Best Champagne Walls for Rental or Buying

Champagne has always been a favorite drink of many. It’s delicious and is a wonderful drink to add to any kind of party. If you have been to many parties in your life, some were expensive and some were less expensive, but none more memorable than the champagne wall party I had a couple of years back. You’ve heard the hype before… The beauty found when you hold a glass of champagne next to any surface in your home. I’m talking about coffee tables, kitchen counters, and even walls!

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What is a Champagne wall?

A champagne wall is a display board that can hold glasses of champagne or other beverages for guests to grab at events especially weddings.   The great thing about a champagne wall is that it lets you have a sophisticated style while still providing accessibility. This means that everyone and anyone is able to enjoy the party, not just the VIPs. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel like a VIP. We know there were nights when you have to keep things simple because there isn’t much time for planning. But whether you’re having an intimate dinner party for four or a large corporate banquet, how the atmosphere of the room is transformed can be positively impacted by the right décor.

The most rewarding way to enrich your home is to bring home a party. Installing a Champagne Wall is the newest and greatest way to call attention. So, choosing the right champagne wall rental instead of buying is ideal. On the other hand, if you host many parties, buying a champagne wall would be way too economical than renting it.

How to make your own champagne wall in 2024

For all those who do not want to spend so much money renting or buying a champagne wall, making it yourself is a great option too! It is incredibly convenient for those with time on their hands and craft skills. But don’t worry, even if you have no prior skills, you can totally make a champagne wall. Trust us, we made one without any craft skills!

Tools and Supplies needed:

Wooden boards (either painted or not), Wood primer, Paint, Champagne flukes, Boxwood squares

Electric saw, Electric drill, Hammer, Nails, Circular Saw, Sandpaper


  1. First of all, sketch how you want your champagne wall to appear. Measure the dimensions of the wall you wish to place it on and the shelves to put on this wall. Note them all down before you head to buy everything you need.
  2. It is best to buy some champagne flutes beforehand. These are readily available on amazon. They will enable you to know exactly how big the holes in your shelves should be, as well as the vertical and horizontal distances needed between flutes. Once you have your hands on these flutes, get yourself some plain wooden planks. You may want to buy ones that are already cut and painted.
  3.  If not, mark the width you want your shelves to be, then draw straight lines across the wood. After that, you can cut away! It would be best if you sanded out the flat areas, edges, and corners before painting the wood. Make sure to apply primer to the wooden surface and sand it after drying. Next, you can hip out your rollers and paint away!
  4. Once your boards are dried and ready, it is time to start marking. Mark the hole you need to create for the flute and how far apart each flute needs to be. This will be highly dependent on the sizes of flutes used and your personal preference.
  5. The next part is probably the hardest. You have to make the holes! You can do this using a drill or any other suitable tools. Be very careful when operating these tools. The holes made may not be smooth, and you will need sandpaper to smooth them out
  6. Using a circular saw, create lines leading directly to the circle to create a path to slide the flute in and out. You may have to use a power saw to cut that rectangular chunk of wood completely.
  7. You will have to paint the inside of these holes to ensure a clean look. Keep some paintbrushes or spray paint at hand.
  8. Take your background board and spray paint it green. We think it will help cover up any spots showing from under the boxwood squares.
  9. Use a staple gun to secure the boxwood squares to the board. Make sure not to stretch out the squares, as this may make your board show up. Nobody wants that! Cover the whole surface with these.
  10. This next part is a two-person job. Ask someone to hold the background board upright with the horizontal shelve pressed against it just as it will be in the final form. Screw in some nails from the back where the horizontal board is placed to secure it in position. This may be tricky, but it’s worth it in the end.
  11. Keep adding more boards with the appropriate vertical distances between them until you have as many as you need.
  12. To form support for this wall, attach a board perpendicular to the bottom of the board to form an L shape. Secure this properly with nails. Next, you will have to keep some sandbags on the backboard to stabilize the wall.
  13. You can add balloons or floral arrangements at the top to decorate your wall further

And we are done! This ordeal may take you a few hours, but it will be very rewarding when done. Just make sure your wall is stable, and the screws are tightened enough to prevent anything from falling. We also recommend using long nails to ensure that they secure everything in place. After all, the wall has to carry the weight of flutes and champagne! Also, make sure to add some flutes at distances first and test out the integrity of your structure before loading it with the maximum weight.

Champagne Wall Rentals Available on Etsy

We’ve put together the best options for you on creating an unforgettable dinner party with these mouth-watering Champagne walls you can find on Etsy.

