Thirst Quenchers Available on Amazon

When you’ve been exercising or working hard and need a refreshing drink, you definitely have plenty of choices. Unfortunately, most of them are high in sugar content, calories, or caffeine. but in this blog, we will recommend you our top 6 healthy and organic thirst quencher choices.

Craving for soda or just want some more exciting drink than plain water? Flavored water is the answer. It often contains no sugar, no calories but still tastes great. They can keep you hydrated throughout the day.

There’s a variety of flavored water choices available in the market. Keep reading to know more about the top brands we have for you that are available on Amazon. We only list products that are have no sugar, calorie-free, and no artificial ingredients. If you are into more healthy drinks then check out these brands that make sugar free juices for diabetics and the ultimate guide to tea bombs

Top 8 Flavored Water Drinks available on Amazon

Moment Botanical Water – Hibiscus Dragon Fruit



Not every person has the opportunity to meditate each day. All things considered, this is meditation in a drink! We will clarify how in a moment. To start with, let us dive deep into the taste and texture of this beverage. This tea is a sweet fruity flavor with a fiery tinge to it. The sweet comes from the hibiscus petals, dark cherry, and dragon fruit while the Ceylon Cinnamon sprinkles in that spice. It is incredibly invigorating and is a great tea whether you are sipping it for fun or to hydrate yourself after a long day at the gym.

There are far too many health benefits to this tea. It combines premium organic ingredients in the perfect blend and balance. Hibiscus petals are loaded with antioxidants that prevent cancer. It also helps to lessen glucose levels and blood pressure. It might likewise assist with weight loss. Dragon fruit also has antioxidants for your overall better health. Moreover, the prebiotics it contains will keep your microbiome flourishing. Additionally, they are both incredible for your immune system and will keep your body in supreme condition.

You are still curious about why we compared it to meditation? Well, it helps the alpha brainwaves shooting across your head through a compound known as l-theanine. These alpha brainwaves are normally amplified during meditation. Therefore, it is almost like meditating! This beverage is keto-friendly and has no added sugars and other additives. It just has around 15 calories for every can with under 1g of sugars. It additionally doesn’t have caffeine so you can drink it any time even before bed. The item is excellent for regular use. It is also gluten-free! You don’t need to stress over a thing with this drink.


Moment Botanical Water – Tulsi Lemon




For every individual who needs a beverage so rejuvenating that they feel hydrated like never before, Moments has this amazing tulsi lemon drink to offer. The flavors are truly exceptional and not at all like those that you are accustomed to. The flavor was somewhat sweet and tart, with real lemon juice adding to the refreshing tartness. It is very smooth and doesn’t have any weird aftertaste like most of its competitors. This beverage is best for all fans of citrus drinks. The presence of tulsi adds in an interesting fragrance and a mix of fruity and spicy components. This is an exceptionally great blend with the lemon flavor!

The beverage is definitely not an elixir that will put you in the heavens immediately. Yet, it is something special. It made the stressful voices in our heads quiet down and rest. This not only reduced stress and anxiety but also improved our focus. Lemon, the main ingredient, is known to support health by giving the body its essential dose of Vitamin C. It also hydrates the body and promotes good metabolism and weight loss.

Lemon is the reason we felt refreshed but the feelings of calmness are owed to tulsi. Tulsi is an incredible adaptogenic substance that helps the body get used to the levels of stress and hence, helps us deal with stress better. It is used in numerous ancient medicinal recipes to treat nervousness, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Not only are the ingredients healthy, but this drink is made in very healthy processes as well. The beverage doesn’t contain any additives or artificial flavors. It additionally doesn’t have any carbonation or added sugars that would cause bloating. This will also ensure that your microbiome is healthy. Each can has around 12 calories which isn’t much in any way. This is an easy addition to your daily routine.


Ugly Variety Pack



Here comes one of the most unique and highly rated beverages on the market currently. Ugly drinks took the market by storm in 2016 and had been skyrocketing in popularity since then. They are seltzers that only contain natural flavors. They do not contain any added sugars or preservatives and are hence healthy. Being 100% sugar-free, they are also calorie and carbohydrate-free! You can drink away without worrying about the number on the scale (not that that number matters anyway!). They are made of sparkling water and natural fruit essential oil. That is it!

When it comes to taste, ugly drink’s flavors are what make them stand out. Typically seltzers have plain old bland flavors like lime. But ugly drinks come on with a twist. It has flavors like marshmallows and watermelon to refreshen your taste buds. I feared that their flavors might be too sweet or juice-like for my taste. But that was not the case at all! What makes ugly drinks stand out, even more, is the mouthfeel. They are smooth and bubbly and, unlike othe4r seltzers on the market, do not burn or hurt your throat at all. They are frizzy to just the perfect level! 

Ugly drinks also offer a subscription plan where they deliver their drinks right at your doorstep. The convenience is absolute with this one! With standard companies, you usually have a 30 or 60 day choice between deliveries. But, ugly drinks offer a 14, 30, 45, 60, and 90-day option according to your seltzer needs. I prefer the 14 days option because my husband and I chug the 24 cans in no time! Let us look into some of the flavors in this variety pack

Dr. Ugly: This has to be ugly’s signature flavor. It is amazingly very close to an actual Dr. Pepper for all those who love that. Not only will it taste like Dr. Pepper, but it will be like the healthier sugar-free option to satisfy your cravings. Just don’t expect it to be very sweet. For those without a sweet tooth, this is your drink! The taste is honestly exceptional. Do give it a try!

