5 Best Coffee Concentrate to Try in 2024

Forget your tired morning routine. Skip the messy grounds, the overflowing filters, and the endless waits for that perfect cup. Enter the world of coffee concentrates, the revolutionary brewing method shaking up the java scene. These potent elixirs capture the essence of coffee in a compact, shelf-stable form, ready to transform into endless coffee creations with just a touch of water or milk.

Whether you’re a busy professional craving a quick caffeine fix or a home barista brewing barista-worthy lattes, coffee concentrates offer an unparalleled level of convenience and versatility. Say goodbye to inconsistent brews and hello to consistent, cafe-quality coffee, anytime, anywhere.

Intrigued? Dive into our comprehensive guide to the best coffee concentrates on the market. We’ll explore the different types, brewing methods, and delicious possibilities waiting to be unleashed. So, ditch the dull and embrace the bold. Your perfect cup awaits, in a concentrated form.

Best Coffee Concentrates

The table below shows some of the top super concentrated coffees that you can lay your hands on!

Wandering Bear Coffee Concentrate10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Chameleon Cold-Brew Organic Coffee Concentrate9/10
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Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate8/10
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Trader Joe's Cold Brew Concentrate8/10
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Java House Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate7/10
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1. Wandering Bear Coffee Concentrate


Why we love it:

  • Features a tap ensuring easy pouring
  • A healthy, organic, sugar-free option
  • Compact packaging allows greater quantity to be stored in less space
  • A super-concentrated coffee with a slightly bitter taste
  • Features a hint of vanilla flavor to smooth the strong coffee taste
Healthy, Naturally Sugar-free & Organic Might be a Little too Strong
Good Value for Money
Comes with Vanilla Flavoring
Easy-to-pour Packaging

2. Chameleon Cold-Brew Organic Coffee Concentrate


Why we love it:

  • Made from organic coffee and filtered water only
  • Coffee beans obtained from different parts of the world
  • High Caffeine content to have you up and running
  • Can be used to make hot and cold coffee
  • Balanced taste, neither too bitter nor sweet
  • No added sugar makes it ideal for health-conscious individuals
No added SugarLess Concentrated at 2:1
Certified Organic
Several Flavors Available
Can be made Hot and Cold

All health-conscious individuals can also check out Hojicha Tea. You can learn all about it in our article on Hojicha Tea [Health Benefits and How to Brew].

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Most of the customers stick to their daily coffee routine and order the same thing from their favorite coffee shops. How about trying a new different idea? From the suggested products above, you can buy some coffee concentrate and create a barista-style latte at home.

3. Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate


Why we love it:

  • It is affordable and hence, many can enjoy a super concentrated coffee
  • You can easily customize keeping the Starbucks Coffee taste intact
  • Super dependable since it can be drunk straight out of the bottle
  • Different available versions considering sugar lovers or haters
  • It is a vegan-friendly drink
Quite affordableMight be a little bitter for those who are not used to it
No additives & Vegan-friendly
Option available for those who prefer Sugar
Can be drunk straight out of the bottle

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4. Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate


Why we love it:

  • Affordable cold coffee concentrate, therefore, is great for everyday drinkers
  • This Can be served both, hot and cold
  • It is convenient for use in baking
  • The coffee is very easy to make, so you can save a lot of time
  • Addictive taste that can be altered with sweeteners, too
Very AffordableFlavor maybe a bit too strong
Can be served Hot & Cold
Can be used in Baking
Made up of 100% Arabica Beans

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5. Java House Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate


Why we love it:

  • Made with 100% Arabica beans, this coffee promises rich flavor
  • Very convenient as it comes in single-use pods
  • It can be used to make both, hot or cold coffee
  • Extremely easy to take with you on flights according to TSA guidelines
TSA approved PackagingComparatively Low Caffeine Content
Can be served Hot & Cold
Convenient in Use
Made up of 100% Arabica Beans

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Instead of buying coffee concentrates, you can also make it at home. So, we wanted to share a very quick but great coffee concentrate recipe with you.

