Ultimate Guide to Alcohol Free Beers

“New year, new me” is a phrase we often hear at the start of the year (every year). This can be picking up a new hobby, going to the gym to get fitter, eating more fruits and vegetables or even giving up sweets and alcohol. This may have made you scour the internet to find a guide for the best NA beers. Well, here it is! 

While alcohol has taken over the life of the masses, studies have shown that alcohol may be detrimental for your health. In previous decades, going alcohol-free meant being excluded from social gatherings and being looked down upon. It even meant missing out on fun.


But not anymore! The support for people going alcohol-free has been skyrocketing. Not only that, but the non-alcoholic beer market is experiencing new heights. Now, the market not only contains options for booze-ditching individuals, but rather has amplified the number of these options available. You will surely find something to fit your taste. Most times, you won’t even notice the lack of alcohol! 

If you are thinking of ditching the booze, stay on as we are going to share with you the best benefits of alcohol free beverages and beers and how you can work towards that goal. Some tips to help you quit or moderate drinking are also mentioned. We will also include non alcoholic beer brands and their reviews for you!

Benefits of Going Alcohol-Free

Can Prevent Obesity

Regular drinking can promote obesity as alcohol beverages are very high in calories. Each gram of alcohol provides 7 calories, which is only slightly less than fat (i.e. 9 calories per gram). In only one night of drinking, individuals are seen to consume more than 600 calories. Now let’s say one only drinks more on weekends – 8 days a month. That amounts to 96 days per year and 57,600 calories. Each pound being roughly 3500 calories, one would gain 16.5 pounds like this alone! 

The above estimate is ignoring alcohol’s effect on blood sugar levels and metabolism. Alcohol intake may spike your blood sugar up to 0.08 g/dLi in a short period of time (about 2 hours). 5 drinks for men and 4 drinks for women are sufficient to reach this level. This is especially detrimental for pre-diabetics and people already at war with obesity – which is further amplified by alcohol derailing one’s metabolism.

Nutritional Value Comparison Table
  Quantity Calories Alcohol Protein Carbohydrates
Regular Beer 1 can (330 mL) 158 kcal 5 % 1.3 g 11.2 g
Non-alcoholic Beer 1 can (330 mL) 69 kcal 0 % 1.3 g 6.2 g
Wine ½ glass of wine (100 mL) 82 kcal 10 % 0 g 2.6 g
Non-alcoholic Wine ½ glass of wine (100 mL) 25 kcal 0 % 0 g 6 g
Hard Liquor 1 nip (30 mL) 72 kcal 21% 0 g 7 g
Non-alcoholic Liquor 1 nip (30 mL) 50 kcal 0 % 0 g 12 g

As seen in the table above, non alcoholic varieties of the same beverages may make you cut down on calories from about 30 to 70 percent. Moreover, since non alcoholic drinks eliminate the factor of addiction and cravings, you are bound to consume less of them even if they taste just as good!


Better Heart Health

Alcohol consumption has been directly attributed to a number of cardiovascular diseases. It is a known fact that alcohol causes high blood pressure. When the blood pressure remains elevated for a longer period of time, it causes strain on the walls of arteries and veins, eventually straining the muscles of the heart as well. This may lead to one developing cardiovascular disease, further increasing the chance for a stroke or heart attack.

For people with genetic heart conditions or predispositions, alcohol is bound to increase their risk. If someone has a condition with a risk of arrhythmia, alcohol will amplify the chances of their heartbeats losing rhythm. As it turns out, it is possible for their first arrhythmia to be triggered by binge drinking. Once your heart loses its rhythm once, there is a high chance it will lose it again.

