Ultimate Guide To Cocktail Bombs in 2024

The world has been on a whirlwind of drink bombs. It all started from the obsession with bath bombs. Little balls of happiness spurted open with the most delightful aromas and bath oils. The idea slowly crept into the food industry. Starting from coffee bombs, it reached delicious tea bombs. For those who steer clear of hot beverages, cocktail bombs are the best beverage bomb on the market

Cocktail bombs are a unique way to transform your summer experience. After all, what is better than your own DIY cocktails? You may also wonder if cocktail bombs are any good. Well, trust us, these memorable drinks treat your palate to your favorite spirit served with a sizzle. On a hot summer day, enjoy a chilled cocktail with friends while soaking up the sun and having a good time. Be sure to spice up your summer get-togethers by experimenting with the different cocktail bomb recipes listed below!

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Cocktail Bombs at a Glance – What is a Cocktail Bomb?

The cocktail bomb is the kind of drink that is unique and has a variety of flavors. Shaped like real bombs, they are mostly coated in sugar with all-natural flavors, edible flowers, and edible drink dust that makes your cocktail shimmer. They may also contain dry fruits, dried edible flowers, and more. Cocktail bombs resemble bath bombs, but the difference is that you stick the cocktail bomb into a glass of seltzer and mix it with your favorite alcohol in order to spice it up, making it tastier and classier. 

Another great aspect of these cocktail bombs is that they contain no alcohol. Recently, the world has been slightly shifting to avoid or moderate alcohol intake Some people prefer to completely abstain, others drink in moderation. Whichever one you are, you have every right to still enjoy mouth-watering beverages! These cocktail bombs make easily customizable drinks because you can control the amount of alcohol that you add.

You may prefer to make a mocktail with no alcohol, or you may pour yourself a whole glass! Whichever option sounds like you, cocktail bombs give you full freedom! You will no longer depend on bartenders to give you the drink you want. After all, if you want a cocktail at 3 am, no one but these cocktail bombs are gonna help (unless you are married to a bartender).

A Brief History

If we take a brief look at their history, cocktail bombs were originally inspired by bath bombs.  The first line was made for teens under 21. Just to add color and life to their mundane water, in hopes of keeping them hydrated and healthy. They were inspired by the founder, Chloe Di Leo,‘s daughter, and her love for bath bombs. Flavors like Punch Berry, watermelon, and sour apple all played their part in developing a strong love of sparkling water in kids. Soon after Chloe decided to mix it up! How fascinating would full cocktails in these little balls be?

A brand called “Mixologi” was hence born. With the help of a chemist, cocktail mixer ingredients were dehydrated and packed in those sweet little balls of heaven. They are then formed into little ball shapes that both look, smell, and taste absolutely heavenly.

To enjoy your favorite cocktail quick, you just simply plop the bomb into a carbonated drink or sparkling water. Next, you add in some liquor and stir, witnessing the magic happen! You can choose not to add the alcohol though. It will still taste pretty good!

The bombs come in almost 30 different varieties and common ingredients included are, dried fruits, cane sugar, bitters, and edible flowers. They may also spice things up with edible gold foil or mint leaves and flowers! Popular flavors to try are Spicy Margarita, Mimosa, and Pina Colada. While most may prefer their cocktails coming in at a bar from a bartender, with the pandemic going on, one deserves to sit back and relax and sip a DIY cocktail that is ready in under a minute!

margarita cocktail bomb

How to Make a Cocktail Bomb (Margarita Style)

You can definitely make your own DIY cocktail bombs. Here are a couple of ideas to get your imagination stirring and your parties fizzing! Listed below are easy steps to help get you started. You can enjoy making these at home with your friends and family, especially during special events and other occasions.

  • 1 T. Citric acid
  • 1 T. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate
  • 1 T. Calamansi Sweet Lime Powder
  • 1 c. Icing sugar (finely ground sugar)
  • 1/2 c. Castor sugar
  • Dried fruits
  • Edible flowers and shimmering

Mix all the dry ingredients well until they form a nice sandy consistency. This is the Master Drink Bomb mix.

  • To 1/2 c. of mix add the zest of 1 lime
  • 1/4 teaspoon fresh lime juice (add half at a time)

Mix well and mix quickly. Pack it into the mold (1/2 teaspoons work very well). For tart drink bombs, increase citric acid by 1-2 T., then add sugar if necessary. Make the bombs smaller because these will be very sour to taste. You can tweak the taste as you go along so you can get the yummy bomb that suits your palate.

This DIY cocktail bomb recipe is quite addicting! If you’re planning on making a larger quantity of bombs, it is best to use the master mix. You can also try different flavors with orange zest, margarita, cherry lime, or any cocktail flavors you like.

Cocktail Bombs – Where to Buy Them?

You may not have the time to make these cocktail bombs. Well, don’t sweat it because below we have listed the best cocktail bombs and where you can buy them (hint: online at Etsy!). Read on to find many different flavors reviewed!