Cherry Cola: My favorite drinks for the ugly lineup were the soda flavors. For someone like me who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, they provided an excellent unsweetened alternative to the regular sodas, which always make me feel like I have surpassed my sugar intake. The Cherry cola flavor is just how one would expect it to be: a nice rich cola flavor with a fun fruity aftertaste. Unlike most competitors, these seltzers do not possess a metallic or plasticy aftertaste which is such a relief!

Fruit Punch: As someone obsessed with fruits, the fruit punch flavor will not disappoint. The flavor immediately made it to my top 10 drink list. It is just so natural, flavorful, and refreshing. It has a sweet hint to it with delicious citrusy notes and a great smooth finish!


So Cool – Designed for Children


so cool drink

So Cool Brand thirst quencher flavored water drink is designed for children. The products are organic, no sugar or any artificial ingredients. The brand is the first US children beverage brand packed in paperboard cartons to eliminate disposable plastic straws.

The company pledges to nourish children and the planet. Their brand ethos rests on the following principles. First, practice in advance environmental stewardship. Second, care for children by crafting organic, great tasting, no sugar water beverages as a great alternative to sugary drinks. Lastly, Community Giving Programs to help others.

So Cool Thirst Quencher Organic Flavored Water Drinks are now available on It has 5 delicious flavors: Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Apple & Grape.

Bai – Infused with Anti-oxidants

bai thirst quencher

If you’re a fan of rainforest fruits, then you will surely love this flavored water drink! It is infused with plant-based antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Polyphenols which is good for your health. And it has only 35milligrams of caffeine per serving, enough to give you an awakening call.

This drink is important to your diet. Especially if you are on a low carb and sugar diet, you will definitely appreciate this product! Bai flavored water comes in different flavors, Brasilia blueberry, Panama peach, Malawi mango, Zambia bing cherry, Rio raspberry, and Sumatra dragon fruit. Coconut Flavored Water is the best seller. Plus, there is no artificial sweeteners so no worries about your insulin levels. Surely a sugar-safe beverage that doesn’t affect your blood sugar!

Perrier – Carbonated Mineral Water

perrirer carbonated water

Quench your thirst with this flavored carbonated water. It doesn’t contain calories and sweeteners, but this can help quench your sugary soda cravings. It also comes with different flavors -lime, orange, pink grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon and peach.

On top of this, it comes in on the go slim cans, just perfect to satisfy your thirst!

Vitaminwater Zero – Nutrient-Enhanced Drink for Extra Boost

vitamin water zero drink

Vitaminwater is enhanced with vitamins and minerals, and keep you energized. This flavored beverage will keep you hydrated throughout the day! It contains no sugar and calories, so you can enjoy this drink regardless of your diet. This is a flavorful way to get adequate water intake than drinking plain water. In fact, this has enhanced vitamins which made it a topnotch. Such an extra health benefit just by drinking it.

If you are someone who is not a fan of drinking water, then this one is just perfect for you! Lemonade flavor is the best, very refreshing! Lots of good vitamins in it, and electrolytes and very important is, zero calories but still fairly tastes like real lemonade.

Hint – Water with a Touch of True Fruit Flavor

hint thirst quencher

Worried about the quality of the flavored water? Then this one is just right for you! Hint is certified with no GMO ingredients contents, pure sugar-free, no preservatives added. The flavor comes from real fruit flavor, so 100% guaranteed nothing is artificial. Hint water comes with different flavors as well – peach, cherry, strawberry, kiwi, blackberry, and watermelon…

You will love this flavored water. It tastes so yummy that you would drink more water than usual. And guess what? Hint also has a product for kids. It is so refreshing that it makes drinking more water not boring anymore.

Sparkling ICE – Fizzy Sparkling Water infused with Vitamins

sparkling ice water

Refresh both your mind and body with this fizzy sparkling water drink. Its flavors are 100% naturally sourced, not to mention this drink is also sugar-free and zero carbs. It’s also infused with vitamins and antioxidants to supply you with more nutrients.

Sparkling ICE comes with different flavors too. Black raspberry is one of the best flavors. The only negative review of this product is its carbonation. It seems to have more CO2 than the actual soda. Other than that, it tastes great and a good alternative to soda.

JUST Water – Spring Water infused with Natural Fruit Essences

just water drink

This product is eco-friendly non-carbonated spring water. The packaging is carton and can be refilled to avoid single-use plastic water bottles. Most likely the reason for the higher cost, but it’s worthy for its price. It comes in different flavors too. Organic lemon, cherry, blackberry, tangerine are the best selling flavors.



When choosing the right flavored water for you, always consider the nutritional facts of it. Flavored waters are either made of sparkling water or plain water. Many of you go for flavored water because of the taste. Comparing to plain water, flavored water tastes much better and makes you drink more, and help achieve your water intake goal.

Always pick the flavor with real fruit juice instead of artificial flavors. Some health problems are caused by additives. And if you’re from an intense workout and need to keep hydrated, try having the Vitamin or electrolyte-enhanced waters. You can also try the best instant boba teas.


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