Apart from that, alcohol may cause the following diseases as well, 

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Heart failure
  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Ischemic stroke
  • Myocardial infarction

As you may already see, quitting alcohol will make your heart thank you. It will eliminate your risk for many diseases and lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Lower Risk of Cancer and other Chronic diseases

Alcohol is a known carcinogen. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also associated with many chronic diseases such as mouth cancer, throat cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cirrhosis, brain damage, and even sexual problems such as male impotency.1

In addition, even if you are not consuming alcohol frequently, if alcohol is giving you a red face (i.e. Asian flush syndrome which is common among Asians of Chinese, Japanese and Korean descent), quitting drinking can reduce your risk of getting stomach or esophageal cancer or peptic ulcers due to the inability of your body to process acetaldehyde, which is a toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism.2


Younger-looking Skin

For any binge-drinker who also keeps an eye on their skin, they will surely have noticed breakouts and pimples a few days after their drinking night. Why is that? 

Alcohol is digested in the liver by an enzyme that leaves behind a compound called acetaldehyde. This compound is infamous for being toxic to tissues. It not only leeches all moisture from body tissues and skin but is also destructive for collagen. A dry skin paves way for premature wrinkles, the lack of collagen making the skin lose its tightness. No one wants wrinkly and saggy skin until they are 80! 

Meanwhile, alcohol also causes inflammation. It dilates blood capillaries to the skin which leads to redness and inflammation. This may become permanent if alcohol abuse is continued for a long time. In short, going alcohol-free will prevent your face from becoming red, wrinkly, and saggy.

Eliminating alcohol consumption will not only prevent these effects but also reverse some of them with time when damage has been done. Collagen is again produced in the body, leading to a younger-looking skin.


Better Mental Health

Even though the exact cause is unknown, alcohol consumption and addiction have been directly linked with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, panic disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that 9.2 million adults in the U.S suffered from both mental illness and a substance use disorder in 2018. Alarmingly, 60% of them never received treatment.

Many people depend on alcohol for their feelings of happiness and fulfillment. It is also a common way to “escape” any life crisis temporarily. However, alcohol abuse is actually known to amplify mental health conditions. The feelings of relief that last a few hours for consumers are exchanged with days of amplified symptoms. One may feel guilt, worthlessness, and a lot more due to their habit. 

Eliminating alcohol from their life and taking the first step towards a peaceful life is not an easy task. However, sobriety reduces the severity of most mental health conditions, making them easier to manage with proper medication and treatment. 


Improved Immunity

Alcohol is known to be an enemy to most of your body cells. This also includes the cells of the immune system. The healthier a person’s immune system is, the quicker they will be able to ward off diseases. Alcohol impairs the immune system, causing it to lose some of its protective shields. Alcohol consumption not only negatively impacts the production of white blood cells, but also weakens the existing ones.

Owing to this factor, heavy drinkers are more prone to infectious diseases. For example, in the lungs, alcohol damages the wide blood cells along with the hair-like structures on the walls called villi. This leads to an increased risk of respiratory conditions like tuberculosis and covid 19. 

It doesn’t end here. Alcohol may trigger inflammation in the intestine. This inflammation may kill off healthy gut bacteria which works to protect the intestines. This leads to a weakened digestive system.

Moreover, alcohol distracts the body from any other functions except digesting itself. The body cannot naturally digest alcohol and so carries it to the liver. Whenever we consume alcohol, this transportation to the liver and breaking alcohol down becomes its prime focus. In this scenario, it is much more likely that we will not be able to fight off pathogens.

So, if you want to fight off diseases, giving up on alcohol may be the right choice. or maybe just go for the best NA beers.


Improved Brain Health

Apart from mental health, alcohol can also affect physical brain health. Research suggests that regular consumption of alcohol may cause the hippocampus to shrink which is important for memory and brain function. In addition to that, alcohol may damage the end of neurotransmitters which are essential for all brain activity. 

Alcoholism can thus permanently alter brain function and lead to memory loss. Reducing or eliminating alcohol intake may reverse some of these effects. At least something is better than nothing!


Enhanced Nutrition

Many people are used to drinking alcohol with their meals. Due to its taste being absolutely delightful compared to normal water, one is bound to drink more during meals. This habit not only increases the number of empty calories hidden in your meal but also eliminates the healthy ones. When filled up on drinks, one is bound to drink less.

