How To Make Simple Syrup in 2024

Having a glass of iced lemon tea after a tiring day is one good way to refresh our minds. Isn’t it annoying to dissolve sugar in ice-cold beverages? You stir and stir to no avail. The answer to all your problems is simple – simple syrup!

First of all, what is simple syrup? Good Question. Simply put, it’s a sweetener made by combining equal parts granulated sugar and water. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? It is a sweet solution for your cocktails, desserts, and mojitos. It’s produced by combining water and sugar and heating it to the point where the sugar dissolves completely. The resulting solution is thick and syrupy. Whether you’re into cocktails, baking desserts, or mojitos, simple syrup is one of the easiest ways to add some extra sweetness.

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What is simple syrup made of?

From the name itself, simple syrup is made from a simple ingredient: sugar. Simple syrup also known as liquid sugar is a sweetener that comes in handy whenever you want to make some sweet drinks especially cold ones like cocktails, fruit juice, or other traditional beverages. It’s a pretty basic ingredient in bartending. It takes the place of sugar and water and gives cocktails a little more sweetness. It sounds like it doesn’t have many purposes to some people, but there are many applications for it. One of these applications is to use simple syrup as a sweetener for coffee drinks.

Whenever you go into any famous coffee shop, try to find the light brown liquid in a bottle or jar. That liquid is not honey, but the simple syrup that we talked about.

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How to make simple syrup

To make simple syrup, you will need a 1:1 weight comparison between sugar (sugarcane) and water, for example, you may use 150 g of sugar and 150 g of water, or 500 g of sugar and 500 g of water.

Kindly follow these step to make simple syrup:

  1. Pour sugar and water into the pan, stir it.
  2. Adjust the stove heat to the medium level.
  3. Continue stirring it until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. You may add half a teaspoon of vanilla essence to enhance the aroma (optional).
  5. Wait until the solution has boiled for a couple of minutes and becomes thicker when you stir it.
  6. Turn off the heat.
  7. Pour into the glass jar, wait until cooled down to room temperature.

Voila, your simple syrup is done! You have to keep it in the refrigerator to prolong the expiration period.


  • From 150 g of water and 150 g of sugar, you will have approximately 200 ml of simple syrup.
  • The appearance of your simple syrup will be better if you use brown sugar instead of white.
  • You may use more water than the 1:1 ratio to make simple syrup that is not too sweet.
  • If you use more sugar than 1:1 comparison, you will easily get caramel at the bottom of your pan.
  • If you are not stirring enough, there will be caramel at the bottom of the pan. Overcooking it will also have the same result.

How to use simple syrup?

The main use of simple syrup is to have your cold drinks sweeter. If you make hot coffee or tea, you may use brown sugar and stir it to make it done. When you want to make a cold beverage, it is harder to dissolve sugar in cold water. Therefore, the simple syrup will be your perfect companion to make your cold beverages, like your favorite cocktail, sweeter in just a second.

You will also need simple syrup whenever you make snacks or cakes from the middle east like baklava, kala jamun from India, and many more. Simple syrup blends with the dough evenly, giving a much better result than if you were to use sugar or other sweeteners.

Are you ready to make your first simple syrup? Give it a try and thank me later.

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Simple Syrup You Can Buy on Etsy

If you simply do not have the time to make simple syrup, you can always buy it. The simple syrups listed below each have their own distinct taste that is tricky to achieve at home. Give them a try!

Monin Pure Cane Sweetener Syrup

 Do you also prefer quality over quantity? Well, then the Monin Pure Cane Sweetener Syrup is a great choice for you. This pure cane sweetener syrup is lesser in quantity as compared to most of the other sweetener syrups that we have discussed below. This is because Monin has focused more on the quality of their product rather than quantity. This 750ml bottle comes packed with premium quality natural American cane sugar and filtered water. 

This sweetener syrup is carefully crafted to instantly dissolve in any hot or cold beverage that you prepare. You will love to know that this sugar cane syrup has been made from totally halal ingredients so if you are a Muslim, buy it without a second thought. In addition to that, the Monin pure cane sweetener syrup is GMO-free. If you do not know about GMOs, they are genetically modified organisms. They can be plants or animals but in this case, we will only consider plants as it is a sugar cane syrup. It is GMO-free which means that it has been derived from 100% natural ingredients. 

Moreover, it is dairy-free. If you are lactose intolerant, the Monin pure cane syrup will bring peace into your life. And also, no animals are hurt in the making of this syrup so it is totally vegan. You do not have to worry about that either. The price tag of this sweetener simple syrup is a little above its competitors but it is negligible considering its quality and its features. We totally recommend it if you are a Muslim looking for simple syrup, or a vegan, or even a lactose intolerant person. 

