Best Brands That Make Sugar Free Juice for Diabetics

When you have diabetes you have to be careful with everything that you eat or drink. Even small spikes in blood sugar may have long-lasting impacts on your health. Therefore, knowing the carbohydrate content of your food becomes crucial. According to the American Diabetes Association, one should only intake low or no-calorie drinks. Prevention is better than treatment after all!

Fruit might be good for you with all those vitamins and minerals. But what about fruit juice? It seems like a healthy choice. But for many brands, you may discover added sugar and artificial sweeteners thrown in too. Added sugars can cause that much-dreaded spike in blood sugar levels.

For diabetics, it’s a huge consideration. Even natural sugar is acceptable in moderate amounts. Hence, added sugars are out of the question. But if you love having a refreshing glass of juice, you’ll be happy to know that there are 6 brands that make sugar-free fruit or vegetable juice for diabetics. You may have wondered what juice is best for diabetics. Here you will find the list of drinks for diabetics along with their names and other specifications. Another great thing for diabetes is a natural sugar alternative like Allulose. Go ahead and read all about it!

Let’s dive in!


Bolthouse Farms 100% Organic Carrot Juice

I always loved carrot juice but was too lazy to spend half an hour out of my busy day juicing them. I never tried boxed varieties due to added sugars and artificial taste. This sugar-free carrot juice for diabetics was a game-changer for me. This is made from only carrots, but that’s the appeal since it will naturally contain less sugar. Bolthouse Farms makes this one with only 14 grams of natural sugar with no added sugar whatsoever. Bugs Bunny would be so proud!

It’s also naturally high in potassium and vitamin A, another great reason to pour yourself a glass. Moreover, it is gluten-free so it won’t spike up anyone’s allergies while also being vegan. You won’t have to worry about any hidden animal products being used in this product!

We keep talking about the endless health benefits of this product while you may be more concerned about the taste, Well, it is not only healthy but delicious as well! Carrot juice is known to be not too sweet and extremely refreshing. Keep a bottle open in your fridge and you will be taking swigs every few minutes! 

This drink tastes just like fresh carrot juice. The best part is its price. You get 52 Fl oz for such a low price! That’s about 0.38 dollars per serving. You get both taste and health for such a low price. The price is lower on amazon fresh than normal grocery stores. You know where to get it!



Beet It

Being one of the best-tasting beet juices on the market for diabetics, they have a nifty little secret. The juice is made from 90% beet juice with the remaining 10% being apple juice to give it a great flavor for diabetics who are tired of the same old rusty flavors. The addition of apple juice not only improves flavor but also removes the earthy taste that beetroots naturally possess.

This sugar-free juice for diabetics has no added sugars, neither does it have any additional preservatives or additives like the lemon juice or citric acid that its competitors usually use. It also serves to boost your nitric oxide production. We tested our nitric oxide levels after taking this juice every day and true to their words, they shot up for at least 6 hours every day.

Nitric oxide is responsible for vasodilation, giving your muscles more oxygen which leads to better overall health. This also leads to an amazing stamina boost. Its health benefits don’t end there. It is known to lower high blood pressure because it improves blood circulation in the body. What’s more are the nutrients packed in this drink – vitamin C, fibre, and antioxidants. When it comes to the mouthfeel, this brand is the smoothest on the market. there is always no sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

The bottles are very conveniently sized at 250ml which is perfect for a single serving. They are calculated to have 81kcal/bottle. It is slightly pricey compared to other brands on the market but you are getting delicious and completely organic beet juice. We think that’s worth the price! You can even get a subscription option on amazon which will save you 5 or 10% depending on your selection. How great is that!

Sunsweet Amazin Prune Juice

Prune juice gets an unfair reputation as something for old folks. Well, it’s not! It is incredibly delicious and refreshing. And even healthy if natural. Sunsweet’s sugar-free juice for diabetics is 100% prune juice. There’s nothing added to it so you get all the nutritional benefits plus a boost for your digestive health which definitely helps.

According to many studies, prune juice can naturally alleviate symptoms of constipation, and long-term use prevents colon cancer. Not only that but prunes are known as superfoods. They give you nutrients like potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, copper, and niacin which save you from a multitude of diseases. Since the only main ingredients are prunes, some doctors recommend adding them to babies’ formulas when they are constipated and fussy.