Consumption of alcohol also affects the storage and utilization of nutrients. This is why most addicts appear malnourished. If you are willing to avoid looking like a skeleton, give up drinking! 


Quality of Sleep and Energy Level

One of the immediate benefits you would gain when you stop drinking alcohol would be the improvement in your sleep quality and energy level. Although consuming alcohol may help us get to sleep quicker due to its sedative properties, it actually disrupts our sleep quality as alcohol delays the onset of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.3

This means that if you have been drinking regularly, you would feel more rested and have a better concentration within a day or two after going alcohol-free.


More cash to spend elsewhere!

By going alcohol-free, you would not only have better health and higher energy levels, but you would also have more bucks to spend elsewhere! Such as your favorite dress, watch, or even game console.  After all, addictions can really drain your bank!

How to go alcohol-free?

For someone who has been drinking regularly, it would take a lot of effort and determination to abstain totally from alcohol, particularly if you are surrounded by peers who like to drink. Even if no one forces you to drink or bullies you for not drinking, it may be hard just to control yourself. After all, we are all used to the sweet liberation of alcohol! 

One of the options is to consider low and alcohol-free beverages. Based on the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA)’s Steering Group, here are some potential benefits of consuming low and no alcohol products.4 To further speed up your alcohol-free journey, here are a few tips to help you cut back or quit alcohol for good:

1) Identify how much you actually drink

Most people believe that they are not dependent on alcohol. In fact, most addicts do not believe themselves to be addicted! In order to control the problem, you must first know how severe the problem actually is. 

You can do this by keeping a chart with a track of the number of drinks you consume per day. Remember to be honest! When you have data for 3-4 weeks, you can mindfully cut back to improve.

2) Identify your reasons for drinking

Many people drink at social gatherings or with meals. But apart from that, a large amount of alcohol may be consumed by people to avoid painful emotions or to face stressful situations. Turning to alcohol usually means that you have no better way of managing your emotions.

If you use alcohol as an escape, it is best to first fix the underlying cause of your drinking i.e your emotional turmoil, or get therapy before trying to completely cut out the booze.

3) Find a new favorite drink

This may be a fruit juice, some smoothie, or even NA beers! Whenever you feel thirsty, your body usually gives you a craving for a drink that brings you the most pleasure. If that has been alcohol for you then it may be time to explore more options. Go on a tasting spree! Eventually, you will find something you like. 

When you do, you should simply incorporate that in your life wherever alcohol first stood in place. Some examples of things you can try: 

  • Sparkling water with chopped up fruits and herbs
  • Tea or hot chocolate with cinnamon
  • An infusion of juice and sparkling water
  • Lemonade
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • NA beers

Even though finding your favorite drink is necessary, it is also essential to throw in some variety. Try out different things! Variety is the spice of life after all. 

4) Get rid of your alcohol

Temptation is the last thing you need on your journey. For people with less self-control, the temptation will easily throw you off track. Even if you have good self-control, we all have moments of weakness. Friends coming over? Let’s pop open a bottle of wine.

The lack of alcohol will add to the extra step of going out and buying alcohol if you want to drink it. Considering the laziness of our generation, at least half of us will fight off the craving to avoid going out. 

You can entertain your guests with non-alcoholic beverages. For those who prefer alcohol, let them bring their own and take it with them upon leaving. If you live with other drinkers, politely ask them to keep their alcohol in closed spaces instead of in plain sight. 

5) Learn how to socialize without alcohol

Despite it being just a drink, alcohol has dominated the social life of most people. In order to eliminate it from yours, you need to surround yourself with people who don’t consider drinking their whole social life. Take a stroll in the park or visit the new bakery in town! Instead of making yourself sit through a social gathering where everyone is drinking, prefer to hang out with people who prefer to remain sober. Apps like meetup may help you meet such people. 

If you still want to enjoy the bar atmosphere you can simply go to a sober bar or ask the bartender to whip up some nonalcoholic drinks for you. Apart from that, you will need to learn how to answer queries about not drinking. A simple “no, thanks” should suffice. However, if it’s a loved one in question, offering them an honest explanation will do the job!