Cocktail Bomb Shop

Cocktail Bomb Shop is a woman-owned Canadian business. All of their cocktail bombs are proudly handmade in Montreal Canada. Striving to deliver a great-tasting product that is both fun and environmentally friendly, they use high-quality and natural ingredients in their cocktail bombs. 

The best part is, their products are completely vegan and alcohol-free! Even people with religious or health-related dietary restrictions can enjoy them! You also don’t have to worry about the ingredient quality, these drink bombs are solely made from Premium natural ingredients. Moreover, they are produced in FDA-regulated facilities. All the fun with no health concerns! Cocktail Bomb Shop hence makes one of the best cocktail bombs in the market currently!

Here are some quick and easy steps from CocktailBombShop on how to use cocktail bombs:

  1. Choose your favorite cocktail bomb
  2. Drop it into a glass of your favorite sparkling beverage (250 ml or 8 oz. recommended)
  3. Enjoy as-is, or simply add a shot of your favorite drink

Raspberry Orange Bombs by CocktailBombShop

This Rasberry Orange cocktail bomb is not only the perfect aesthetic but also absolutely mouth-watering. Its gorgeous pastel pink color is perfect for any Instagram story. When it comes to taste, this is a delightful mix of sweet and tangy. The raspberry provides a sweet aftertaste while the orange gives you a delicious citrusy refreshing drink.

This is best paired with vodka and crushed ice. This cocktail bomb is made with premium natural ingredients so you do not have to worry about preservatives and artificial toxic substances. This is also made in FDA-registered facilities so you can enjoy your cocktail without worrying about your health! Sounds like one of the best drink bombs, doesn’t it?

Mimosa Bombs by CocktailBombShop

Mimosas are our personal favorites! This is exactly the kind of drink that is completely foolproof in a crowd. For this popular brunch drink, Mimosa bombs make the DIY version too convenient. Whenever someone comes over, just whip up a mimosa for yourselves! This bomb tastes delicious paired with good quality champagne or even wine. It is very citrusy and refreshing. The flavor is somewhat tangy as you would expect.

Mimosas are known to have less alcohol content than other drinks, making them perfect for a nice sober meal. What makes it even better is that this product does not contain any alcohol and therefore, makes for perfect drinks for those abstaining or teens under 21. The ingredients are all pure and natural and the manufacturing process is done in FDA-regulated facilities. 

Margarita Bombs by CocktailBombShop

 When in doubt, choose a margarita! There are very few people in the world who would not gulp down a glass of chilled margarita. This margarita drink bomb keeps the thrill alive. It is a refreshingly tangy and sweet flavor. It almost feels like you have made the drink from real limes! The sweetness is just the right amount and when served with tequila, it is almost as good as any margarita cocktail found in bars.

You can simply add a lime wedge to the glass or sprinkle salt on the rim to enhance your DIY experience. This margarita cocktail bomb is made of the finest natural ingredients, It is completely alcohol-free and vegan. Moreover, it also comes in an eco-friendly packaging and is made in FDA-regulated workspaces.

Mojito Bombs by CocktailBombShop

This Mojito Cocktail Bomb makes DIY cocktails a breeze. Its minty, tangy, and sweet flavors all blend together to form the perfect drink. Being very popular in the summers, it is best served over rocks. Normally, this cocktail is made of white rum, lime juice, soda water, sugar, and mint. The fun part is that you will get three of these ingredients packed in this small ball. Just add soda and rum and you are good to go!

It is one of the best drink bombs to use when you have guests. It offers a new experience and will definitely make your party memorable. This mojito cocktail bomb contains zero alcohol so you can easily utilize it to make mocktails too. Adding 10 – 15% white rum will bring it to its true form. The cocktail bomb is made with natural ingredients according to FDA-approved lists. In making the drink, you can garnish it with mint or add in some lemon wedges for a flawless presentation.

Peach Bellini Bombs by CocktailBombShop

This peach bellini bomb is refreshing, exotic, and plain delicious! These cocktail bombs exhibit a pale pink color that makes an absolute eye-candy drink. Unlike most other cocktails, a peach bellini is more sweet and fruity. This makes you feel like you are on a tropical island enjoying a glass next to the beach.

Unlike many other beverages available on the market, this is made with 100% natural ingredients to prevent any toxic substances from making their way into your body. Its making is also in FDA-regulated spaces. To enjoy a more classic peach bellini, pair this bomb with prosecco. However, this is also great when paired with rum or vodka. On the other hand, since this product doesn’t have any alcohol, you can simply make a mocktail too!

Pina Colada Bombs by CocktailBombShop

Pina Coladas are another personal favorite of ours. This popular drink is perfect for a vacation alongside a beach. Whenever one goes on vacation, it is very hard to get your favorite drinks in areas with less hustle-bustle. Imagine carrying these pina colada cocktail bombs with you. You can whip up a pina colada whenever you feel like it! It is best enjoyed with the traditional white rum and crushed ice. However, you can easily make a non-alcoholic variety because this cocktail bomb features no alcohol itself!

