How to Get Discounts on Wine

Wine is perhaps the most sought-after beverage. Despite its high demand, wine prices continue to soar. You can normally expect to spend at least 10$ per bottle in the United States. You don’t want to spend that much on each wine bottle?

Well, you’re in luck! We have listed the best ways to get discounts on wine below. Let’s dive in and find the significant discounts through stores, websites and restaurants! 

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Most storewide grocery and pharmacy coupons exclude wine. You probably won’t find a usable coupon in the mail or a local newspaper. However, plenty of websites offer valuable promo codes for internet retailers, such as Wine Insiders and the California Wine Club. You can even go to RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin to find relevant coupons that will prevent you from breaking your bank.

Coupon codes are usually required to be entered at checkout, no matter if its in person or at the online store. In some scenarios, you may be able to print out the coupon code and take it with you when you are off to make a purchase.

Brand Names

Don’t hesitate to try the least expensive brands, especially if you favor red varieties. You may find that you actually like them better. Check out wines like Tisdale, Five Oaks, Vendange, Spring Creek, and Pinecroft. They wouldn’t be available in so many stores if no one enjoyed drinking them.

At the start, we suggest picking up a few of your favorite wines and some discounted ones that are similar to your favorites. Now go on a taste-testing spree! Ask someone else to put  both the wines in similar glasses without showing you and then, take a sip. You will be surprised when you won’t be able to identify your favorite, at least not by a lot!


Larger Bottle

Think about purchasing 1.5 liters if you can safely consume the wine before it goes bad. These bottles cost less per ounce than smaller products from the same vineyard. Nevertheless, you might still spend more than you’d pay for a low-end brand that only offers standard 750mL bottles. 

This tactic is great if you have a big family or live with a group of friends. It is also great for parties! These are the situations where the bottles will finish in a minute without you having to worry about them going bad and you will save money simultaneously!


If you’re willing to go a step further, look at boxed wines. Numerous drug stores and supermarkets sell them in sizes ranging from one to five liters. Some boxes have remarkably low per-liter costs, but you might need help to finish them before they spoil or you become an alcoholic.

This is especially great when you are planning to have company over. if you just have some friends visiting you or a whole party planned, boxed wines will definitely be your wallet’s best friend.


Unlike a box, you don’t have to open an entire case of wine to start drinking. You’ll save around 10 to 20 percent when you buy cases at wine or liquor stores. The savings can even go up to 40%!

Normally buying in bulk brings forth the worry of the wine spoiling, but that is not a problem with cases. You can just have wine lying around the house in case you want to have a drink or invite people over and it won’t go bad! However, some people struggle with the temptation of having numerous bottles in the house.


Supermarkets, pharmacies, and convenience stores frequently offer appealing sale or clearance prices on this drink. If you don’t browse the wine aisle very often, you can learn about these specials by visiting retailers’ websites or reading ads that arrive in the mail. Stores will especially do so around holidays. Be sure to keep your eyes wide open around that time!

Discount Stores

It’s worth the effort to check out any discount beverage shops in your area. Unfortunately, some stores only offer slightly lower prices. Avoid dusty bottles of low-end wine that sit on the shelf too long. You might save more money at Trader Joe’s, Dollar General, or Costco.

Gift Cards

Look for discounts and rebates on gift cards that you can use to buy alcoholic beverages. You may not find too many of these gift cards but it is definitely worth it to keep an eye out for them. For example, you might see a special deal on Kroger or Olive Garden cards. If you save 10 percent on a gift card, you can buy a $9 bottle of wine for $8.10.


Some eateries provide substantial discounts during happy hour. You might also find specials on certain holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

Before you go out to eat, you can always look into the discounts offered by the restaurants in your area especially on the aforementioned holidays. Moreover, bottles often cost less per milliliter than glasses of the same drink; consider ordering them if you aren’t alone.

Wine-Matching Websites

Obviously you won’t know every wine brand that exists on the market. Frankly, no one has the time or money to use a hit and miss approach. When it comes to wine, everyone’s taste buds are different. To help you acquire knowledge on the brands in the market, wine-matching websites are extremely useful.

In most of these websites, you can search and filter wines based on their type and other specifications. then you can find all brands that meet a certain criteria and find your perfect fit. You can even use pricing filters! A few of such websites are Wine Zap and Wine-searcher. Be sure to check them out!

Putting the Tips into Practice

You may be wondering how to actually incorporate these tips in your life. It is quite simple but I must warn you, it does require patience. We usually stock up on wine for the year at once. We usually buy our year’s worth at the end of the year at holiday season when many stores have put up sales.

We list out stores that have sales when we go shopping for Christmas. We then filter them out and choose the best store with the highest discount rate. From there, we buy our wine by the crate. These are normally wines that we like to drink at home. Doing this, we saved about 20% of what we normally pay for.

Next, we buy a few more expensive wines through sales that are reserved for special occasions or to bring over to people’s places. After that, we buy some bottles of wine that we have never tried before, just in case we get sick of the ones we normally drink. This all has allowed me to save hundreds of dollars throughout the years!


To sum it up, you might pay lower prices for this beverage when you visit discount retailers, purchase larger quantities, use online coupons, or take advantage of special offers. Boxes typically provide the greatest savings if you can finish them before the wine turns stale.

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