5) Know your goals

Maybe complete sobriety is not your goal. Maybe just cutting back on alcohol is your main goal. That is completely okay too! You have absolute control over your body and your actions. Simply set limits for yourself and don’t break said limits no matter what! 

Drinking alcohol in moderation will probably not affect your health enough for you to worry. Therefore, just drink in moderation!

6) Involve your loved ones

Doing something as hard as giving up alcohol is nothing short of waging a war inside you. There may be relapses when it had already become a habit. It may be even harder when you feel alone in the process. Friends and family can provide you the love and support needed to give up that habit.

Opening up about your struggle may inspire others to look into their unhealthy drinking habits as well. This may start a new wave throughout your loved ones. Your may find friends who were also looking for support to quit or limit dinking. Through mutual support and accountability, it is easier to reach goals. It is also beneficial to take a close friend with you on events,. It is easier to say no to drinks when you have a friend to support you

7) Spice up your routine

Many people tend to drink more at certain times of a day or due to certain moods. It is important to identify which times of the day lead to cravings. You may drink more at night out of loneliness, or maybe you meet for drinks every weekend. In these scenarios, you should consider altering your routine to distract yourself.

Instead of meeting friends for drinks at the usual bar, consider going to a new restaurant which you do not associate with alcohol. A restaurant that does not serve drinks would be ideal! If you drink out of loneliness, calling some friends when you feel lonely or engaging in self care might help instead. Try to keep yourself distracted

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Best Alcohol-Free Beers in 2024

If you have yet to drink any low alcohol and/or alcohol-free beverages, here are the names and reviews of some of the great non alcoholic beers. If you have ever wondered what the best non alcoholic beers on the market are, read on! We will also include where to buy them (hint: amazon is your best friend).

Heineken 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Beer10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Check Price
Bubly Sparkling Water9/10
Check Price
Lyre's Espresso Martini Non-Alcoholic Set9/10
Check Price
Suntory All-Free9/10
Check Price
Erdinger Non-Alcoholic Malt Beer9/10
Check Price
O'Doul's Alcohol-free Premium9/10
Check Price
BrewDog Nanny state Non-Alcoholic Beer8/10
Check Price
Coors Edge Domestic NA Beer8/10
Check Price
Busch NA Non Alcoholic Beer8/10
Check Price
Bravus Non-Alcoholic Blonde Ale Craft Beer8/10
Check Price
Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer8/10
Check Price
Beck's Non-Alcoholic Beer8/10
Check Price
Bitburger Drive8/10
Check Price
Clausthaler Dry-Hopped7/10
Check Price
Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Beer Variety Pack7/10
Check Price
Bravus Oatmeal Stout7/10
Check Price
Bravus Blood Orange7/10
Check Price
Bravus Brewing Co Non-Alcoholic IPA7/10
Check Price



Heineken 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Beer


You would love this if you are a Heineken lover. Anyone who loves a classic Heineken like us is bound to love this best NA beer. Heineken ensures that this product has not been made by simply removing alcohol from its original drink. This would greatly affect the taste and integrity of the drink. To avoid any changes in taste, Heineken has developed a new recipe from scratch for this drink. This ensures quality and taste just like regular beer. It isn’t a modification. It’s an original! 

When it comes to specifics of taste, this has a balanced taste with refreshing fruity notes and a soft malty body. For anyone concerned with their weight, this bottle has only 69 calories. Unlike other NA beers which have a 0.5% ABV, this is a beer with absolutely no alcohol content! You can drink this alcohol free beer with no worries even if you abstain from alcohol completely.

Bubly Sparkling Water

A lady’s favorite! Not only is it refreshing, it’s zero calories and comes with different flavors such as raspberry, apple, lime, strawberry, orange, and many more! Although it isn’t your traditional beer, this premium near beer is still a great option for a NA drink. All of its different-colored cans are actually different flavors.

