Hojicha Tea [Health Benefits and How to Brew]

Are you a tea-lover? I know the feeling. Whether it’s iced in summer or hot in winter, there is nothing more comforting than sitting down with a fresh cup of tea on a lazy afternoon. If you’re looking for some new flavors to try out this season, hojicha might be just what you are looking for! Made from roasted green tea leaves and aged over charcoal fires, hojicha has been shown to have many health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels and regulating blood pressure. But don’t take my word for it – read on to learn about all of the great things that hojicha can do for your body!

What is Hojicha Tea?

Hojicha tea, also known as charcoal-roasted tea, is a kind of green tea from Japan. It has been made by roasting bancha (twig tea) at high temperatures in a porcelain pot over charcoal, which gives it a strong roasted aroma and taste. The name hojicha came from the term “hō. Hojicha tea has been gaining popularity recently due to its health benefits.

What are the Ingredients of Hojicha Tea?

Hojicha is a form of bancha that undergoes a roasting process at high temperatures for about 30 minutes, giving it a charcoal aroma. The ingredients of hojicha include two kinds: Nuri (charcoal) and hō (bamboo). Nuri will give hojicha its smoky flavor, while bamboo will contribute to its grassy taste. Hojicha also contains some very beneficial compounds. It has high concentrations of theanine, which is a relaxing agent that provides neurological and immune system benefits.

How to brew hojicha tea

Let us dive in and learn how to brew the perfect hojicha tea at home without any hassle.

What you need

Hojicha tea, a tea infuser, and hot water.

Hojicha tea usually requires you to use a tea infuser not to let the tea leaves fall in the water while still allowing them full access. The type of infuser you use depends on your style and taste. The essential part of brewing hojicha is the temperature of the water. If it is not hot enough, the taste will not be as great as if it was prepared well.

How to brew hojicha tea?

To brew hojicha:

  1. Take 1.5 teaspoons of the loose tea leaves and put them in your infuser.
  2. Pour hot water immediately into the infuser and cover it with a lid to avoid any air from getting inside.
  3. For best results, let it brew for 3 minutes or more, depending on how strong you want it to be.
  4. Once your tea is made brewing, remove the infuser using another container to drain out all the hot water and directly serve.

Now that you know how to prepare hojicha go ahead and give this traditional Japanese tea a try! Hojicha is an excellent drink for your body during the winter season so keep brewing some today! Be sure to check back periodically for more information about tea and its health benefits.

Nutrition Facts about Hojicha Tea

Regular green tea drinks have 10-20 calories per cup, while hojicha contains zero calories per cup. This makes hojicha a healthier alternative to other teas for weight loss programs. It contains more catechins than other teas too, which help promote weight loss, especially when combined with an exercise program like walking or running.

Health Benefits of Hojicha Tea

Hojicha Tea has too many health benefits to name. Let us tell you a few of them below!

Hojicha tea does not contain caffeine and is suitable for caffeine sensitivities.

Unlike other teas, hojicha is low in caffeine content and contains more catechins beneficial to health and nutrition than any of the others. Most teas are just steamed as part of their processing. As we have mentioned before, hojicha tea is also roasted. This roasting kills of bitterness and caffeine, making the final product caffeine-reduced. You can easily sip this before bed!

In addition, unlike many teas, which should be consumed without milk because they become bitter, you can drink this one with milk or cream and still get the full nutritional benefits.

Hojicha Tea is good for Relaxation

The sweet taste of hojicha tea has long been associated with Japanese tradition. This mild, roasted green tea is perfect for refreshing your body after a day’s work or school where you may have consumed harmful toxins and chemicals which can leave one feeling stressed out. Organic substances like L-theanine in this drink help to calm your nerves down. It soothes the mind and leaves one feeling less stressed. Due to lowered stress levels, hojicha tea also improves focus and cognitive abilities.

