Pique Tea Reviewed – How Healthy It Really is?

Pique Tea has been my life-saver! How, you ask?

Well, I love tea. Not only does tea have so many varieties and flavors to choose from, but I can sip on it completely guilt-free! Now that we have established how much I love tea, I have to express my strong dislike to teas bags. Most of them are overly processed, taste not as good as the original tea, or are easy to leave in the cup longer than necessary. I have my shelves and cupboards filled with loose teas. However, carrying loose tea with an infuser in an office environment is just not possible! Moreover, with how much I travel, loose tea leaves just become impractical.

Struggling to get used to tea bags, I heard about this pique tea brand that claimed to be healthy and endorsed by doctors. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I bought gorgeous white jasmine tea crystals to try the taste out. Despite having no real hopes for such products, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the tea delicious, but it also tasted organic and natural!

Now, it was time to try out every pique tea flavor. And that is what we did!

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What is Pique Tea?

Pique Tea is the product of pique, a company snowballing and making its name in the beverage industry. The company was started in 2014 by Simon Cheng and has been climbing new heights of success ever since. Unlike most companies, pique was found not for purely monetary purposes, but by the founder because he had found solace from his health problems in the hands of different teas. Another unique thing about pique tea is that actual medical doctors recommend it.

Pique hence ensures quality along with taste. The teas are made through Cold Brew Crystallization that helps their compounds stay active and thus more effective. Moreover, to further ensure quality, pique tea is Triple Toxin Screened for pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic mold. Even with regular use, this tea won’t leave behind any toxic substances in you. It is therefore safe for prolonged use. Along with everything else, the ease of usage just stole our hearts. You simply empty the contents of the sachet in a cup, add water, and…nothing else! your tea is ready with no prep time and no brewing

Before we dive into the depth of all the goods and bads of pique tea crystals and their reviews, let’s have a quick overview.


  • A vast variety of flavors
  • No brew or prep time
  • Very easy to carry sachets
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Improves immune and digestive systems while soothing the nervous system
  • Products for weight loss available
  • An enormous number of positive customer reviews
  • Very high quality
  • Full refund if you choose to return the product without opening


  • Somewhat pricey
  • You can only cancel your subscription after the second delivery
  • Some teas have stevia, which has a weird aftertaste

Best Pique Tea Varieties in 2024

If you have ever wondered where to buy pique tea, you can easily do it on their official store or on amazon. Pique Tea crystals have a wide variety of products. Below we will discuss some of our personal favorites!

Jasmine Green Tea 

This green pique tea both lights up the room with its fragrance while lighting up your taste buds with its delicious taste. Not only that, but pique tea has a wide array of health benefits, especially for those trying to fast or lose weight since it increases feelings of satiety. It is also great at soothing the nerves and leading to a calm, collected day. It will prevent you from stress eating sessions while also keeping your gut health optimized.

What makes this tea special is that it has been infused five times with jasmine petals to give it its robust and unique flavor. There are also no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. Jasmine tea also contains polyphenols that fight off free radicals and diseases, along with catechins that act as prebiotics to help your gut flora thrive! Jasmine tea does have caffeine that will give you a quick boost in the morning, but we do not recommend this tea before bedtime due to this caffeine. All in all, this tea will soothe your nerves, and aid your digestive organs while simultaneously satisfying your cravings.

Earl Grey Black Tea 

earl grey black pique tea

Earl Grey Black tea is one of the most popular teas on our list. This tea is best for taking early morning on an empty stomach. This is because it will give you caffeine to energize you while also being gentler on the tummy than green pique tea. It also contains Theaflavins that help your microbiome thrive.

Therefore, this tea aids your digestive system and gut health, keeping your stomach ready for any big meals you have. It has also been seen to reduce gas and bloating due to these properties. Instead of getting your caffeine boost from coffee, this is a much healthier option! The tea is also free of preservatives, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

Sun Goddess Matcha Tea

sun goddess matcha tea

This is probably the most flavorful matcha we have ever set our mouth to. This matcha pique tea has numerous health benefits along with a fantastic taste. This pique tea is excellent for those fasting as it increases the feeling of being full longer after meals, preventing cravings. It also has soothing effects on the nervous system that will get you through any stress of the day. I noticed that I started staying calmer and less frustrated when I started drinking this tea. You may wonder why only this specific tea had this effect on me. Well, I found out that it is shaded 35% longer for higher l-theanine content. While this compound provides too many health benefits to name, it especially increases focus and elevates mood.