However, be aware that this is a seltzer, which is just carbonated water and natural flavoring. It does not have many added sweeteners or sugar like normal or diet soda. If you want a drink to satisfy your sugar cravings then this is not the one for you. However, if you want a refreshing drink, definitely try these! What makes these stand out from your normal seltzers is the fact that they have a stronger flavoring than other brands. Even odd flavors like pomegranate are pretty damn delicious!

Lyre’s Espresso Martini Non-Alcoholic Set

A medal recipient of The 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, you won’t regret choosing these best tasting alcohol-free spirits. For coffee lovers, the coffee originale will give them a foodgasm! The taste is definitely like no other. It has strong flavors of freshly roasted coffee, burnt caramel, and vanilla with hints of dark chocolate, fig, and blueberries. It can be enjoyed by brewing yourself a nice espresso martini.

The white cane is more sugary than bitter with flavors of Citrus, oak, sugar cane. Whichever one you prefer, you can find a mixology session this brand offers that will equip you with the knowledge to make the perfect drinks with these spirits. Incoming barista alert! These come in 700ml bottles. The greatest part is that they are 0% alcohol by volume. All the beer taste with absolutely no alcohol!

Suntory All-Free

This premium near beer is more like a seltzer with hints of beer. It has a hoppy taste because it is brewed with the finest hops. These add the signature beer-like bitterness in the taste. Surprisingly, this alcohol-free beer stands true to its name as the best and has 0% ABV. It is said that this resembles Japanese lager, just with a sweeter aftertaste and thinner mouthfeel.

For anyone looking to cut down on alcohol for health and weight-related reasons, this is perfect for you! it has 0 carbohydrates and 0 calories. Who knew you could have options other than water on your diet. This is a thin, crisp and refreshing beer that can only be classified as light beer. You shouldn’t buy this if what you are looking for is a strong beer. However, considering how good it tastes, we doubt anyone would be able to keep their hands off it!

Erdinger Non-Alcoholic Malt Beer

This hoppy and malty brew is very unique in its taste. Its sweet and hoppy aroma wafts through the air miles away from where a bottle is opened! If you are into the delicious malty taste, Erdinger will be a great fit for you. Whether you are abstaining from alcohol because of religious or health reasons, this beer will be your best shot at a better lifestyle.

It is a completely an alcohol-free beer. Normally alcohol-free brews may be watery or not very flavorful. However, this beer is the best tasting alcohol free beers that we have ever tasted, especially for non-beer drinkers! Another great thing about this company is that they ship their bottles in a special strong box. This will make sure that you don’t have to worry about any broken bottles arriving at your doorstep!

O’Doul’s Alcohol-free Premium

O’Doul’s has a somewhat sweet taste with a malty finish. it is great for both those who don’t like their drinks sweet and those who do. Its flavor is described as dry, floral, and malty  For anyone addicted to the traditional beer taste, these will be perfect for you. They are made with the finest premium ingredients – including barley malt, whole cone hops, yeast, select grains, and water. they aren’t thin and watery like many NA beers, it is rich and flavorful!

For anyone trying to abstain completely from alcohol, you should know that this is 0.5% ABV. Even though it isn’t completely alcohol-free, it will give you all the health benefits as it is one of the finest low alcohol beers. This beer is available in two mouth-watering flavors Everyone agrees that the lack of alcohol is far from a problem with this drink. The flavor isn’t affected at all because the alcohol is removed after the maturation process. There is no compromise in taste because the alcohol is removed after the full maturation process. Doesn’t this sound like the best beer with low alcohol content? 

BrewDog Nanny state Non-Alcoholic Beer


With NA beers, most people complain about the overly sweet or floral taste as opposed to the malty taste of normal beer. You won’t have this issue with Nanny State! It is the best NA beer for those who dislike sweet beverages as it lacks a sweet aftertaste. Despite being free from alcohol, its spiky hoppy taste is quite the same as normal beer. Not only is it delicious but Instagram-worthy! Its coppery color when poured into a glass is perfect for your feed!