Helps Body cells

Hojicha tea is swarming with antioxidants which will keep your health in its optimum condition. The antioxidants found in this beverage not only provide some protection against cardiovascular disease by aiding LDL cholesterol oxidation through free-radical scavenging, but they also help reduce fatigue caused by long periods spent exerting yourself physically while boosting your mental clarity, so you stay alert. These substances neutralize free radicals in the body, preventing them from destroying other molecules, thus reducing any potential damage caused by these free radicals and their harmful effects on our organs. This also means that hojicha has anti-cancer properties. It prevents the cells from mutating and causing cancer. Yes, free radicals are usually what make your cells mutate!

Hojicha Keeps your skin looking clear and youthful.

It’s also popular as a beauty aid that contains vitamin C. It can get rid of damage done to the skin. Guided by evidence, the discovery was made that chlorogenic acid suppresses ATPase activity and glycosylation of type I collagen. The results indicated that as a potential inhibitor of collagen fragmentation, chlorogenic acid from hojicha effectively prevents skin aging.

In addition to high levels of antioxidants hojicha also contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Potassium is often used by athletes for re-hydration, although recent research indicates that high intake could cause or worsen kidney problems in susceptible individuals. Moreover, Hojicha’s antiinflammatory properties can get rid of skin irritation, redness and swelling.

Hojicha tea keeps your immune system strong

Hojicha tea has been known to boost immunity. According to a study, the Immunoglobulin (Ig) A level was significantly higher in subjects who consumed hojicha tea when compared with those who did not

The high antioxidant content of tea protects the body from heart diseases by preventing the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins and thus reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It also improves blood circulation, which results in lower cholesterol levels. In addition, hojicha tea helps dissolve blood clots that could lead to a clot-induced stroke or heart attack.

Studies have also found that hojicha may lower cancer risk by blocking carcinogens and inhibiting cancer cell growth. It also lowers cancer risk by destroying mutated cancer cells and reducing recurrence 

roasted green tea benefits

Hojicha Tea helps to lose weight.

This tea contains L-theanine, which is an amino acid that enhances the metabolism of the body. The effect can be seen after a gap of two hours following ingestion of this tea. This helps to boost energy levels for increased efficiency and productivity at work or in school. Other than that, hojicha tea is also said to enable the body to receive sufficient nutrients because it enhances the absorption of antioxidants and minerals. Moreover, Hojicha tea contains compounds called catechins that boost metabolism and help people lose weight.

Hojicha Tea kills bacteria.

Hojicha tea contains large amounts of catechins, which are found in green tea. Participants were asked to drink either three cups of coffee or three cups of hojicha tea every day for six weeks in a study. Results showed that those who consumed the hojicha had lower levels of E. coli fecal bacteria than those who drank coffee 

Hojicha tea encourages bone growth.

A study in 2010 found that daily consumption of hojicha tea and brown rice increases the body’s calcium absorption concerning other food sources. Moreover, this particular combination also increased bone mass compared to various other foods (Yokoyama ym. 2010).

Hojicha Tea helps indigestion.

Also, drinking this tea can aid in digestion since it stimulates the peristaltic movement of the digestive tract. Hojicha is an anti-bacterial agent that helps maintain intestinal flora, therefore, supporting healthy bowel movements. It is also an effective remedy for indigestion.

Hojicha Tea reduces cholesterol.

Hojicha reduces bad cholesterol by removing excess LDL (low-density lipoprotein) from the body and increasing HDL (high-density lipoprotein). This makes it ideal for those trying to lose weight and bring down their cholesterol level. Because of this, it lowers cardiovascular diseases and keeps your heart healthy.

Best Hojicha Varieties to Buy in 2024

Tea Zone Matcha Green Tea (Grade A) Powder (2.2 lbs)

Natural tastes always hit differently than the artificially brewed and induced flavors which always leave one unsatisfied. This Matcha Green tea is nothing but all organic green tea powder that gives you the benefit of having actual green tea. 

You can try this Matcha green tea powder with any drink of your liking. If you want to try something new and want to shake things up a little bit, we suggest that you try it with your daily smoothie. Otherwise, if you are old school lovers just like us you can make an old-fashioned hot tea with it or maybe mix it up with milk if you like. 

