Mano’s Wine Review – Leader of Deep Etched and Hand Painted Wine

 Sometimes, a bottle of wine is the best gift one can ask for! 

Have you ever wanted to give someone a nice bottle of wine but thought it wouldn’t mean much? Sure, it is expensive and sweet, but it wouldn’t be something they remember. Well, Mano’s wine is here to solve your dilemma!

Mano’s Wine is an urban winery and leader in manufacturing and distributing deep etched and hand-painted Wine for several entities such as several Private Universities, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Laker, and many others, along with fortune 500 companies. Yes, you heard it right. Customized wines!

Mano’s winery has a very efficient process of winemaking, mesmerizing bottles, and they ensure notch quality checks to provide the best final products to the buyers.

Story Behind The Name

When the founder’s father first saw his wife, he was amazed by her beauty, warmth, and creativity and exclaimed, ‘oh man, oh.’ He called his wife mano. This sweet name was then used by their friends and family too.

This name was carried forward as mano’s Wine to carry on the family tradition and continue making people feel special and warm at their celebratory events and welcome them as a part of their extended family.

Customized Drinks

Wines for every occasion of life are available at Mano’s Wine. The company provides top-notch quality wine, but the idea of customization is commendable.

They have not missed a single event where you can not show up with the best wine as a gift. However, if you still feel you cannot find just the right one for you, you can always get your customized wine. The customer will provide the design and message that will be painted on the bottle and then delivered to your doorsteps within ten days.

The company has taken the idea and process of customizations to a whole next level to provide the finest wine to their customer to ensure that the customer and everyone who shares the drink must feel special.

There are some limitations to what designs, logos, and pictures can be produced due to license issues and because the images have to be hand-painted, but the team works with all of their efforts to create what the buyer desires.

Customized Boxes

You can also add a custom wood or vegan leather wine box with wine accessories to your order for the perfect finishing touch to your gift.



At your best occasions or events when you’re happy sitting with your friends or family, a bottle of wine seems to be the perfect drink to share and celebrate.

Mano’s Wine offers you the ideal Wine to enjoy during such events to bring in the warmth and togetherness, and it helps make the occasion more memorable. Bring it in as a gift to the host or serve it on the table for your guest to enjoy.

The party is just incomplete without sipping the best Wine. The company offers a drink specifically for several institutes, companies, and occasions. 4 categories are mentioned on the website of Mano’s Wine:


This category includes Wine for many private universities such as the University of Arizona, Drake University, The Citadel University of Florida, University of Miami, James Madison University, and the list goes on and on.

These wines are specially created according to the name and environment of the universities. The bottle of the Wine may carry the name or logo of the university or any most recognizable symbol.

Drinks for graduation are also available with customized bottles saying ‘batch of 2024’ or may contain the batch picture. Yes! The bottles are custom made for every university and can be custom made for every batch, for example, wine bottles that say Batch of 2024’.

Wine bottles are available for the graduating batch and alumni. Students can get their name and the year of graduation along with their university name painted on the bottles.

These wine bottles are not only there to open and drink, but they do surely make every event memorable, and you can keep them safe as memory itself too.

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Professional Sports

Are you the kind of person who enjoys sports with friends and family and loves to have a table full of snacks and wine to enjoy during the match? Or someone who loves to celebrate the victory of your favorite team with a glass of wine?

Well, Mano’s Wine is the perfect place to buy your celebratory drink as they have customized wines for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and MLS. So, no matter what sport you are watching or what team you are with, they have wine bottles to support everyone.

How cool would it be to open and share a bottle of Wine named after your favorite team when they win, right? The company customizes the bottle with the name of the teams along with their recognizable symbol or logo.

The bottles are designed in a way that represents the teams very well. Such as the wine bottles for green bay packers are designed with their 100 seasons logos on the bottles.


Everyone has their own favorite time of the year, the time for which they wait all year long and look forward to. Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and many more are the days when people take a day off to give time to their friends and family.

People sit together and enjoy the food they cooked the whole Day and share a few moments of life with their loved ones who are the most important to them.

Holidays bring families close and make everyone feel special. Such moments are incomplete without sipping and sharing a glass of wine.

Wine is the best gift to present to the host when celebrating holidays with your loved ones. What better Wine can you get other than Mano’s’s Wine which has customized wine bottles beautifully designed to represent each holiday spirit.

A bottle of wine with you and your mom’s picture or a beautiful quote that says how important a mother is to you. What better gift can you get for Mother’s Day? Or a mesmerizing bottle of Wine with a particular date. What better gift can you get for your other half on valentine’s Day? The company offers wines for every holiday so you can make holidays memorable with special Wine.