White Champagne Wall with Lights by HallPassRentals10/10 (Editor's choice)
Check Price
Champagne Wall For RENT by CraftedbySmiley9/10
Check Price
Table Top Champagne and Wine Wall by HallPassRentals9/10
Check Price
Champagne Glasses wall by NBJsales9/10
Check Price
Champagne Wall - Rose Gold & Blush by LittleOrchardCraft8/10
Check Price

White Champagne Wall with Lights by HallPassRentals

This elegant design accentuates the most beautiful facet of any modern living space, giving the appearance of an ornate chandelier hanging over the fireplace or a sleek gold chandelier hanging over your swimming pool, while offering you the opportunity to utilize the same high-quality glassware in your personal home.

This rental is available only in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. It comes with free standing and has a height and width of 6 ft and 3 ft respectively. The champagne wall can hold 50 flutes which are not included in the package. If you wish to get them, an additional charge of 50$ is applied. Its topper has 2 white lights and holders for floral arrangements. Limits to 5 hours usage depending on availability.

Take note: Book or Rent 2 weeks before the event

Champagne Wall For RENT by CraftedbySmiley

If you want the best of what a Champagne wall has to offer, then look no further than the Champagne Wall rental by CraftedbySmiley. This wall rentals has its very own luxury and is almost complete with all the standard inclusions, as well as high-quality décor. This product listing is available for rent only, not for purchasing.

The rental is available in New York & New Jersey areas. This product will give you a champagne wall, champagne glasses, setup and cleanup services and an optional bartender to fill the glasses. The text on top can say either of these three things: Cheers, Bubbly Bar and Miss to Mrs. The level of customizability this champagne wall offers makes it our favorite!

Table Top Champagne and Wine Wall by HallPassRentals

The table top champagne wall décor is one of the most beautiful ways to decorate any event. This stunning piece of chic furniture makes any table look classy and elegant, adding a sophisticated touch to any gathering. Tables can look magnificent with table tops that are edgy and stylish — so rent with HallPassRentals today.

It is only available in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. This is about 5 ft in height and has the capacity to hold 20 wine glasses. It can also hold two bottles of wine and one of champagne. It is the perfect stand to hold everything you need to pour yourself a glass!

Champagne Walls to Buy

You may want a permanent champagne wall instead of renting it out every time you need it. Below we have reviewed some of the best champagne walls to buy on Etsy.

Champagne Wall – Rose Gold & Blush by

This is a small yet very convenient champagne tabletop wall. As opposed to the white or floral arrangements of its competitors, it is a gorgeous rose gold color. It is perfect to keep in your house when you arrange a party. It won’t take up too much space while simultaneously lighting up your room ( not literally!)

Its colors accentuate the gorgeous golden tint of champagne and make it seem all the more desirable. It has 2 stands, each of which holds 5 glasses. For the quality you get, the price is really affordable! Moreover, delivery is very prompt so you won’t be left waiting.

Champagne Glasses wall by NBJsales

This is a nice little champagne wall to have in your house. It is the perfect size to hang on your wall or tabletop as a decoration, measuring 30×19.75×4.5 inches. This champagne wall has three acrylic shelves, each of which holds three glasses.

You can choose to order this product with or without the glasses included. The background is filled with gorgeous lush boxwood that will provide the perfect decoration for your home or any party you hold. The base and background of this champagne wall are white and made of wood. The delivery is pretty quick, the customer service impeccable.

Champagne Wall by WOWCreativecouk

For anyone who prefers a more elegant backdrop rather than the traditional floral one, this is the best champagne wall to buy for them. It is very tall, standing at a proud 1.9m. It is perfect for any events or parties you host because it is free-standing. You don’t have to worry about it tipping over and shattering glass all over your floor. It is excellent for crowds also because it has an enormous capacity of 48 glasses.

The board at the back is made of plastic and is easily cleanable using wipes or a wet cloth. Another benefit of having plastic instead of wood is that it won’t absorb moisture and inflate even if you store it away. There is a beautiful golden text on the top, although you can opt-out if it doesn’t suit your taste. You will never have to rent a champagne wall again!

Shots Wall White With Acrylic Gold by WOWCreativecouk

For all those who prefer tabletop champagne walls, this one is for you. It is very convenient for all those who like to keep a shots wall on their table at events. It also has numerous sizes to fit your needs that hold 16, 24, 40 or 62 glasses, respectively. The background board is white and elegant.

Being made of plastic, it is easy to clean with a wipe or washcloth. The text on the top reads “shots” and is available in both gold and rose colors. You need to put the item together, but it does not require any special skills or glue as all the parts fit together tightly. The quality is outstanding with this one, and we love the look of this product the most!