The l-theanine calms you down, while the caffeine gives you a wave of alertness. Combined, they will make you more observant and mindful of your surroundings. This tea originates from the far point of Kagoshima in Japan. The place is terrific and pollution-free. This tea is 100% organic and free of preservatives, pesticides, and artificial flavorings. It is one of the best teas for fasting.

Ginger Digestion Elixir

For all those regularly suffering from digestive distress like gas, bloating, diarrhea, this ginger tea elixir is the one for you. It also helped calm the more severe condition of IBS for a few of my friends. The compounds, gingerols, and shogaols, found in ginger tea are heaven for your gut. They help the stomach’s rhythmic contractions, which leads to a reduction in flatulence and bloating.

It is also great for calming nausea due to pregnancy or chemotherapy etc. The anti-inflammatory properties it possesses also help to prevent many diseases and discomforts. This is the tea that you can drink any time, even before bedtime. Yes, it does not contain any caffeine! With its somewhat spicy and tangy flavor, I loved this tea!

Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea 

This pique tea for fasting has cassia cinnamon in it. Cassia cinnamon is best known to keep blood sugar levels at normal while also battling food cravings. Due to its blood sugar control, this tea is excellent for those battling diabetes. It is also helpful because the spike in blood sugar can stimulate insulin production.

If insulin lowers the blood sugar too much, which it often does, you will get even more sugar cravings! You won’t be tempted to break your fast with a delicious but guilt-ridden snack. This tea is also soothing, helping to improve moods. It has no preservatives or artificial flavorings. All the health benefits with zero risks!

Hibiscus Beauty Elixir 

With the world raging on and on about beauty trends, teas for beautification are not that common. This isn’t because they don’t work, but simply due to a lack of awareness. This Hibiscus tea beauty elixir is naturally full of vitamin C that rejuvenates the skin, leading to much more glowing and younger-looking skin. Along with this, substances like beta carotene help to treat inflamed skin. It also helps your skin stay soft by dilating the blood vessels close to it and providing a better supply of nutrients.

Vitamin C helps overall collagen production in the body that rejuvenates your skin and your hair and nails! It will work to strengthen your hair roots, reduce dandruff and promote hair growth; It is the only beauty hack that you will ever need!

Health Benefits of Pique Tea

Some may drink tea only for health benefits while others both enjoy them and their health benefits. No matter which one you are, the health benefits of pique tea are something to be happy about. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Improves Gut Health

Pique tea contains polyphenols, a prebiotic. (if you don’t know what probiotics or prebiotics are, read: best probiotics for gas and bloating). This prebiotic is needed to keep your good gut bacteria healthy and to thrive. It is essentially the food for the good bacteria. A healthy gut means a lot of things. It will be as simple as preventing gas, bloating and diarrhea, to repairing your intestinal walls. Therefore, it helps conditions like IBS. Due to less bloating and good digestion, pique tea crystals are also excellent for weight control.

Improves Immune Function

Antioxidants are known to be the superheroes of the body. They protect against diseases like cancer because they get rid of the free radicals in the body. Among these antioxidants, one stands tall and proud, polyphenols. Due to the increasing environmental pollution, toxins are introduced to the body that can lead to free radicals. Antioxidants and polyphenols prevent these free radicals from causing damage while further preventing their future production. There is a large amount of these antioxidants in pique tea.

You may be thinking to yourself that all teas have antioxidants. What is so special? Pique tea is cold brewed and freshly harvested, making it have almost twelve times the antioxidants of other teas. Moreover, pique tea provides a wide variety of tea crystals, all of which have unique antioxidants. It is best to drink the teas regularly and drink many types for maximum antioxidants in the body.

Soothes the Nervous System

Many herbal pique tea flavors do not contain caffeine and have calming effects on the nerves. It is excellent before bedtime; it is also fantastic to have at hand through the day’s stresses. Due to these soothing effects, the consumption of pique tea is guaranteed to make you have a good night’s sleep.

