Ultimate Guide to Non-Alcoholic Beer Subscription Boxes in 2024

Updated: Jan 13, 2024

Finding non-alcoholic beers can be overwhelming. You may miss unusual selections in the midst of common beers on the grocery shelves. Adding to that, non-alcoholic beers are still unusual and don’t have their own particular section. Fret no more – thanks to the advent of subscription boxes trend, we have scoured the web to find the best non-alcoholic beer subscription boxes. Chances are you will find a brew that suits your style.

Most of the subscription boxes deliver non-alcoholic beer boxes monthly. Although, some may offer a weekly or bimonthly delivery too. Everyone has their own style. Some of the alcohol-free subscription boxes are filled with unique and pretty decent selections which will make you experience new variety, while some deliver a selection from their brands that are current crowd favorites. If you are into non-alcoholic beers, also check out Best Alcohol Free Beers and Ultimate Guide to Alcohol Free Beers

Ready to get started? Let’s jump straight to the list of the best buys that will make your quench adventure an unforgettable one! 

Bravus Build Your Own Box10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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Better Rhodes Insider9/10
Check Price
NA Beer Club9/10
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No\Lo Club8/10
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Dry Drinker8.5/10
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Days Lager9/10
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Lucky Saint8.5/10
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Best Non-Alcoholic beer subscription boxes in US in 2024

Here are some of the best beer subscription boxes that you’ll love below. If you are a beer fan these beer festivals around the world may be of interest to you too.

Bravus Build Your Own Box

Bravus has come up with this great subscription box for all the NA beer lovers. The best part is, the box is completely customizable. You can add whichever one of their drinks you want. They also give you an option between 12 or 24 cans per box according to your needs. The subscription saves you 15% off every month’s order. Moreover, you will get free shipping on their subscription. How great is that! Here are some of their amazing products that you can choose from:

Oatmeal Stout: This is maybe perhaps the most mouth-watering stouts we have ever seen. It is incredible, with flavors of chocolate and caramel. Despite being on the sweeter side, it has a coffee-like bitter hint to it which is a signature in beers. It has a rich creamy mouthfeel despite having a lighter body.

This owes to the fact that it forms a thick creamy head that floats on top of the drink. It has a beautiful reddish copper color that looks stunning in any glass. Its delightful aroma of chocolate, malts, oats, and cream is definitely our favorite. Having less than a 0.5% ABV, this is one of the best NA beers on the market 

Blood Orange Ale: Bravus’ Amber Ale is one of my favorites. Like normal beers, it does have a slight bitterness to it, along with a strong malty taste. It is infused with the essence of blood orange, pops with the sweet and tart goodness of fresh citrus. 

It is one of the healthier choices available, with 100 calories per can. Having about 22g of carbs, people with diabetes and those on a keto diet should probably avoid this drink. That being said, it is perfect for vegans and those with gluten allergies because it is vegan-friendly and gluten-reduced! 

Non-Alcoholic IPA: This IPA is the equivalent of an extrovert. It gets along with everyone! Let me explain: This IPA is loved by both IPA fans and those having the first IPA of their lives.  This is because it is not as bitter as a traditional IPA and has a sweet hint to it. It is a gorgeous yellow tone and a smooth velvety mouthfeel. Moreover, it boasts only 96 calories for each can, so you can sip away with guilt eating you out. It has under 5% ABV and is also gluten-reduced. Not only that but it is 100% vegan!

Monthly Subscription: $25.98/ 12 bottles, $48.99/ 24 bottles


Better Rhodes Insider – Alcohol-free beer subscription box

best Alcohol-free beer subscription box


Better Rhodes is a non-alcoholic online store that specializes in offering multiple brands of non-alcoholic beverages. This company makes the hunt for alcohol-free beverages easier and cheaper than if you try to source them yourself the whole year-round. 

Their founder has said that other countries including the UK, Australia, and Canada have made far more progress than the U.S in this market. To fulfill this market gap and meet the demand of those who would prefer not to drink, he found a store that only specialized in non-alcoholic beverages. For many abstaining completely from alcohol, the NA versions being produced in the same facility as the alcohol ones cause concern. This company completely eliminates this issue! 

They offer a monthly subscription of selected premium alcohol-free products. Specially curated boxes contain a mix of the latest and greatest alongside common favorites. They may contain wine, beer, spirits, sophisticated mixers, and adult beverages. Subscribers also receive special gifts from local businesses and/or swag items, and a variety of locally sourced chocolate, popcorn, seasonals, mugs, accessories, and other goodies.

Monthly Subscription: $24.99 each month/6 new beers and fun gifts and surprises

NA Beer Club

This Non-Alcoholic (NA) Beer club started in 2019 and offers a unique selection of various NA beers in the US. They offer 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months subscription packages. 

With their packages, you can get almost any NA beer that you dream of. The fun part is, you won’t know which one you get! Their packages are like the much-loved mystery boxes which are currently trending. You will be amazed and thrilled by the new options you get every month. I will be mentioning some of the NA beers I received in their subscription boxes.

