17 Best Canned Wines to Try in 2024 [Reviewed]

Wine has been in the making for thousands of years. However, canned wines are a new deal. Ages ago, fermentation happened in clay vessels. Soon, the winemaking industry would blossom. But back in the ancient times, they probably never imagined such thing as canned wine – wine coming in… cans?

How could they, for cans didn’t even exist? Now that they do though, cans are a cheap, light, and resistant way to store wine. This wine type has become exceedingly popular in recent years. Its portable stature and single-use serving make it desirable for someone who might not necessarily want to uncork a whole bottle for a glass of wine after a rough day.

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Is Canned Wine Any Good?

We’d never be paranoid of beer in cans anymore when so many craft beers come canned. Yet people question the authenticity of canned wine. It might help to know that Francis Ford Coppola, famed for directing and his winery, was the first to launch canned wine in 2002.

By 2018, the canned wine industry grew by millions. And today, it’s considered an excellent choice, especially when you want to take your libations on the go. However, that doesn’t mean this wine type doesn’t have a stigma attached to it.

After all, people turned up their noses to the screw-top wines before those became widely accepted. Wine ages in bottles because of the air that comes in. But this slow oxidation doesn’t happen when a wine is canned.

That’s fine though because the wine going into the cans and being sealed there is good stuff. Still, it’s going to take some convincing to get die-hard wine-bottle fanatics to give it a taste. But as time moves on, people will become more accustomed to wine in a can, just as they did with the screw-top bottles.

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Best Canned Wine to Buy in 2024

Initially, finding wine in cans was more of a challenge. These days, you’ll find it in Pinot Grigio, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and plenty more. Looking for canned wine to try? We have listed some of the best options below.

Underwood Cellars Rosé Canned Wine10/10 (Editor's choice)
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Presto Sparkling Lambrusco10/10
Check Price
Day Drinking Watermelon Rosé Wine Spritzer10/10
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Babe 100 Rosé With Bubbles9/10
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Beach Juice Rosé Canned Wine9/10
Check Price
André Brut Can 9/10
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MOVO Wine Spritzers Variety Pack9/10
Check Price
Yes Way Rosé Canned Wine9/10
Check Price
Lila Pinot Grigio9/10
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The Modern Mimosa9/10
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Canned Pinot Grigio by Dark Horse9/10
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Diamond Collection Canned Chardonnay8/10
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Porch Pounder Moscato Wine8/10
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Underwood Rosé8/10
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Oceans Away8/10
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Sauvignon Blanc Canned Wine8/10
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Pinot Noir in a Can8/10
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Underwood Cellars Rosé Canned Wine

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Looking for something refreshing that you can pop into your cooler and enjoy by the beach? Underwood Cellars from Oregon has you covered. The peace of carrying your wine with you while on vacation is just great. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about a bottle breaking in your bag. It is quite fizzy and pleasing. The flavor is absolutely top-notch; it is dry with a subtle sweetness.

What makes this wine refreshing on a hot summer day is the floral and peary undertone in flavor. It features a very smooth mouthfeel and makes one feel its sophisticated taste and texture, despite being in a can! This Rosé has lovely notes of strawberry, watermelon, and peach, perfect for a hot day. With 13% alcohol by volume, you’d be wise to sip responsibly!

Presto Sparkling Lambrusco

For those that prefer an import, Presto Sparkling Lambrusco hails from Veneto, Italy. It takes 10 different old grape varieties and blends them, making this the perfect wine to take on a picnic where you can indulge in smoked meats, rich cheeses, and marinated vegetables. Despite eight of the grape varieties being closely related, the usage of all of them brings out a taste like no other. The flavor of the sparkling red is shadowed by the delicious dark berry and plum tones. The fizzy bubbles will pop you into a feeling of refreshment!

This wine may be somewhat sweet for those without a sweet tooth. However, it isn’t strong enough to be sickly. The bubbles are very strong and last for hours even after the drink is opened. What we love about canned wine like this is that it is very easy to finish off if you are the only one drinking. It has about 12.5% alcohol by volume so you may want to keep an eye on how much you consume.