100% Organic:

With most products on the market, one has to worry about added sugars and preservatives, and pesticides. Pique tea is entirely organic, Non-GMO, and free of pesticides. It has gone through triple screening for pesticides and other toxins to ensure that your body has the best it can get.

All the benefits of the teas themselves

Each type of pique tea will give you a different health benefit. Those with more caffeine, like black tea, are great for an early morning boost. With green tea’s digestive properties, it is especially beneficial after meals. Any noncaffeine herbal tea is great to put you to sleep at bedtime. All are different, but none less beneficial than the other.

Supports Fasting

With intermittent fasting taking over the health world, many people look for beverages that would aid their fast; Sometimes, water is not enough. Pique Tea crystals have been shown to help people fast by making them feel satiated for more extended periods while also being a good source of hydration. Let us look into the pique teas that aid fasting to a max.

The Matcha Green Fasting Pique Tea dramatically improves mood and eliminates anxiety, hence calming the nerves and reducing stress eating. It contains catechins, calming amino acids, and L-theanine to do the job when one gets hungry too often without being able to suppress that hunger. This tea also has a dash of peppermint to keep your hunger at bay. Truly one of the best teas for fasting!

The Ginger Green Fasting Tea contains ginger, licorice root, citrus, and mint. Ginger is known to regulate the digestive system, and keep it at its optimum while also reducing hunger. Not only that, but this tea also contains green tea catechins while also containing antioxidants from ginger that help to prevent one from falling sick.

The Bergamot Fasting Teas come in two flavors—green and black. Bergamot is known to alleviate moods, preventing stress eating and the bold, robust taste profile is just a plus. If you are looking for a delicious tea for an energy burst that also curbs your cravings, then this is the one for you!

pique herbal tea reviews

Pique Tea Customer Reviews

Pique Tea has typically reviews pointing in the favor of all its herbal, black and green teas. The people love its variety, taste, and ease of use. They say the tea is flavorful and robust, almost matching the natural versions. The customers also vouch for its quality, recommending it to others. Tea crystals also dissolve well, in their opinion. Many of these people are tea experts, and we agree with them for the most part.

However, some users were not a fan. They say the tea wasn’t strong enough, but it may just be an error of adding too much water. The high price of pique tea is a disadvantage that we agree with. But, you do get quality worth the price, so it wasn’t a dealbreaker for us. To all their own opinions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pique Tea Worth It?

After trying out most of their flavors and being pleasantly surprised at all of them, we can say that pique tea is worth it. The only negative pique tea crystals reviews on the internet are based on people’s taste preferences. After all, it is impossible to please everyone.

The tea is endorsed by doctors which is enough proof of its fantastic health benefits and safety. It is premium quality and pure. The customer service of the company is impeccable as well. If you like convenience, taste, and health, go for pique tea! 

How to Cancel Pique Tea Subscription?

Pique tea subscriptions are free and easy to cancel. You just have to hit cancel for the product you no longer want from the subscription menu. It will just ask your reason for cancellation then. However, keep in mind that you can only cancel a subscription after the second delivery.

What is Pique Tea’s Shipping Policy?

If you place an order before 12 pm PST, pique will dispatch your order the same day. They have regular office hours to handle their processing and shipping. There is a USPS priority shipping option for US citizens. If you are an international buyer, there may be some additional shipping fees. Shipping time will depend on your carrier. You can easily track your orders through the tracking numbers they provide.

Can I return my Pique Tea order?

Pique has a great return policy. This is probably because they are very sure of their product qualities and don’t expect many returns. They provide full refunds for unopened products within 30 days of buying

If some tea doesn’t suit your taste buds, identify the unopened cartons that you want to return and send them back with the return label that the company provides. You will get your refund!

What is pique Tea’s “Make Your Bundle”?

Well, it is precisely what it sounds like! You are free to create a bundle with your preferences while also saving a lot of money because you will be buying the product in a larger quantity; you can get 1, 6, 9, or 12 cartons at the frequency you want (every 30, 60, or 90 days). This subscription is not only hassle-free, but it also gives you the benefit of free shipping. They also provide a 10% discount!


So here was everything that you need to know about pique tea and its health benefits. After reading our in-depth pique tea crystals review, I am sure you must be craving pique tea. Try out all of their flavorings and subscribe to those you like, Comment below and tell us what flavor is your absolute favorite! You may also like Best French Presses.


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