, let 2 chamomile tea bags sit in sugar syrup. The syrup should be 2/3 parts sugar.
  2. Pour in some citric acid or juice three large lemons and use their juice
  3. Put in two bar spoons of chamomile cordial along with other ingredients in a cocktail glass
  4. Add in Soda water

Zen Penicillin

  • Two fl oz Nightcap
  • 1/2 fl oz lemon
  • 2 Barspoons fresh ginger syrup*
  • 2 Barspoons smoky honey**


To make fresh ginger syrup*

  1. Blend ginger until it forms a pulp
  2. Strain this through a cloth
  3. Weigh the juice and add in the same amount of sugar

To make smoky ginger honey**:

  1. Add a 200g set of honey and the same amount of water.
  2. Add in about 1/4 ginger of the total weight (peeled and diced)
  3. Pour the mixture in a saucepan and bring to a boil
  4. Simmer for the next 10 minutes
  5. Cool to room temperature and add in heavily peated whiskey
  6. Strain out the ginger

For the actual drink:

  1. Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice
  2. Shake well and strain
  3. Garnish with crystallized ginger and serve!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these drinks low alcohol or non-alcoholic?

Well, they are entirely alcohol-free! They are made from plant substances in a process completely different than fermentation. Therefore, it doesn’t have any alcohol

Are Three Spirits vegan?

Yes! they are completely vegan as they are made out of plant substances

Are Three Spirits Healthy?

Well, with all the health benefits of the ingredients that we have told you before. Now, only you can tell us if they are healthy (hint: They are!)

How long does it take to deliver?

Well, it depends on where you live. Orders are packed and shipped on the same day they were placed, so it is only a matter of distance.

Can the order be canceled?

No, orders cant be amended or canceled. You can return any unopened packages for a refund, though.

What is the return policy?

You can return unopened packages within 14 days of delivery.

What to do if the product is damaged or wrong?

You can send back the bottles for an exchange or refund within 30 days of receiving the product. Three Spirits pays for the return delivery fees, too, in this scenario.

Conclusion: Are Three Spirits worth it?

Well, in short: YES

If you want a longer answer, then Three Spirits are one of the first of its kind. It is one of the only brands that makes original unique 100% non-alcoholic adult beverages. Its drinks are both flavorful and delicious. Not only this but they are also extremely healthy. Moreover, they are also a vegan and environmentally friendly brand. What’s not to like? Whatever you do, try Three Spirits at least once, and you will be hooked!

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