Matcha Green Tea is the blend of the Camellia Sinensis plant’s leaves. Before oxidizing the tea leaves, they are firstly harvested, then steamed, and steamed some more times, and then dried.

You would be surprised to know that Matcha Green Tea has a low-calorie count yet a high antioxidant content which is highly appreciable in terms of health benefits. This high-antioxidant diet may aid in the reduction of inflammation in your body. It can be quite helpful in resolving heart-related complexities. 

Moreover, the Matcha Green Tea powder from Tea Zone is finely powdered and easy to use in beverages or desserts. It does not feel odd or extra when added to a cold or hot beverage. In fact, it provides a lovely and tender flavor that gives a new dimension to the drink. 

MoCafe Matcha Green Tea Frappe Mix (3 lbs)

Here is another perfect product that we have discovered on our journey to find the best Hojicha Tea. This tea has exceeded our expectations and has outdone itself. The beautiful and calming blend of it complements well the strong aroma of the MoCafe Matcha Green Tea Frappe Mix. 

This highly appreciable mix is made from the combination of sweet flavors of Sugar that does not feel overwhelming or underwhelming and a perfect Non-Dairy Creamer. Moreover, Dipotassium Phosphate, Mono, and Diglycerides are added along with the hint of Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate and Tricalcium Phosphate. To add more to the flavor of it salt is added with non-fat milk. All-natural flavors are used in the making of this lovely mix to ensure no harmful impact on the health. 

A mouthwatering Frappe can be made with the help of this MoCafe Matcha Green Tea Frappe Mix. There are not a lot of steps to follow. The procedure of making an amazing beverage with the help of this mix is quite simple. Firstly, add a half cup of whole milk, one and a half cups of ice, one and a half tbsp of the mix, and vanilla syrup to the blender.

Blend the ingredient well together and when all the ingredients appear to be completely blended, pour them into a glass. Add whipped cream on the top of it to give the perfect finishing. You can add more ingredients of your liking to spice up the things a little more but for us, this would be the perfect frappe. 

Tea Zone Matcha Green Tea Powder

matcha green tea

Are you one of those people who do not want to stick to one kind of drink but at the same time you want the goodness of hojicha tea at the same time? Here is a hojicha tea that mixes easily in any drink of your choice and it is the Tea Zone Matcha Green Tea Powder. It is also one of the best choices for you if you are looking to experiment with different kinds of drinks and find your go-to drink as it is very versatile.

You can make different kinds of smoothies, milk teas, flavored milk, and many other various blend drinks in combination with it. The Tea Zone Matcha Green Tea Powder is already sweetened to the perfect extent and it replaces the bitter nature of mainstream teas with its creamy texture and sweet taste.

Its ingredients include Glucose syrup, refined hydrogenated palm kernel oil, and refined fully hydrogenated coconut oil. It also contains casein sodium, dipotassium phosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, mono and diacetyl tartaric acid esters, and mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, silicon dioxide, carotenes, sugar, glucose, and matcha powder. 

You can make different iced, hot, and blended drinks with it. They have also listed a few recipes for each kind of drink on their website so definitely check them out for fresh ideas about what you can make with it. The packet itself is 2.2 lbs and its affordable price makes it a really great buy. 

Roasted Green Tea Hojicha

This is one of the best hojicha teas we have tried. It is made from 100% organic ingredients and 100% JAS certified. It contains a very minimal amount of caffeine so it is best for hydration during sports and also for drinking before bedtime. Since this tea is low in caffeine, it is safe to be consumed by children. This product produces a beautiful deep brown-colored tea that is both roasty and sweet.

Itoen Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea)

For all those who prefer the convenience of tea bags over loose tea, this is the perfect product for you. It is made from organic hojicha tea leaves that will create the best drinks for you. Just add in the tea bag and enjoy the perfect beverage. The taste is completely like loose tea itself so you need not worry!