  1. Nanny State: This is believed to be one of the best alcohol-free IPAs on the market. It is made with over 6 malts and has the signature hoppy taste of beer without adding too much sweetness to the mix.
  2. Upside Down: This beer was rightfully awarded a silver medal at NYC’s International beer competition. It is a refreshing and light ale with a subtle earthy hint to it. Its ABV is 0.5%
  3. Free Damm: For people going for a more traditional lager taste, Free Damm is the best way to go. It provides a smooth mouthfeel with a rich taste, something rarely found in 0.00% NA beer.
  4. Natural Bridges: Only a few Kolsch-style beers exist in the market and this is one of them! It has more of a fruity taste with subtle traces of melon and honeydew. What’s best about it is the astonishing 17 calories per can!

These are only a very few from a huge selection of beers offered by this company. Do check them out!

3/6/12 Monthly Subscription
Buy at: NA Beer Club

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Best Non-Alcoholic beer subscription boxes in U.K


Lightdrinks – Great Beer!

The service offers a selection of non-alcoholic beers under a monthly subscription and currently rated five stars. The team is known to pick the beers which are bound to be a pleasant surprise every month. It like a surprise gift for yourself! With more easily personalized delivery options, there is free delivery in U.K on shipping over £45. Cheers!

They offer a wide variety of beers including lagers, brown and dark ales, bitter beer, and pilsners. A few of the best beers offered in their selection are mentioned below:

  1. BEAVERTOWN BREWERY LAZER CRUSH: For those beer lovers who prefer a more refreshing rather than bitter drink, this beer is perfect for them. It is a smooth light drink that is truly tropical with a subtle citrusy taste. What’s more is that it’s completely vegan with only 0.3% ABV.
  2. BUDWEISER PROHIBITION BREW: This is a perfect American-style brew. It features a strong hoppy taste due to de-alcoholized beer, malt extract, hop extract, and natural flavor. At only 34 kcal per 100ml and 0.5% ABV, this beer is your buddy if you are health conscious.
  3. BIG DROP BREW GALACTIC MILK STOUT: For all cocoa lovers, imagine honeycomb coated with chocolate. Sound delicious right? That is the exact taste of this beer in words. At 91kcal per can, this beer is an absolute treat. It was rightfully voted the world’s best flavored low alcohol. Not only that but it is completely gluten-free!
  4. DAYS BREWING ALCOHOL-FREE PALE ALE: This Scottish pale ale is undoubtedly one of the best. Not only is it malty and delicious but also has tropical overtones with a grapefruit aftertaste. It is 21kcal per 100ml and purely vegan! For anyone abstaining completely from alcohol, this beer is 0.00% ABV.

These are only a few from their wide range of NA beers. Visit their website and discover for yourself the beers for you. Or if you like surprises just let the crew choose for you!

Monthly Subscription: £30.00/12 bottles
Buy at: lightdrinks.co.uk


No\Lo Club – More Than Just a Subscription Service

This is another service provided by the founders of  Light Drinks. It is advertised to be much more than a normal beer subscription service. Without a doubt, it has much more to offer! For the price of £20 per month, you will get 8 hand-picked and absolutely delicious beers. The beers are chosen through the collaboration of the entire team and hence are one of the best ones available on the market.

It is perfect for anyone venturing into the world of NA beers. It is even a great fit for those who like some variety in life but don’t have the time to research and pick drinks. The club offers free delivery all over the UK and doesn’t have any hidden cancellation fees. You even have the option to pause the service whenever you want. Going abroad for a few months? Just pause the service until you are back!

Another thing we loved about this service is that they offer a 5% discount for members on any purchase from Light Drinks. It is truly a beer club! In case you don’t like surprises, their picks for the month are posted on their website. Some breweries they include in their beer selections are: Drynks Unlimited, Mash Gang, Athletic Brewing Co. and Big Drop Brewing Co. If you know anything about beers, you will know that these are one of the best!

Monthly Subscription: £20/8 bottles + 5% discount on purchases

Buy at: noandlo.club



Dry Drinker – With a Selection of Light and Dark Beers.

best beer subscription case

This alcohol-free beer subscription box offers eight different beers with a new beer taste each month. It not only will help you explore the world of NA beers, but also be fun. How often do we select random new varieties of beers to try? Almost never! Not only will your taste buds be surprised, but they’ll thank you when you find your match.  

This company gives you the tasteful choice of two subscriptions, vegan and standard. In the standard option, you will get a mix of light and dark beers. Similarly in the vegan option, there is a wide variety of non-alcoholic beers as well, just – you guessed it right – vegan! there is no long commitment and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. So, there are no hidden cancellation fees that would take a toll on your budget

Sounds good so far? Well, it will sound even better when you hear that the first delivery comes with a free Dry Drinker glass. Moreover, the company offers free delivery after the first box with the membership billed at £19.99/month. A 10% discount coupon on the first order is also provided by the company. They surely know how to make their customers happy!