Day Drinking Watermelon Rosé Wine Spritzer

Canned in Washington state, this wine is the perfect fit for all vegans and animal rights enthusiasts: This canned wine is committed to not using any animal products whatsoever. This includes both their brewing and packaging processes. This brand boasts the premium natural ingredients they use to make an all-natural wine. Not only is this wine healthy and environment-friendly, but this canned brand is made by Little Big Town, the grammy-winning country music band.

When it comes to taste this wine is hard to beat. It is the perfect blend of ripe red berries and watermelon. To top it off, it also has bubbles to enhance your experience. Listen to the music as you pop the top and enjoy watermelon, ripe red berries, and crisp bubbles that make your day drinking experience complete.

Babe 100 Rosé With Bubbles

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Another one of our favorite rose wines on the market. With its vibrant and loud packaging, this would have surely caught your eye at some point.  It is definitely a light wine with a smooth texture and mouthfeel. It is ideal for those wine-drinkers who like the freshness hard seltzers offer. Despite being on the sweeter side, it has 0 g of sugar and only 100 calories per can! This means you can easily enjoy this wine without worrying too much about your weight or fitness goals! Each can is almost equal to a glass of wine. It has about 6.9% alcohol by volume.

Beach Juice Rosé Canned Wine

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The funky packaging is not all this drink has to offer. Along with a can perfect for Instagram posts, it has a taste like no other rose wine on the market. The wine is delicious, refreshing, and crisp, with tones of cherries, watermelons, and strawberries. It is available in a still and sparkling variety, both of which have some carbonation. It comes in convenient 335ml cans. When poured in a glass, it gives a gorgeous salmon pink hue that puts other rose wines to shame. Also available at affordable rates, you should definitely try this one out!

André Brut Can 

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André Brut Cans are available in two varieties, the traditional André Brut or the André Brut Rose. The classic AndreBrut is their traditional champagne now packaged in a can. This is so convenient because you don’t have to open a whole bottle of champagne just for yourself now. The taste is a perfect blend of pear and lemon and is mouth-wateringly good!

The Rose is more fruity and sweet. It has a crisp refreshing finish which is bound to earn a sigh of contentment from you. Whether you are sitting at the beach or having a late-night celebration, this rose wine goes with almost anything you can think of. Its flavor is a blend of raspberry and strawberry with a slight undertone of pear and apple. It has about 9,5% alcohol by volume.

MOVO Wine Spritzers Variety Pack

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This variety pack of wine spritzers offered by MOVO is one of a kind. Movo is known to make wine in unique and insanely refreshing flavors. Each of them is made with a perfect combination of wine, sparkling water, fruit juice, and natural flavoring.

There are 3 flavors added in this pack: namely Peach White Blend, Raspberry Rosé, and Blood Orange Sangria. As the names suggest, their rose is dominated by raspberry flavors, the white with a peach blend, and their sangria with a refreshing citrusy tone. They are packaged in cute 250ml cans, each of these cans being 100 calories. What’s more is that these wines have no added sugar and are gluten-free. What a perfect set of drinks!

Yes Way Rosé Canned Wine

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You may wonder why so many rose wines made their way into our list. Well, they just taste so damn delicious! Their cute delicate packaging made us try them out, their delicious and crisp wine made us stay. For those who don’t prefer their wine honey-like and sweet, this is a must-try.

It is dry, being only subtly sweet. Flavors of stone fruit and red fruit with a citrusy aftertaste are what we loved about this wine. It has about 12.5% ABV so you are advised to drink in moderation. Being brewed in France, we could not have expected any less of this award-winning wine

Lila Pinot Grigio

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There are so many low-calorie and carb beers on the market, however, the same thing in wines is hard to come by. This wine by Lila is not only low in calories and carbs, but it also has no added sugars. It is the perfect drink for health-conscious people.

This paired with the canned packaging makes it our favorite. It is a light-bodied white wine that is dry and refreshing.  You won’t have to worry about this being intensely sweet. What makes it an even attractive choice for health-freaks is that it is gluten-free! All in all, we have nothing negative to say about this wine.