Matcha Green Tea Shizuoka Powder for LattesMatcha Green Tea Shizuoka Powder for Lattes

Looking for an all-rounder Matcha powder that you can use while baking or making yourself a drink? Look no further. This Matcha Green Tea Shizuoka Powder is incredible to prepare lattes as well as iced drinks. You can serve it the way you like – hot, iced, or blended.

This incredible premium-grade powder instantly makes incredible and delicious green lattes. It has a smooth mouthfeel that adds richness to the drink. It makes one of the best matcha lattes at an affordable price. This product surely serves value for money.

Matcha Green Tea Shizuoka Powder comes in a bulk packet of 4lb. It includes a ceremonial grade matcha green tea with French Deluxe Vanilla powder added to it. Served as a stand-alone product or added with other ingredients, it offers a rich and creamy taste that lingers in your mouth.

It is a must-try for people who lookout for high-quality matcha powders. This one has been sourced from the Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Japanese green tea is known to be one of the best due to the warm climate in Japan that provides the perfect growing conditions for green tea.

Ginger Beet Matcha

For all those who want premium quality green tea with the best additional benefits and flavors, this ginger beat matcha by matcha mantra is your best shot. It is not only delicious with the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and aromatic but also incredibly healthy.

Being made from organic ginger, beet, and matcha tea, it has no added sugars or additives, making it the perfect drink to incorporate into your healthy diet. The vitamins and compounds in ginger and beat add to the benefits of traditional matcha green tea and further enhance it to help with nausea, brain function, muscle stiffness, weight loss, reduction of inflammation, digestive health, and much more!

Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha

If you are the type to like your matcha green tea simple without adding flavors other than its own, you definitely need to try this Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha. It is all the goodness of flavorful green tea without any additional preservatives or sugars.

Instead of being highly processed, this matcha is stone-ground to maintain the perfect texture. The tea only has about five calories per cup and is exceptional for weight loss. Having almost 33mg caffeine per serving will help boost your energy without any jitters! Like all of Mantra Matcha’s products, it comes in an easy ground form that you can simply mix in water to make your tea. If you want real ceremonial hojicha tea, this is the product to go for!

Rose Hip Dragon Fruit Matcha

I am obsessed with anything dragon fruit, so I knew I had to try this Rose Hip Dragon Fruit Matcha Tea. Needless to say, it did not disappoint! The tea is slightly sweet and has a strong matcha flavor, with the rose aroma taking the spotlight. The tea is literally heaven in a cup for all those who love dragon fruits and roses (who doesn’t like roses?!)

Not only is it delicious but also very nutritious. All the ingredients in the tea are organic and have a plethora of great compounds like vitamins and antioxidants. The dragon fruit helps elevate low iron levels, improve immunity as well as providing prebiotics for a healthy gut. On the other hand, the rose hips are a superfood for rejuvenating the skin and having anti-aging effects it while helping you lose weight and keep your heart healthy.

Banana Cacao Matcha

For all the chocolate lovers out there, this one is for you. No one could have ever imagined cacao-flavored matcha, let alone have it taste good. But the Banana Cacao Matcha has taken our expectations and flipped them around with how delicious it tastes. This is the perfect addition to your smoothies for all that goodness without any harmful ingredients to one’s health.

Contrary to popular belief, cacao is very nutritious, reducing 9inflammation and giving the immune system a quick boost. The banana isn’t behind in its health benefits and helps regulate blood sugar levels, helping weight loss. All in all, this banana cacao matcha is a huge win.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Sencha, Matcha and Hojicha?

Hojicha tea is different from sencha or matcha because it is roasted. This means that it undergoes a separate process and has a darker color than the other types of tea. It also has a less bitter taste.

The main difference between sencha or matcha is the color. Although both are considered Japanese green teas, matcha is bright green. The lower the grade of matcha, the less vibrant the color. Sencha, in comparison, is yellow-green. The texture is different as well. Sencha has a thicker, silkier feeling when you hold the tea with your mouth and sip it.

You can tell the difference between hojicha and matcha by the smell they give off as well. Matcha is more fragrant, while hojicha is more earthy in fragrance.