These wines bottles are not just the perfect gift to present, but many people also use them as decoration in their houses.

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Lifestyle and Occasion

Besfriend’s’s birthday coming up? An anniversary? Is a baby born? Or do you have to say sorry to someone? No matter your life situation, you can get a wine bottle for everyday life events.

Mano’s Wine offers wines for many different occasions. You can even get wines customized for your pet’s birthday party. A good wine always stands out and makes people remember the moment.

Wine for a retirement occasion, crypto, and even easter is also available. In addition, you can get your bottles with your favorite emoji, or even better, you can get E-gift card wine bottles too. E-gift card wine boxes will contain a customized card with your message. E gift cards never get old after all.

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Popular drinks

Among the many, ten drinks are known as the most popular products of Mano’s Wine. If you are confused about what to get as the choice is tough when you have so much to choose from, these ten drinks might be what you can go for, as they have the best reviews and highest ratings.

The ten best drinks include Tampa Bay Lightning 2021 Championship – 3 Pack, Tampa Bay Bucs Custom Jersey Etched Wine, Milwaukee Bucks 2021 Championship Chardonnay, Tampa Bay Bucs 2020 Champions Ring – 3 Pack, Kingdom Cabernet, Tampa Bay Championship Ring 3 Pack, Bitcoin Token Etched Wine, Decorative Skull Etched Wine, Pittsburgh Steelers Championship Collectors Series, and Tampa Bay Lightning Back-to-Back Champs Etched Wine.

Customer Reviews

The buyers of Mano’s Wine do not just enjoy the drink, but they just love the eye-catching bottles. Many even use the bottles as a decoration piece on the holidays, such as the Christmas bottles look perfect in the center of tables.

The customers love the products, but more than the product, the brand’s art, and creativity are admirable and worthy of praise.

The company makes sure that every bottle contains a delicious drink that can be enjoyed as the products are a bit expensive, so they do their best to make the experience worth it for the customers.

The customers love that there is no limit to the number of customizations or occasions for which you can get a bottle of wine. For holidays, sports, and even private universities, the company itself offers wine bottles for almost every occasion possible.

People can even provide their designs and messages to be painted on the bottles. There is no limit, and the company has provided the customer with a whole new level of customization choice to make you feel like this is your wine bottle. Hence, you feel the special warmth and joy of togetherness when the friends and family sit together to enjoy this drink.

The brand indeed pours in every effort possible to show its creativity in a new way. They don’t paint canvas, but they paint the wine bottles for you.


Q. What is the production time?

estimated production time is 10-15 working days (not including FedEx delivery time) However, production time may vary according to the numbers of orders being received.

Q. How will my order be presented?

All of the bottles are shipped in a custom recyclable box to protect your Wine during shipping.

Q. Why is shipping expensive?

Shipping charges are $14.95, which may seem expensive, but that is because shipping alcohol requires the company to obtain an adult’s signatures and because there are many legal policies to go through when shipping alcohol.

Q. What is the shipping policy?

The order can only be handed to the customer when a signature from someone 21+ is obtained. Hence, it is essential to provide a home or business address where someone 21+will be available during business hours. If the customer is not able to receive the order, then it is their responsibility to make arrangements.

The rider will make three delivery attempts. After three attempts, the package will be delivered back to Mano’s Wine. The company will then notify the customer, and they can place the order again if they want, but the returning shipment charges will have to be paid by the customer.

Q. Can an item be returned?

A customized wine bottle cannot be returned once the customer has approved the final proof. However, if the bottle is damaged or there is an error, the customer can contact customer service via the contact page available on the website.

Q. What can be customized on the bottle?

If the idea exists, you can put it on the bottle. The company works with several creative artists who can customize anything for you, be it names, dates, quotes, pictures, corporate logos, or anything else. Except, they cannot etch any logo of the brand Mano’s Wine is not licensed with, so the customers can go through their website to explore the licensed brands with Mano’s Wine.

Q. Why custom etched Wine?

Custom etched wine is an actual work of art that any recipient will enjoy and remember. Each bottle is carefully deep-etched and hand-painted on outstanding Wine – the quality of the art and Wine is second to none.

Custom etched wine bottles are the perfect corporate gift, or personal gift – clients, friends, employees, and friends will have this keepsake even after the Wine is gone.


Manos wine is not just a wine brand that offers you some delicious wine, but it is a brand that has some exceptional skills and creativity to deliver the recipient mesmerizing wine bottle that is attractive and worth praising. The brand aims to make its customers feel special and warm. Mano’s wine is the drink to enjoy every occasion to feel the joy of happiness and togetherness.

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