The Modern Mimosa

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Let’s spice things up now, shall we? Till now you saw us review simple canned wines. Now, you have a whole mimosa beverage in a can! It is made from the finest quality ingredients, namely Italian wine and orange juice from California, that ensure its impeccable taste.

This refreshing handcrafted beverage only has about 125 calories per glass. It has almost 10% alcohol by volume. Whether you want something to sip at during brunch or a citrus refreshing drink after a tiring day, this mimosa will be your best friend!

Canned Pinot Grigio by Dark Horse

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We have another one for all you white wine enthusiasts. With flavors of sour apple and citrus, this white wine is off-the-charts when it comes to refreshment. It features a mineral undertone and a crisp finish. Whether you want to keep a can in hand while traveling, on a barbecue, or even at a drink with friends, this wine will do you justice with its ample 375ml serving per can. It has about 13.5% alcohol by volume so you may want to keep an eye on how many cans you drain.

Diamond Collection Canned Chardonnay

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This full-bodied dry chardonnay is one of the best on the market. With creaminess owing to aging oaks, it is blended with a mix of tropical fruits to give it a unique finish. As you take a sip, your nose will be filled with a delicious scent of spice and toasted oak, flavors of pears and citrus tropical fruits dancing on your tongue. It is a ride for your taste buds! For those without a preference for sweet drinks, this is a dry brew. It has about 13.5% alcohol by volume which is enough to get one tipsy easily!

Porch Pounder Moscato Wine

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We have been going on and on about dry wines for those without a sweet tooth. But what about those who do prefer their drinks sweet? Well, this Moscato wine has you covered! If sunshine and rainbow had a taste it would be this wine. Its sweetness is not too much and is well-balanced. Most of its flavors are fruity and floral, with a blend of guava and pineapples. It is the perfect crisp light-bodied wine for a refreshing drink. Just so you know, it has 11% alcohol by volume which is pretty much the average for this type of drink.

Underwood Rosé

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With a very decent and calm packaging unlike most of its competitors, this rose wine had even more to offer when it comes to taste. It is somewhat on the drier side which we personally prefer. It comes in both sparkling and still varieties with many preferring the sparkling one. Berry and peach flavors blend together in a perfect brew to form this citrusy wine. It is somewhat on the tangy and acidic side though. With 375 ml cans, it is totally worth the price. It has about 12% alcohol by volume. Pop open a can and enjoy it with all your favorite foods!

Oceans Away

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For all those sick of the same wine varieties and drinking them in a constant loop, this is the change of pace you need. Being made with all-natural pineapple juice extracted from pineapples from the island of Maui, it does not use any artificial flavorings or concentrates that may be bad for your health. It is the most refreshing drink one could gulp down on a summer afternoon. As the name suggests, you will be dragged “oceans away” to the island of Maui through its taste. What a delightful tropical drink!

Sauvignon Blanc Canned Wine

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This dry, crisp and refreshing white wine is perfect for a late-night drink or even a brunch. It is easily paired with most foods and hence, a very useful drink to have in portable packaging. The attractive fruity aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, and lemon-lime with a citrusy aftertaste add to its refreshing nature. It comes in a 375ml can which is almost equal to half a bottle. Having 12.5% alcohol by volume, it is perfect to have an enjoyable drink!

Pinot Noir in a Can

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For all red wine enthusiasts, we didn’t leave you out. This classic red wine from underwood cellars is one of the most delicious wines you will ever come across. It has fruity flavors of plum and cherry, combined with a hint of spice to give it its signature taste. It comes in 375ml cans which ensures convenience. Having about 13% alcohol by volume, keep an eye on how much you drink if you don’t want to get tipsy.


For all you wine lovers out there, we hope our guide was beneficial for you. Canned wines need to grow in popularity for their convenience and trust us, they will. Pick out your favorite canned wine from our list and tell us why you love it in the comments down below. On the other hand, if you are new and ready to try canned wine,  now you know where to look! Cheers!

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