Nanny State is not only impressive in the looks and taste department, but it wins the race in the health department too! It is only 21 calories per can. How is that even possible! Moreover, it is gluten-reduced. You should know that it is 0.5% ABV, but that isn’t a big deal . Nanny State is perhaps one of the best beer with low alcohol content on the market. Try it for yourself!

Coors Edge Domestic NA Beer



Companies go on and on about the taste of this beer. Most don’t even mention the health implications. This beer differentiates itself in this regard. It only has 4 calories and 8g of carbs per serving! Are you as shocked as we were? For anyone hitting the gym, trying to lose weight, or generally opting for a healthier lifestyle, this is the best tasting non alcoholic beer on the market for you (and also for non-beer drinkers). Don’t get us wrong though, it is also absolutely delicious with an original beer taste.

What makes it even more different and perfect is its unique recipe. Two of its components are brewed separately before being combined to give a deliciously refreshing taste. It isn’t overly sweet but neither is it bitter. Moreover, it has a delicious citrusy aftertaste!


Busch NA Non Alcoholic Beer



Some people drink beer purely for its rich malty taste and not to get drunk. This beer is hence perfect for such true beer lovers.  It has a very smooth mouthfeel with a rich malty taste. It is made of the finest American hops, barley malt, cereal grains, and pure water. 

To prevent any compromise with taste, this beer is fermented, brewed and matured like normal, then alcohol content is removed through distillation at low pressures. This ensures a taste like normal beer. Having about 60 calories per serving, this beer is both delicious and healthy.

Bravus Non-Alcoholic Blonde Ale Craft Beer


This beverage is not only a beautiful golden-yellow color, but it is also crisp and mouth-watering! For all the people concerned with their health and hitting the gym, this beer could easily be incorporated into your diet. It is somewhat low in calories with 92 kcal per can. We know that’s not too less but trust us, it is not much either! It may be slightly higher than the average NA beer, but compared to the 159 average calories in normal alcoholic beers, it is nothing! To top that off it is gluten-reduced. 

This NA beer is very refreshing for a hot summer day. This drink has a malty taste with hints of banana. In our opinion, that was very unique and absolutely delicious. You should know that this drink is not completely alcohol-free. It has about 0.5 ABV which isn’t a deal breaker. Pop open a can and pour it into a glass with ice. That’s how we like it!

Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer


This drink brewed in Europe is far more unique in taste than most of its US-based competitors. It is made solely of barley malt, hops, yeast, and water, and nothing else! It is rich and flavorful and not watery at all. After all, that’s what you can expect from one of the best NA beers imported from Holland. The taste is malty with a hint of sweet in it. It is a perfect drink for those who like some sweetness in their lives.

This beer has 0.5% Abv. This is normal for NA beers but we believe it is important to point out in case someone is completely abstaining from alcohol. Some people may complain that it is expensive. But for the taste you get, we think it is worth it. You can buy it in packs of 6 from amazon!

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer

Many NA beers taste like water.  But not this one! It is rich and flavorful but is somewhat on the lighter side, therefore not a stout.  Being brewed with malt barley and hops, the taste is so close to the alcoholic version that you will almost forget the absence of alcohol. Along with the similarity in the ingredients, it tastes so much like the original because of the manufacturing process being awfully similar.

Beck’s fans love this one for its similarity to the original. It is all the taste with none of the health issues! Beck’s NA beer is a clear light straw color with a grainy taste and a sweet grassy malt scent which makes it very desirable on a hot summer day. Only diehard beck’s fans can tell the difference between the two varieties.

Bitburger Drive

The pleasing amber of this drink is the perfect aesthetic when poured in a glass. It stands apart for its scent that will attract you from a mile away; it is almost a blend of caramel and malts. For those who have a sweet tooth, this beer will be a perfect fit. It has the perfect combination of sweet and malty that is hard to come by in the makret. Perhaps what adds most to its quality is that it is brewed in germany, the land known for flawless brews.