Buy Here

Monin Sugar-Free Sweetener Syrup (1L), H-Sweetener, 1.0L- sf

We have already discussed the Monin cane sugar sweetener syrup but that has sugar in it. That is why they also made a sugar-free sweetener syrup for diabetics or people who are trying to cut out their sugar intake. We already know that they use premium quality materials for making their products so you do not worry about the quality either. This product is great for diabetics and people with low-calorie lifestyles as it is made with sucralose and all-natural erythritol. 

Now let us take a look at its ingredients in detail. The Monin Sugar-free sweetener syrup has been put together using water, erythritol, cellulose gum, citric acid, and potassium sorbate. It is a little expensive as compared to other simple syrups in the market currently but it is definitely worth buying considering its premium quality. Moreover, this product comes in a 1-liter packing instead of the usual 750ml bottle so that extra 250ml also makes its price tag look really affordable. 

In addition to the bigger quantity, the Monin Sugar-free sweetener is also kosher, Halal, and GMO-free. It does not have any dairy or gluten materials in it either so that is a relief for lactose intolerant people as well. No animals are harmed in its making, which you would love to know if you are a vegan. We definitely recommend trying this out and we are confident that you will love its evenly dissolved sweetness in any of your hot or cold beverages. 

Buy Here

DaVinci Sugar-Free Sweetener Syrup (750mL)

If you are not a fan of the price tag of Monin sugar-free sweetener simple syrup, here is an alternative that is as good as the Monin Sugar-free syrup but is quite cheaper. The main reason for it being a little cheaper as compared to the Monin sugar-free simple syrup is because its quantity is lesser as well.

It comes in a 750ml bottle just like the Monin Sugar Cane sweetener syrup. The advantage of it being in a smaller packaging is that you can always try out other products if one product is not according to your taste. You can experiment more with your ideas as you are not spending much on it anyway.

So let us talk about its ingredients. Since it has been carefully put together to compensate diabetics with sweetness in their beverages, it uses high-quality materials as well. These materials include water, cellulose gum, sucralose, citric acid, and sodium benzoate as a preservative. 

The DaVinci sugar-free sweetener syrup has a serving of 2 tablespoons which is approximately 30ml in total. The container has a total of 25 servings and each serving has almost zero calories. You will love this if you are trying to lose weight or if you are living a low-calorie lifestyle. Moreover, it has 0g of protein, 0g of carbohydrates, and 0g of protein as well. It has zero grams of added sugar and only 10mg of sodium which is almost negligible. We definitely recommend this product because of its pristine quality and close to zero-calorie serving. 

Buy Here

Torani Sugar Free Sweetener Syrup (750 mL), G-Sweetener-sf

The Torani Sugar Free Sweetener syrup is a treat for people with diabetes or even people who are trying to cut out sugar out of their lives. People who are trying to cut out some pounds look to cut out sugar from their diet but what is life without sweetness in it? It’s all dull and grey. Well, you do not have to be worried because we have got an alternate for you. The torani sugar-free sweetener has been carefully put together while focusing on health issues that sugar brings into your life. 

If we talk about its ingredients, it has purified water, sucralose (Splenda brand), sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, and citric acid. Potassium sorbate preserves its freshness and it provides your drink with the freshness that it needs. Whether it is coffee or frappe, it evenly dissolves to perfectly sweeten your syrup without any added sugar. This is the dream for a diabetic. 

The Torani Sugar Sweetener is the perfect product to add to a wide variety of beverages ranging from coffees to frappes to premium cocktails and iced lattes. Its price tag is a little lesser as compared to the monin sweetener syrup and has the same quantity. But as you can see that this syrup is meant to be sold to a specific diet-conscious audience so if you are one of those, go for it. 

Buy Here

TeaZone Kumquat Syrup

If you are one of those people who are cutting out alcohol and trying out other drinks, the TeaZone kumquat syrup can certainly be your best buddy. This is an all-around simple syrup that can provide almost any of your drinks with the sweetness that they need. It does not matter if it is coffee, or lattes, or sodas, the kumquat syrup can add the perfect touch of sweetness into them. 

Moreover, it can also be used to flavor other beverages like non-alcoholic mocktails, slushies, teas, blending juices. You can also use them on top of cakes, crepes, waffles, and pancakes. Now, that is what we call an all-around simple syrup right? One sweetener for everything and it absolutely tastes delicious. It is available in multiple fruity flavors as well which include lemon, lychee, orange, mango, and the kumquat flavor. Now you can add almost any flavor to your smoothies, slushies, desserts, or herb teas as well. 

Now the Teazone kumquat syrup comes in a 64 oz bottle which is really great for its price. It is definitely worth it if you are looking to buy a simple syrup for your beverage business. The big amount of syrup and its versatility to be used in almost any beverage, or dessert really makes it a great choice if you want to buy it for your business. It can also be a great product to be used at home because of its affordable price tag. 