It has worked amazingly for anyone whom we have seen trying it! It is also gluten-free so your allergies will not be triggered. Moreover, the juice itself is pasteurized to prevent any bacteria from the ground from being carried with it to your tummy Apart from the health benefits, the taste is pretty good too. It tasted like freshly juiced prune juice. It comes in 5.5 fl oz cans which make it very easy to drink at once.

The serving size is perfect so that you are not left unsatisfied and you don’t have this magic juice rotting away in your refrigerator either. The last thing for us to consider was its price. We can confidently say that it is well worth its fair price. You would spend a hundred times more if the diseases it prevents caught on. For this reason and many others, Sunsweet makes the ultimate prune juice for diabetics.

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice


Diabetics, and well, everyone, can benefit from the power of pomegranates. However, they’re a bit of a pain to eat with all those seeds. POM’s pomegranate juice is a sugar-free fruit juice for diabetics that gives you the juice of 2 whole-pressed pomegranates per every 8-ounce juice bottle. For everyone who wants to add a healthy juice to their life but believes most of them taste pretty bad (which they do!) pomegranate juice is their best shot. They not only taste heavenly, but their health benefits are also heaven-sent. 

This pomegranate juice is filled to the brim with antioxidants that stabilize free radicals in your body, eventually helping in preventing cancer. It also contains potassium to improve your muscle health. You should add it into your workouts to improve muscle strength during strenuous exercise. After all, It has as much potassium as a medium banana. It also contains vitamin C, folate, and much more for a healthier body!

The bottles are small in size so you will always finish one when you open it preventing wastage. Conveniently, they also fit inside bags so you can carry one to your classes, your workplace, or even the gym! The seller ships them with ice packs so that they won’t go bad on the way. This juice should always be stored in a refrigerator to prevent fermentation. After all, you don’t want wine when you ordered pomegranate juice. the taste of this juice for diabetics is sweet and tarty.

You get the natural sweetness from the pomegranates and no unwanted additives. Just a few things to be careful of, this is not low in natural sugars so moderation should always be practiced while consuming it. Moreover, the product will go bad if delivery tasks more than 2 days. So always keep delivery times in mind while ordering! The price is a little higher than expected but the quality is amazing!

Just Tart Cherry

Just Tart Cherry is another sugar-free fruit juice for diabetics to safely enjoy. It only has a concentrate of tart cherry juice and water. There’s no added sugar and no artificial ingredients. The absence of sugar may take some by surprise because the taste does become slightly different. But that in no way means that it isn’t delicious. Once you are over the initial taste-bud shock, you will be drinking this every other day. That how good it is!

The unsweetened taste is actually a good change of taste after a lifetime of over-sweetened artificial sugar products. The juice has about 140 calories per serving which isn’t low, but at least the calories are coming from a healthy source and give you real energy! Tart cherry juice has anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that work to enhance circulation and nerve function.

They’ve also been shown to protect against muscle damage and reduce inflammation. Organic Just Tart Cherry Juice has all of these benefits, plus tart cherries contain melatonin, which helps people fall asleep naturally along with iron that protects from anemia. Tart cherries are wonderful for taming inflammation too, so they can really be beneficial to the diet of a diabetic.

Some people call it a natural liquid medicine and we totally agree! If you want a change of pace sometimes it mixes well with water, lemonade, limeade, coke, or seltzer. Keep in mind your diabetic condition though! One thing we have to say is that this juice is somewhat expensive for constituting in your daily routine. However, it is totally worth the price if you can afford it. Try this juice as a detox for your diabetes. You will thank us!

Moment Botanical Water – Hibiscus Dragon Fruit



Not everyone has the time to meditate every day. Well, this is meditation in a beverage! We will explain how in a minute. First, let us take a look at the taste and texture of this drink. This tea is a sweet fruity flavor with a spicy undertone. The sweet comes from the hibiscus petals, black cherry, and dragon fruit while the Ceylon Cinnamon adds in that much-needed unique spice. It is extremely refreshing and is a fun tea whether you are sipping it at the beach or before a workout.

When it comes to health, this hibiscus dragon fruit tea is one of the healthiest! It is not only made up of natural ingredients, but those natural ingredients are also one of the healthiest. Hibiscus petals are packed with antioxidants and help to reduce blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It may also help to promote weight loss. Dragon fruit also has antioxidants that help to prevent cancer. It also has prebiotics that will keep your gut flora thriving. Moreover, they are both great for your immune system and will keep your body in tip-top condition

Why is this drink like meditation you ask? Well, it boosts the alpha brainwaves firing across your brain through a compound known as l-theanine. These alpha brainwaves are boosted during meditation usually. So you see, there is a scientific background behind these claims! This drink is keto-friendly and has no added sugars and preservatives. It only has about 15 calories per can with less than 1g of sugars. It also does not have caffeine so you can drink it any time even before bed. The product is completely safe for everyday use- which is actually suggested. Not only that, but this drink is also gluten-free. You don’t have to worry about a thing while sipping on one of these!


