Best Cocktail Smoker For Drink Connoisseurs

What is the latest trending sensation from the beverage world? Smoked drinks. It turns out that adding smoke to your drinks gives really serious flavor. The technique seems a bit intimidating especially for beginners. However, it is actually simple if you have the right tools. If you would like to try it, remember that it should be ‘cold smoke’, not hot smoke from grill smokers because it can cook your drink. In this blog post, we feature Best Cocktail Smoker Kits that are available on Etsy and Amazon.

Every drink connoisseur wants a smoker to infuse their cocktail drinks with real smoke not just smoke flavor. But what is a cocktail smoker? A cocktail smoker is a glass dome or enclosed smoke box that holds cold smoke from a handheld smoker. The smoke infuses to the cocktail giving it a lovely and real smoky flavor.

Cocktail Smokers Available on Etsy in 2024

Cocktail Smoker Topper Kit by TheCraftyCocktail10/10 (Editor's choice)
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Top Hat Cocktail Smoker Combo with Torch by BlackstoneDesign789/10
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Smoked Cocktail Smoking Tray by CoopersBranchCo9/10
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Portable LED Cocktail Smoker by FordProductDesign9/10
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Professional Cocktail Smoker by Bitterama9/10
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Smoking Gun by Gramercy Kitchen Co8/10
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Smoke Infuser for Cocktail Drinks by TMKEFFC Store9/10
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Cocktail Smoker Topper Kit by TheCraftyCocktail

The Crafty Cocktail has created this beautiful and one of a kind Cocktail Smoking Topper Kit so you can take your cocktails to the next level in style! This Cocktail smoker top is the longest lasting cocktail smoker available designed to smoke 500+ cocktails easily.

What’s included in the kit?

  • Oak cocktail smoke stack (1pc)
  • Screen12oz Rocks glass (1pc)
  • 3oz Barrel Aged Powder (1pc)
  • Butane torch (1pc) *Butane not included

You can pick your own powder. Select a kit with all 8 wood infusing powders or a sample pack of 3 wood powders. So basically, here are the sample powder packs – Barrel Aged, Cherry, and Hickory. Also, it’s easy to clean the stack and it fits perfectly on any glass.

How to use it?

  • First, make your cocktail in the rock’s glass.
  • Second, place the cocktail smokestack on top of your glass.
  • Third, fill the chimney stack with a pinch of infusing powder.
  • Then, place the torch close to the chimney stack and force the smoke down into the glass.
  • Lastly, let sit for 20-30seconds depending on your desired amount of smoke, remove the topper and enjoy!

Top Hat Cocktail Smoker Combo with Torch by BlackstoneDesign78

This cocktail top hat smoker combo with torch is handmade from all natural hard wood in Ohio. No finishes or glues used. BlackstoneDesign78 seller also offers free laser engraving for the topper. Experience the difference with this product.

What’s included in the kit?

  • Top Hat Chimney smoker made from your choice of Cherry, Maple, Oak, or Hickory wood depending on availability (1)
  • 4oz tin (by volume) of wood shavings provided. (1)
  • Butane torch selection and style may vary due to availability (1)
  • Personalization of your choice- up to 30 characters including spaces, logos, initials, images in black and white with no grayscale.
  • **Glass not included)**

The cocktail top hats are all done in house all day by hand. It is round shape hat and fits perfectly on any glasses as well. The burn chamber is also easy to clean and if ever needs a replacement, replacements are available on this shop.

How to use it?

  • First, place a small amount of wood shavings into the smoke chamber and apply flame for 10-15 seconds.
  • Second, once the desired amount of smoke is achieved, place the hat back on.
  • Third, let it steep, the longer you let the smoke settle the stronger the flavor.
  • Lastly, remove the top hat and enjoy!

Smoked Cocktail Smoking Tray by CoopersBranchCo

This Cocktail Smoking Tray by CoopersBranchCo provides plenty of space to serve up smoked cocktails. Each tray fits up to 4 glasses made from the whiskey barrel. Also, you can try different flavors of smoking chips which are easier to light & burn for plenty of smoke.

What’s included in the kit?

  • 1oz bags smoking chips (4 different flavors- Apple, Maple, Pecan, and Hickory)
  • You have the option to add glasses at checkout – 10.5oz Whiskey Glass or 12oz rock glass
  • *Please note: torch is not included

Each piece is handmade and can vary slightly. Each piece is a unique piece in size, color, markings and patina will vary as no two barrels are the same.

Portable LED Cocktail Smoker by FordProductDesign

This Portable LED Cocktail Smoker is inspired by the experience of trying a smoked cocktail at a local bar. It is controlled by a custom circuit board with integrated LEDs. A 9v battery runs the entire system but it can be replaced easily, no need to eliminate cords. The smoker base is made of a solid maple and is available in multiple finish options.

  • What’s included in the kit?
  • Smoke Base in your desired color
  • Glass Smoking Dome
  • Stainless Steel Chip Cup
  • 4 bags of wood chips in various flavors for roughly 80 drinks (Currently, they are Cherry, Hickory, Apple and Pecan)
  • *Please note: The flavors are subject to change at anytime

Smoked cocktails are just a button press away with this portable drink smoker. Enjoy a smoked old fashioned from the comfort of your home.

Professional Cocktail Smoker by Bitterama

This handheld Cocktail Smoker is the perfect way to create new sensations in all of your favorite cocktails and drinks. It’s an alternative to traditional smoking methods. You’ll be able to effortlessly infuse your drinks with a natural smoky flavor.

Technically this is a new way of smoking gentle enough for fruits, veggies, simple syrups, salts, ice and other garnishes, imparting a delicate flavor without changing their texture or temperature. Since all of the heat is contained in the smoking chamber, the smoke being released is cool and gentle. Such a perfect way to infuse your favorite spirits letting you experience differently.

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Cocktail Smoker Available on Amazon

Smoking Gun by Gramercy Kitchen Co

This is the perfect accessory for bringing smoky aroma and flavor to your culinary and mixology creations. Add a quick and easy layer of delicious smoky flavor to your drinks. Smoking whiskey with hickory or oak wood chips mimic extra years in those luxurious charred barrels. This smoker not only adds flavor but makes for a great conversation piece at your cocktail party.

It is elegantly simple! This smoking Gun is engineered to the perfect size for smoking your drinks and meals. When you purchase this from Gramercy Kitchen Co you’ll receive a downloadable recipe guide filled with tips and recipes for smoking the best craft cocktail or scotch, sous vide meats, and appetizer spreads.

Smoke Infuser for Cocktail Drinks by TMKEFFC Store

Surprise your guests with some table-side smoking quickly finish foods and drinks with natural cold smoke! It’s an easy way to give your favorite cocktails a smoky flavor. Also great for foods that you cannot usually smoke with a traditional smoker.

With this Smoke Infuser, you can try more creative flavors, such as dried tea leaves, herbs, spices or cigars. And, you can also explore which of your favorite foods you think would benefit from a smoky aroma.

Smoking drinks isn’t just for the professionals. With the help of these products, the processes are less complicated. You too can create a smooth, smoky cocktail right in the comfort of your kitchen.

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