Buy Here

Strawberry Basil Cocktail Syrup by DrinkingClean

This is for all the strawberry-lovers from our readers. This strawberry-flavored cocktail syrup makes absolutely mouth-ravishing cocktails. It can brighten up even the most boring drinks and give them a beautiful red tint. This syrup is made from fresh premium ingredients and is, therefore, a healthy choice.

It is not only great paired with spirits, but it can spice up (not literally!) your champagne or even your soda! Each bottle of this syrup can make more than 8 cocktails. If you are not sure what to pair it with, the company attaches two free recipes with this drink. These recipes only use ingredients locally available to help you out. Chances are, you will find most of them in your pantry. What’s more, you ask? DrinkingClean offers free delivery with this syrup. Delivery is not only free but also fairly quick. All the fun at such a reasonable price and convenience.

Buy Here

All Natural Pineapple Simple Syrup by MischievousSyrups

We are absolutely obsessed with this one. This pineapple syrup is all-natural! It is handmade from homegrown pineapples. If you are anything like us you will appreciate how unique and flavorful natural pineapple juice is – and hence, how flavorful and unique this syrup is. Not only that, being natural means that you will get all the health benefits associated with pineapple juice.

Pineapple syrup is known to be loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. This not only keeps your body healthy, but also protects against diseases. It is also great for aiding digestion and speeding up recovery. If you can get such health benefits from a syrup, wouldn’t you want to jump on that bandwagon? With its delicious taste, you can pair it with almost any drink to give it a refreshing twist. Most people like to use it in aiquiris, piña coladas,  sno-cones, lemonades and iced teas

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Lavender Syrup by Norwoodlavenderfarm

When asked to describe the taste of this syrup, the word “divine” pops into my mind. It is absolutely delicious and extremely versatile. We tried it in almost 10 drinks. It improved their taste tenfold without fail. It can be used in sparkling water to give it more taste, in cocktail drinks, coffee, tea, or virtually any beverage that could use some drops of heaven. Despite being quite concentrated, it is not sickenly sweet. The floral aroma it carries wafts across the room when added to drinks.

Not only is the syrup delicious, but the seller’s attention to detail and passion shines through as well. The syrup was packaged really well with bits of lavender at the bottom. We could smell the lavender as soon as we picked the box. Some drink recipes were also included in the package which we found endearing. The bottle sizes are good and you definitely get more than your money’s worth. No matter what you do, give this lavender syrup a try!

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Black Walnut Simple Syrup by PotionsandBrews

Simple syrups may not be too attractive for those without a sweet tooth. Many varieties also come in floral flavors that are not appealing to many. If this sounds like you, then this Black Walnut Simple Syrup is perfect for you! Despite being quite sweet, the sweetness is covered by the earthy and nutty taste of walnuts. It is definitely not the kind of sweet that would make one sick. 

It is very concentrated and flavorful, with a consistency resembling maple syrup. The flavor is absolutely delicious when added to cocktails. However, it also shines when added to coffee or simply drizzled over some ice cream. The delivery was fairly quick and the seller packaged the syrup really well!

Buy Here

Toasted Cinnamon Clove Small Batch Simple Syrup by ToastedSimple

This has to be one of the most underrated but best simple syrups we have ever tried. Many people steer clear of floral or fruity flavors and scents. These are the ones who like some spice in life! (literally) The distinct taste that cinnamons are blessed with is further amplified with the subtle spice of cloves. Together, they are indestructible in the world of flavors. With the world’s obsession with cinnamon buns, this is the next stop.

Adding this cinnamon clove syrup to anything just makes it better. We suggest incorporating it in your Manhattans, martinis, old fashions, craft cocktails, coffee drinks, desserts, and more! Just try it out with everything and we think you’ll find your match. All the ingredients used in this syrup are natural. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them causing detrimental effects on your health. The delivery was quite quick and the shop’s customer service was impeccable. All in all, you can’t lose with this one!

Buy Here

Moscow Mule Syrup by KaleidaTreats

This is one of the most popular simple syrups we have come across and for good reason! It makes for delicious and refreshing drinks. The strong hints of lime blended with the ginger flavor just created a combination that we could not resist. Whether you are at a party, your own house, or a social gathering, keeping this syrup at hand will only do you good. Just add it to any drink you like!

What works best with this syrup is vodka or ginger beer. It will make you forget that you brewed up the cocktail yourself! It is also a great addition to drizzle over ice cream, cakes, pies, and any other dessert you can think of. What stole our hearts with this syrup is that there are no added sugars or chemicals that may prove harmful to your health. You can use it without any worries!

Buy Here


We hope you found all the information regarding simple syrups that you were looking for. When it comes to making cocktails at home, or even just having a drink, simple syrups are a staple that should not be overlooked. All you need is sugar and water with a few other ingredients to customize the flavor of your drink. Simple syrup can help cut down on costs of making drinks at home and making any homemade cocktail taste just like the kind you get at a bar. It will make any drink taste better whether it’s a shaken martini or a classic old-fashioned. Try a simple syrup out today.

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