Moment Botanical Water – Tulsi Lemon



For everyone who wants a drink so refreshing that they feel hydrated to their very core, Moments has this amazing tulsi lemon botanical water to offer. The flavors are really exotic and unique and nothing like those which you are used to seeing. The flavor was slightly sweet and tangy, with real lemon juice making an appearance on our taste buds. It is very smooth and does not give you the artificial metallic aftertaste like most other brands. This drink is best for all citrus lovers. The presence of tulsi adds in a unique aroma and a blend of fruity and spicy elements. In our opinion, that matched great with the tangy body!

The drink is not a magic potion that will put you at cloud 9. But it definitely is something. We noticed calming effects that resulted in less stress and anxiety. It also boosted cognitive function and helped us stay focused and energetic without being panicky or jittery. Lemon, the primary ingredient, is known to boost immunity and help in digestion. It is also a tremendous source of Vitamin C that helps keep your skin rejuvenated.

Tulsi is probably why we felt as energized yet calmed as we did. Tulsi is a powerful adaptogenic herb that aids the body in adjusting to stress levels and promoting feelings of calm and peace. It is used in many cultures to treat anxiety and fatigue. It is also effective in reducing blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure.

With the plethora of health benefits from the ingredients of this drink, some more benefits are added. The drink doesn’t contain any preservatives or artificial flavoring. It is all-natural! It also doesn’t have any carbonation or added sugars which prevent bloating. This means your gut flora will be happy and thriving. Each can has about 12 calories which isn’t much at all. You won’t have to worry about adding this beverage into your daily routine. 

Ugly Variety Pack


Seltzers are the heroes of the diabetic world. They are not only delicious but also sugar-free. Ugly beverages hit the market in 2016 and have been soaring in notoriety from that point forward. The reason for their popularity is probably the fact that they brought unique flavors to the market. Something different than the plain old lime. They don’t contain any added sugars or additives and are hence great for people with diabetes. Being 100%sugar-free, they will not elevate your blood sugar levels or cause you any harm. You can drink away without stressing over the numbers on the glucose machine. The ingredients of these products are natural essential fruit flavors and sparkling water.

With regards to taste, ugly’s flavors are what makes them stick out. Regularly seltzers have plain boring flavors. However, ugly beverages bring you something to look forward to. It has flavors like peach and cola to refreshen your taste buds. I expected that their flavors might be excessively sweet or juice-like for my taste. It turns out I was wrong! The drinks are flavorful but not too sweet at all! Ugly drinks are smooth and effervescent and, unlike other seltzers available, don’t burn your throat by any means. They are fuzzy to simply the ideal level!

Ugly beverages additionally offer a membership plan where they deliver their beverages directly to your house. With other competitor companies, you ordinarily have a one or 2-month delivery option. However, ugly beverages offer a 14, 30, 45, 60, and 90-day choice as your seltzer needs. I personally go for the 14-day pack. Did I mention that the drinks are 100% vegan and gluten-free? Anyone can enjoy them!

Dr. Ugly: This must be ugly’s best flavor. It is incredibly near a real Dr. Pepper all the Dr. Pepper fans. Not only will it taste like Dr. Pepper, but it is the healthier non-sugar alternative to traditional soda. Sodas have too many added sugars, which you can avoid with this drink. Just don’t expect it to be honey-sweet!

Cherry Cola: My #1 beverages from the ugly company were the soft drink flavors. For somebody like me who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, they gave a fantastic unsweetened option in contrast to the standard soft drinks, which consistently make me want to puke due to the excess sugars. FOr people with diabetes, they are not even an option! The Cherry cola flavor is precisely how one would anticipate that it should be: a pleasant rich cola flavor with a great fruity taste trailing behind. 

Fruit Punch: As somebody like me who loves natural flavors, the fruit punch flavor won’t disappoint. It has a sweet and sour taste with a citrusy aftertaste that leaves you content and refreshed on a hot summer day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fruits for diabetics?