While most NA beers claim to have no alcohol but have a small quantity, this beer stands true to its word. It doesn’t even contain an ounce of alcohol. Even people with religious or health abstinence can pick a bottle with their minds at ease! Whether you are sitting  and relaxing at the beach or having a get-together with some old buddies, everyone will want a taste of these! Despite being somewhat pricey, we think the taste is well worth it!

Clausthaler Dry-Hopped

Clausthaler is infamous for being one of the only brands that make original NA beer; it isn’t just a version of their alcoholic drinks. Clausthaler’s non-alcoholic dry hop beer is the first of its kind. It has a beautiful dark orange tint that make it resemble tea but the malty caramel scent differentiates it from any other drink. The sweet yet malty taste is hard to master like this drink has. It is neither sickly sweet nor watery. It also has a citrusy aftertaste that reminds us of grapefruit juice. We told you its a one of a kind taste!

Along with its taste, people like this company for offering both canned and bottled packaging. This ensures that you can store the beer and drink. For all you health fanatics, this beer only has a staggering 26 kcal per 100 ml. Isn’t that great! For both health and taste, this is one of the best beers on the market.

Athletic Brewing Company Craft NA


This is one of the best NA beers ever made. This is not only our opinion, but it has won awards because everyone else shares this opinion. This brewery has ensured the best quality with their premium brewing of NA beers. They make original NA recipes rather than just altering alcoholic versions to omit alcohol. It features a rich and flavorful malt body with the optimum amount of signature beer bitterness. Made of premium natural ingredients, namely water, hops, barley, and yeast, it is not only delicious but also very healthy.

As the name of the company suggests, Athletic brews commit to making healthy beverages. They do not compromise on taste, but neither do they compromise on health. Each full can only has about 80 calories. That’s right! you can even fit this in your routine during a diet. Not only does this beer taste amazing, but it has no aftertaste that would ruin the fun for you. Despite being on the pricey side, these beers are one of the best in our opinion.

Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Beer Variety Pack


This variety pack by Gruvi is bound to fit any and all taste buds because of the variety of drinks it offers. They all boast 0% ABV to ensure that your health stays in its optimum condition. Their variety pack offers 12 cans of three of their best NA beers.’

Pale Ale: This hoppy beer is best for anyone who likes the bitterness accompanied by a traditional pale ale. It is a light caramel color brew that foams when poured in a glass. Not only does it look absolutely stunning, but it also has a rich unique flavor. A citrusy and piney taste accompanies the bitterness with a sweet aftertaste dancing on your tongue.

IPA: If you wanna feel a wave of refreshment, pick up a can of this IPA. It is a special brew of Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops that give citrusy and hoppy hints to the flavor. Slight bitterness only adds to the perfect combination this drink offers. To our pleasant surprise, it is only 60 calories per 335ml.

Stout: For all those craving a stout, just try this one out. You won’t regret it. It has a strong creamy body with a blend of flavors of honey and nuts. Not only does this stout reek of dark cocoa, but it also has hints of coffee which make it absolutely amazing. To top everything off, it only has 45 calories per 355 ml. Drink away without a worry!

Bravus Oatmeal Stout


This is perhaps one of the most pleasant-tasting beers we have ever come across. Bravus’ Oatmeal Stout is definitely the closest stout to the original alcoholic versions. It is flavorful, with the flavor boasting delicious hints of chocolate, caramel, and smoke. The taste starts sweet and caramel-y, but it slowly morphs into a slightly bitter and roasty coffee-like taste that we loved as you sip away. The stout is generally somewhat sweet and only a little bitter, so it is perfect for those with somewhat of a sweet tooth. The mouthfeel is very smooth and creamy, while the beer is still comparatively lighter in the body. 

It is not only unique in taste but also gorgeous too. It has a beautiful burgundy brown color with great clarity. The texture leaves room for a thick brown foam on top. As you may have guessed, it is quite carbonated, which leaves room for a thick head that will ensure a creamy finish to the drink. The aroma is chocolate, malts, oats, and cream, which you can detect from far away. It has about 0.5% ABV, which isn’t a big deal, in our opinion.