LED Shots Wall by WOWCreativecouk

This has to be one of the most distinctive and gorgeous shots walls that we have ever come across. Not only does it scream elegance, but the LEDs add more to its beauty than we could have imagined. It comes in various sizes holding from 24 to 96 glasses. It is made of plastic and has white lights to illuminate your whole room with it.

Moreover, it is a tabletop champagne wall which is very convenient when it comes to placement. What we loved most about this product is that the white light illuminates the drinks, making their colors all the more visible and lovely. Even the “shots” text is illuminated. Can you imagine how tremendous this champagne wall would look at a dimly lit party? Trust us, all your friends will be huge fans!

Best Ideas for Using Champagne walls at your wedding

Using a champagne wall on your wedding purely for decoration is quite obvious. But, you may be surprised to know that there are far more innovative ideas to let this champagne wall brighten up your big day. Read on to find ideas that will make your wedding stand out from the rest of your friends.

Seating Chart

One of the most useful ways to employ your champagne wall is to use it as a seating chart. As your guests pour in, they will have a good time looking for their names and when they do, it will be accompanied by a welcoming drink. What better way to entertain your guests!

You can fill the glasses with fruit juice for underage guests. To further personalize this idea, you can add different drinks for different people. Maybe your aunt prefers her white wine but your uncle likes his wine red. You can even have your bartender make customized cocktails according to each guest’s taste buds. What we love best about this idea is how easy it is to customize and make your own. Have fun with it!

Cocktail Hour

Many people have a hard time planning for their cocktail hour. They provide snacks and drinks and leave the guests to mingle and have fun. What if you could incorporate your champagne wall into your cocktail hour? That would be so cool! Guests could come up, take a drink and go mingle.

The drinks could then be refilled. Maybe with champagne, maybe some wine or just some cocktails. It is definitely the kind of idea that would make your party a big hit! The champagne wall also serves decorative purposes at cocktail hour and acts like a splendid backdrop to take some fun pictures.

Bring in some green

If you are having an indoor wedding, you may like somewhere to appear more connected to nature. This creates for beautiful pictures, giving an outdoorsy vibe. While you may not want an outdoor wedding due to the unreliability of the weather, you don’t have to give up on that green floral backdrop.

If your champagne wall is decorated with floral arrangements, it will serve the purpose well. Have a nice photoshoot with your friends and family and most importantly, your special one, right in front of the champagne wall. Trust us, these pictures will be as romantic and dreamy as you would want them to be!

Bar backdrop

Placing a champagne wall in the background of your bar creates both a pleasing visual and a convenient setup. Your bartender can simply take off glasses from the champagne wall and fill them with popular cocktails, then put them back on the wall.

Your guests won’t have to wait at the bar and can simply take a drink off the champagne wall and sip away! This will ensure that more of their time is spent dancing and having fun and less waiting. They can even ask the bartender to make an order and go have fun while he makes it. After it is done, it will simply rest on the champagne wall until your guest is ready to enjoy it. 

Room Divider

Normal partitions not only scream boring and bland but rather, the fancy ones are just downright too expensive. If you need to divide some space to create a better flow for your guests or just for cocktail hour or your reception, Just use your champagne wall. Not only will it look gorgeous, but it will save you the extra time, money, and effort needed to get a partition and then make it match the theme of your party.

Other Events

You don’t have to limit yourself to using your champagne wall just at your wedding. You can even use it at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even your rehearsal dinner. Not only will this look magical in all of your pictures, but it will set a perfect theme for the big day.

Your guests will be more accustomed to how you plan to use the champagne wall, leaving no room for confusion. Even if you aren’t getting married, you can enjoy a champagne wall at other events like birthday parties, corporate events, and friend reunions

Have fun with it

Do not limit yourself to the few ideas we have provided. Champagne walls are very easily customizable according to your own preferences and idiosyncrasies. You can customize the drinks it serves, the floral arrangements, the background, placement, and anything else you can think of.

Not only can you use such a wall for your wedding, but just put in some fruit juice or NA wines and you have yourself a perfect wall for your baby shower or birthday party. After all, you don’t need alcohol to make this idea fun.


If you want your party to be extra, then make sure that it is. Champagne wall art is a great way to brighten up a place that could be just a little dull. Not to mention that having your favorite bubbly bottles displayed across the room makes your place feel like it is breathing life into itself. And there is nothing more fun than seeing people stop and take notice of the beautifully crafted bottle as they make their way into it.


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