Hojicha also has a flavor that is different from the other teas. Matcha is quite bitter, while hojicha has a smokier taste. Hojicha is roasted while matcha and sencha are steamed. The roasting process gives hojicha its different taste.

What does Hojicha mean?

Hojicha焙じ茶 is derived from a Japanese verb that means “to roast”.

Is Hojicha green tea?

Yes, hojicha is green tea. It is the general term used for any Japanese tea that has been roasted. The roasting process ( 焙 じ 茶 ざ り yaki cha ) that gives hojicha its toasted flavor also changes the tea’s color from emerald green to a brownish hue.

How is Hojicha harvested and processed?

Hojicha is made from the leaves or stalk of Japanese green teas such as Sencha, Bancha, and Kukicha. They are grown with the sun and are not covered while they develop. The steaming process is a delicate process that uses skill to make the best flavor for the tea.

How is Hojicha roasted

The leaves are roasted at a high temperature in either a roasting machine, or they are put in a porcelain pot over some charcoal.

What makes hojicha different from other teas?

Hojicha tea is lower in caffeine than other Japanese green teas such as Sencha. It also has less of the antioxidants EGCG and catechins found in most Japanese green teas. However, it still retains the amount of L-theanine present in regular green tea.

Is roasted green tea healthy?

According to Dr. Fumio Watanabe of the Department of Nutrition at Tokyo Women’s Medical University, “the components that remain after roasting are the same as those in regular green tea (sencha), so we can say it is healthy.”

As you can see from here, nothing except some caffeine is lost in the roasting process. So whatever benefits the unroasted version provides you, so will hojicha.

Why does my Hojicha tea taste more smoky than sweet?

Well, a good rule of the thumb is to remember that the hotter the water you use to brew the tea, the smokier it will be. If you do not like the smoky taste, you should consider using warm water instead of hot one.

How is Hojicha different from Chinese roasted tea?

Hojicha and Chinese roasted tea are different when it comes to later processing. After the Japanese leaves are roasted, they are ground into flakes. Chinese roasted tea also has a different color from hojicha.

What does Hojicha taste like?

Hojicha has an aroma containing roasted notes and a slightly sweet aftertaste. When you drink hojicha tea for the first time, you will notice a roasted aroma or something like seaweed that exudes from the dry leaves. However, if you continue to drink it regularly, your body will get used to the taste and start to enjoy its gentle flavor of malty roast and umami [ savory taste ]. Drinking hojicha allows us to appreciate a wide range of flavors since this tea is not overpowering compared with other varieties of Japanese green teas such as sencha or bancha.

Is Hojicha gluten-free?

Hojicha is completely gluten-free because it is made from tea leaves.

How to make cold brew Hojicha?

Take the 10g of hojicha leaves for 2 L of water and place them in a large container. Leave it in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours. Then, drain the leaves away. Now you can serve this tea with or without ice as you prefer. It is also store-able in the fridge for 24-36 hours.

What is the shelf life of Hojicha?

Hojicha leaves can stay fresh for a couple of weeks. Or you can buy the tea bags just to make hojicha tea, in which case it will be acceptable to keep hojicha bagged in your cupboard until it’s opened. After opening, store it in an air-tight container and keep it away from moisture and light if you are not making tea from this batch immediately.

How to spot the good Hojicha from the bad one?

Good hojicha leaves are a deep brown color and earthy scent. Any leaves that have black ones in them have been burnt while roasting. Steer clear of them!

Generally speaking, the all-natural ingredients should be visible through packages used for these teas. If you can see shiny-looking artificial additives and colorings inside the box, then it’s probably a bad sign.


Hojicha tea is a delicious beverage, but it’s also packed with tons of health benefits. Have you tried it yet? If not, we recommend giving it a try as soon as possible! We’re interested in hearing what you think about hojicha, so please leave us a comment below if you have any experience drinking this type of tea before or have thoughts on the topic. What are some other ways that hojicha has benefited your life? Let us know!


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