When it comes to taste, this cocktail bomb boasts a taste very close to the original beverage. it is sweet but also creamy and tangy. It has the pineapple and coconut blend in the perfect ratio. It is not only flavorful but also healthy, being made from natural ingredients. All ingredients are also FDA approved. Your mind can be at ease!


Variety Pack ( Box of 6 Drink Bombs) by CocktailBombShop

You may be hosting a party where everyone has different taste buds. Or maybe you just want some variety in your everyday life. Whatever your reason, there is no reason for you not to enjoy all the best flavors from Cocktail Bomb shop. They have specifically made this set with the most popular flavors in mind. You can hence buy this variety pack so you can try all the flavors.

This 6-pack classic collection from CocktailBombShop provides a tasty variety of Mimosa, Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada, Peach Bellini, and Raspberry Orange cocktail drink bombs. This pack is also great for gifting a friend who loves DIY cocktails. These are purely handmade and crafted with high-quality, 100% natural ingredients. They are also vegan and have eco-friendly packaging. They are made in FDA-registered facilities where quality is ensured

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MyDrinkBomb is one of the pioneers when it comes to cocktail bombs. Not surprisingly, they make the best cocktail bombs. They offer handmade, all-natural, and insanely delicious cocktail bombs is almost 30+ flavors. It features 2 lines, Mixologi Bombs for making craft cocktails aimed at adults who want to DIY their cocktails, and Bomb Squad all-natural, flavored Drink Bombs for kids. The latter line aims to encourage children to stay hydrated and drink more water. The fun colors and flavors offered by the line help in this regard as it fascinates children. When it comes to mixologi, adults prefer their drinks aesthetic, convenient and delicious, all of which things are offered by this line.

There are 3 easy steps to make a drink bomb:

  1. Select your favorite drink bomb
  2. Add to your favorite carbonated beverage (soda, beer or champagne)
  3. Add alcohol (optional) or enjoy as a mocktail

Moscow Mule Cocktail Bomb by MyDrinkBomb

moscow mule cocktail bomb

For everyone who perceives cocktail bombs as feminine, this is the best drink to prove them wrong. Like the traditional Moscow Mule, this too isn’t overly sweet. It has tones of ginger that add to its spice and citrusy lime which give it its refreshing finish. When simply added to sparkling water, it creates a nice brown golden shade. For anyone who likes their drinks hoppy and spicy, the addition of ginger ale or beer would be perfect. In addition, this is also great with champagne and vodka. 

The cocktail bomb itself has no alcohol content so you can use it to make mocktails or low alcohol varieties of drinks. It is also purely vegan and made with pure and natural ingredients which include natural flavorings and organic cane sugar.

Lychee Martini Drink Bomb by MyDrinkBomb

lychee martini cocktail bomb

For anyone who has never heard of the lychee fruit before, let me tell you that it is one of the tangiest and unique flavors one will ever taste. Lychee martinis feature an exotic taste like no other. This is exactly the kind of drink that you won’t find available on all bars. That’s where these drink bombs come in! This drink gives tropical vacation vibes and is perfect for the summer.

The strong sweet scent of lychee brightens up the dry martini. The drink is neither too sweet although it is on the sweeter side) nor is it bright and colorful. For those who like to keep it classy yet different, a lychee martini is a perfect fit. This lychee martini bomb is very close to the original deal and will leave you craving more of these distinct yet convenient drinks. The cocktail bomb is made of natural flavors and cane sugar. It is best served with vodka but can also be served without any alcohol. Being purely vegan, this is perfect for everyone!

Champagne Cocktail Bomb by MyDrinkBomb

champagne cocktail bomb

This cocktail bomb is one of the elegant classics. It doesn’t feature over the top flavors and colors and scents. It is a simple champagne cocktail that will bring you the goodness of champagne with hints of vanilla and pear. For those who do not want “girly” (such a thing does not exist) cocktail bombs, they might prefer to go with this.

It is also great for middle-aged people who have well-developed their tastes with age and prefer some nice champagne over anything. You can add this to any premium champagne and enjoy or you can simply add it to sparkling water to make an alcohol-free version. It is completely vegan and has environmentally-friendly packaging. This cocktail bomb is not only great for your own cravings but also makes for perfect gifts. Nearly everyone likes good old champagne!


Creating cocktail bombs is a wonderful way to experiment with various mixes and flavors while adding sizzle to every party. Every evening can be transformed into a relaxing experience with these quick and easy recipes that will leave you feeling like a mixologist in no time. We have hence reviewed some of the best drink bombs available currently. Spice up your summer while enjoying your favorite spirits and in the meantime, be sure and share these cocktail bomb recipes with your family and friends. We really hope you find the cocktail bomb best for you. Cheers!

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