Bravus Blood Orange IPA


Bravus’ Blood Orange is one of our top picks. It is infused with the essence of blood orange, pops with the sweet and tart goodness of fresh citrus. There is a trace of bitterness to it like most beers It has a full body that leaves medium-height foam on top. 

It is one of the best choices available, with 100 calories for each can. It has 22g of carbs, however, so you ought to be careful about it if you have diabetes or are on a keto diet. Despite that, vegans need not worry because this drink is completely void of animal products! It is likewise fermented to be gluten-reduced. All in all, it is one of the best decisions you can make for your taste buds and health alike.

Bravus Brewing Co Non-Alcoholic IPA


This is one of the most approachable IPA’s on the market. It is therefore great for both IPA lovers and those entering the IPA world for the first time. What we mean by this is that the flavor is sweeter than the signature bitter. It won’t leave you puckering your lips at the bitterness. The bitterness is even tame in the aftertaste. It pours into a gorgeous pale-yellow color. The mouthfeel is really something, coming close to that of an original NA IPA. 

It is also only 96 calories per can, so you don’t have to worry about drinking one with your favorite meals. Along with that, it is completely vegan! It has less than 5% ABV and 21g of carbs. Diabetics and those on a keto diet need to be careful. Moreover, it is also gluten-reduced! Now being allergic doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can non-alcoholic beer get you drunk?

Non-alcoholic beer varieties have about less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. At this percentage, it is almost impossible for them to get you drunk. However, they may spark up some cravings to consume real alcohol which may be hard to deal with. Just watch how much you drink in any case!

What’s the best nonalcoholic beer?

NA beers come in many different shapes and forms. It is very hard to answer the question about who is the best since all people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to beer. Some prefer it malty while others like a sweeter hint. Some like traditional beer while others would prefer flavored varieties. For this reason, we will say that all the beer varieties mentioned in this article are the best. 

What is the best nonalcoholic beer in UK? 

The Uk has some great beer varieties. We will mention some of them below:
Browar Nepomucen FREE PAN DA:
This beer comes from Poland and is one of the best NA beers we have ever tried in our lives. It tastes slightly sour with a deliciously creamy mouthfeel. It has about 0.5% alcohol by volume.
Coast Beer Co Idaho 7:
Scotland is known for its finest brews and this is no different. It is a completely nonalcoholic beer with 0% ABV. It is an IPA with a tropical flavor – you will feel the mango, grapefruit, and tropical fruit essence. Despite being on the lighter side, it is absolutely refreshing after a long day. 

What is the best non-alcoholic beer in Australia?

Australia has some really good NA beer varieties. Some of them are mentioned below:

Hawkesbury Brewing Co.

Hawkesbury Brewing Co. is one of my current favorites when it comes to a traditional NA beer. It has light citrusy notes that leave you refreshed indefinitely and a smooth mouthfeel. However, it is a tad more bitter than other varieties. If you don’t like that then opt for a different one. Otherwise, this is one of the best-tasting ones. 

Mornington Peninsula Brewery:

The reliable Mornington Peninsula Brewery has done it once again! They created one of the most unique and flavorful alcohol-free beers from scratch. This means that they do not remove the alcohol after brewing, the signature method helping them create a delight. They use a special yeast that creates no alcohol but creates other substances found in beer, making it very close to the original. Definitely give this a try!

Who makes the best non-alcoholic beer?

This is a question that is hard to answer. There are many reliable brewing companies that all have amazing NA beer. However, each of them suits different taste buds. You will only find your match by trying a few out. Our personal favorites are Buckler, Bravus and Heineken. Clausthaler is definitely worth a try too. Since it is the only company that makes original NA beer.



So here were the top alcohol-free beer brands and their reviews for you. You will not only find healthy options but also the best-tasting alcohol-free beers in our guide. There is something for everyone whether you prefer pale ales, lagers, or stouts. We also hope you enjoyed our tips to avoid drinking alcohol and the amazing benefits of abstinence. Comment below and tell us how you plan to cut back!


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