Who doesn’t love fruits? But with diabetes, you have to be careful about the fruits you consume since many of them can spark up your blood sugar level.  However, a few fruits provide a lot of benefits and are good for diabetic people. Berries like blackberries and strawberries are a great source of antioxidants that boost the immune system. Tart cherries can help fight off inflammation. Other fruits that can be eaten safely are peaches, apricots, apples, oranges, kiwi and pears. however, keep in mind to eat all these fruits in a moderate quantity. Excess of anything is bad!

What is the best drink for a diabetic?

Well, people with diabetes should focus on drinks that contain little to no sugar. They can consume some diet beverages and unsweetened tea. If you are looking for more exciting options then we just gave you them in this article! Any drink from this article is best for diabetics!

What are the best alcoholic drinks for diabetic?

We have two words for you. RED. WINE. 

Red wine has been proven to have numerous health benefits for people with diabetes. However, if you are looking to increase your options then you can consider low carb beers too. Some other great options for you which contain little to no carbs are distilled spirits, gin, rum, vodka or whiskey. Keep in mind that all of these should be consumed in moderation to be good for you. 


While you certainly have to watch what you consume when you’re diabetic, it’s nice to know that juice isn’t exactly off the table. It gets tiring to live with so many food-related restrictions but even one less is a relief.

You’ll have to limit your consumption to one serving per day, but thanks to sugar-free juice for diabetics, you can enjoy it all the more without worrying. For your convenience, we tried out and listed the best brands that make sugar-free juices for diabetics. Whether you prefer your juices tarty or sweet, you will find at least one you like from our list of drinks for diabetics. The added health benefits are just a bonus for each of them!

sugar free drinks for diabetics

Some Other Delicious Drinks for Diabetics

Here is another list of drinks for diabetics that are absolutely mouth-ravishing!

1) Fresh-squeezed lemonade

A glass of freshly squeezed lemonade is a man’s best friend It is one of the most refreshing drinks to ever be invented. Some people prefer it with a pint of salt, others shift to healthier sweeteners, such as cane sugar, honey, or agave nectar, to shift the tastes away from refined sugar.

Lemonade is not only hydrating but also contains a generous amount of vitamin C and polyphenol antioxidants that promote weight loss and improve insulin resistance. What else would you want from a drink!

2) Coconut water

Containing only about 8-10g of sugar, coconut water is the perfect alternative to high sugar juices and sodas. Coconut water should not be confused with coconut milk which is much more cream and fattening. Coconut water is found in coconuts about 6-7 months ripe.

There are about 46 calories per 240ml. Research has also shown that coconut water can directly control diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. It is also a great source of magnesium which helps improve sensitivity to insulin. Not only this but it tastes heavenly! It may also help you get hydrated and replenish your electrolytes after a long day at the gym. it is one of the best drinks for diabetics.

3) Kombucha

Kombucha is made by fermentation of some types of tea by certain bacteria. Kombucha contains acetic acid which is also found in vinegar. It is known to kill off harmful bacteria, protecting you from diseases. It doesn’t affect the probiotic microorganisms contained in the kombucha itself.

For people with diabetes, this drink may be a game-changer for diabetes control. Studies have shown that kombucha may delay the digestion of carbohydrates which prevents a spike in blood sugar levels. Owing to the antioxidants found in the drink, it may even prevent cancer. All that while being delicious! If made correctly, the kombucha is the best drink for people with diabetes. Read more about kombuchas in the best digestive drinks for gut health

4) Maple water

Next on our list is the delicious maple water. Maple water is actually quite different from maple syrup. It is the sap that runs from maple trees that isn’t thick and sweet, unlike one would assume. It has high levels of manganese which help to digest macronutrients. maple water is also highly refreshing and hydrating, boasting only 35 calories per 375 ml.

Researchers have found that maple water is twice as hydrating as plain water. How amazing is that! Many prediabetics found improved blood sugar levels after a few weeks of maple water usage. This proves that this is a safe and healthy sugar-free (the artificial kind) drink for diabetics  

5) Tea

Green tea has the reputation of being one of the healthiest teas on earth and that’s true! It is known to lower LDL cholesterol levels, control diabetes and blood pressure. Some research suggests that green tea may prevent type 2 diabetes because some of its compounds stimulate the uptake of glucose by muscles. Taking up to 6 cups a day is fine. Black and herbal teas are great too.

Just make sure you are taking these teas without additives and sugar which may cause adverse effects on your health instead of beneficial ones. Other great options include hibiscus, cinnamon, lemon balm, earl grey, and jasmine tea. You should always consult your doctor before adding these teas to your routine because some of them may interact with medication. Some great tea brands like pique tea are a must to try out!

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