Super Easy Coffee Concentrate Recipe (Homemade Coffee Concentrate recipe)




  • 1 pound Ground Coffee with Chicory or Dark Ground Coffee
  • 3.5 quarts cold water




  • Step 1 – Take a pitcher and add the 3.5 quarts of water to it. make sure the water is cold. Next, add in the ground coffee and mix well until the coffee is wet. Leave this mixture at room temperature for twelve hours.
  • Step 2 – Pour coffee mixture through a large, fine wire mesh strainer, discarding the grounds. Take a big strainer and pour the mixture through it and throw away the grounds.
  • Step 3 – wipe this strainer clean and layer it with two folds of cloth. Either that or use a coffee filter. Again strain the mixture through this to remove any fine coffee ground bits that may have remained in the mixture.
  • Step 4 – Simply pour the mixture into any container that you want to keep it in. Keep this concentrate in the fridge for up to a month.

Note:  To use this concentrate to make iced coffee, use one-fourth of a cup of this concentrate and fill the rest with water. you can add milk, sugar, and ice to taste


A perfect coffee blend is not something that’s easily attained, it’s something you’ve got to work for. But when you are done, it is well worth the effort put in.


1. What is coffee concentrate?

Coffee concentrates are the new brewing trend that has been rising for some time now. Although you may be wondering what exactly is the buzz about, the answer is in the name itself. It is a form of a relatively more concentrated coffee.

Generally, the process includes grounding coffee beans and then extracting the coffee ground using cold water. However, for different coffee concentrate brands and companies, the exact brewing procedure may vary. Moreover, the caffeine content in coffee concentrates is higher than coffee made from normal brewing methods.

Furthermore, the coffee made from coffee concentrates is sweeter than normal coffee. Therefore, it becomes an even better option in desserts where coffee is a key ingredient.

2. How to make coffee concentrate?

The hot coffee concentrate recipe is relatively simpler than the cold coffee concentrate. You do not even require a concentrate machine. For hot coffee concentrate how to make method, you simply need to pass your liquid (boiling water, milk, or cream) into the coffee concentrate. 

A homemade coffee concentrate demands no extra effort. To begin with, heat your coffee concentrate with water in a pot according to a ratio predefined for your taste. For a strong coffee, 2 parts of coffee concentrate to 1 part of the water is an ideal ratio to follow. Heat until the water and coffee concentrate mixture boils. Remove the pot from the heat. If you wish to drink it like that, you can. Otherwise, at this stage, you can add any milk of your choice or even cream if you prefer. 

For healthy options in types of milk, you can go through our article on the 8 Best Plant-Based Milk Varieties for Health.

3. How to make cold coffee concentrate?

The question that how do you make concentrated coffee, be it hot or cold, has a very simple answer. You can easily apply your everyday coffee recipes by replacing normal coffee with coffee concentrates.

You do not need to have any fancy coffee concentrate maker or any special recipes for making coffee concentrates. For the scope of this article, we have also provided a recipe that you can try.

4. How to concentrate coffee?/How to make super concentrated coffee?

A strong coffee concentrate recipe is pretty straightforward. Normally, you are provided ratios of coffee concentrate and the liquid for making coffee concentrates. The most common ratios are 1:1, 2:1, and 1:2. You can easily make changes to these ratios to make a strong coffee concentrate recipe personalized to your taste.



Concentrated coffees are the new upcoming trend. The better part is that they are not just limited to fancy cafes but are also available in the comfort of our homes. It depends on our choice whether we want to make it at home or would just like a ready-made coffee concentrate brew.

The Boba Tea is another new emerging trend to try. We already have an article on the Best Instant Boba Tea to Buy to help you get started on it. You may also like How to Make Boba at Home.

This article comprehensively summarizes the top finest coffee concentrates. With slight changes in their coffee concentration, caffeine percentage, and added flavors, you can easily select one of your choices. We have also shared a homemade coffee concentrate recipe that is pretty effortless to make.


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