Monthly subscription: £19.99/ 8 Different beers
Buy at: https://drydrinkerdirect.com

Days Lager– 100% Natural Ingredients

best NA subscription box

Days is rising rapidly as a NA beer brand. The beer selection is vegan friendly and under a low-calorie count for everyone hitting the gym or just concerned about their health. Days also commit their 2% profit towards mental health. Days also offers eco-friendly recyclable glass bottles. This is truly a sustainable brand which makes us want to buy from them even more!

Days Lager offers a crisp, fresh beer brewed with Hallertau hops malted with balanced citrus and floral notes. The product is made with 100% natural ingredients constituting 0.0% ABV. Customers rave that among the 0% lagers in the supermarket, Days Lager is the most flavorful and very satisfying. 

When it comes to the Days pale ale, it is made with Malted Barley, Hop extracts, and Natural flavoring – all plant-based ingredients. When served chilled, it will not only quench your thirst but also leave you refreshed to your very core. It is perfect for a sunny summer day! This one boasts 0% alcohol content as well with 21kcal per 100ml. 

The company features a no-commitment policy and you are free to cancel the subscriptions any time with no cancellations fees. Their subscriptions feature a 10% discount rather than if the beers were bought individually. That’s pretty good in our opinion! Their delivery frequency also varies according to your consumption at 2, 3, or 4 weeks rather than only the traditional monthly only delivery. Moreover, you can either get a subscription for the Lager, the Pale Ale or a mixed version!

Monthly subscription: £22.50/ 12 Different beers – 330 ml/bottle 
Buy at: daysbrewing.com

Lucky Saint – Highest Quality Ingredients

alcohol free beer box

Lucky Saint prides themselves that they made their beer out of the highest quality malted barley, freshest hops, and yeast along with no additives, no adjuncts, and no flavorings. A sweet fruity aroma wafts through the air around this beer, its smooth and creamy mouthfeel accompanied by a hint of citrus. This is without a doubt one of the best NA beers in terms of taste and mouthfeel.

The brew is of Germany, promising an elevated product quality. To further ensure quality, the company also developed its own strain of yeast to go with the other ingredients of the beer. Lucky Saint removes alcohol after the brewing process instead of brewing a low ABV from the start, This delivers a taste close to normal beer which we all have come to love. When it comes to health, this may be one of your best shots. It contains only 16 kcal per 100ml and is purely vegan! That’s only 58kcal per bottle!

Lucky Saint offers multiple boxes with 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions. One can save up to £50 with a subscription plan. The boxes themselves may have 12, 18, 24, or 48 bottles according to your needs. The more you order, the more discount you will get per bottle. Due to their wide variation of boxes and delivery frequency, this is bound to fit you whether you are a beer-a-day kind of person or one who drinks one every hour.

3-month subscription: £70/12 x 330ml bottles – Save up to £5
6-month subscription: £140/12 x 330ml bottles – Save up to £10
12-month subscription: £250/12 x 330ml bottles – Save up to £50
Buy at: Luckysaint.co



Sobersauce Beer Subscription

beer subscription club

Sobersauce has a selection of low and non-alcoholic beers in their subscription boxes. The packages consist of the latest brands and subscriptions that could save you up to 75% off the retail price in total value. Not only that, they have many different subscription types. In the discovery subscription, you get a random selection of beers from the company that will change every month. This is perfect for a surprise to yourself. If your life lacks spice, at least these beers will add some!

The next one is their latest beers subscription which, you guessed it right, brings you the latest beers released in the market. For people who want to know all that goes on in the beer industry, this is a perfect fit. Not only will you be surprised, but you will also discover tastes that you did not even know existed! The latest beer subscription offers an 8 beer and 12 beer version according to your needs.

Another interesting option this company offers is a 3-month subscription program where you receive 12 different beers a month from the finest breweries in the UK and the rest of the world. This is great for someone stepping into the world of non-alcoholic beers for the first time and deciding to go on a tasting spree.

You can decide to pay monthly, 3 months prepaid, or 12 months prepaid. The more upfront you pay, the greater discount you will pocket! With all the different options with this subscription service, one is bound to fit your style.

Latest brand subscription: £19.99/ 8 Different beer bottle
Discovery subscription: £19.99/ 8 Different beer bottle
Buy at: sobersauce.co.uk

BeerHawk – The Low and No Club

top beer subscription service

Beer Hawk subscription case has a good variety of styles and great flavors from across the world at a bargain price. They’re offering Free Delivery on orders of £50 or above. This has to be one of the most unique subscription services available. All the subscribers get to drink one beer every week. Each week is a different beer! However, the shipment for 8 weeks (8 beers) is delivered at once. The subscribers are told which beer to drink every week by the company.

The beers are selected very carefully, their stories emailed to the customers every week. This subscription is more about trying new things and then appreciating their history. If you like acquiring knowledge about the different types of beer in the world and aren’t much of a drinker, then this subscription might suit you. What’s more is that this beer company allows you to expand your circle by meeting new people. They have live tasting sessions every Thursday on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

However, one thing we do fear with this subscription is that it offers too little. Even the lightest of the drinkers prefer at least 2-3 beers every week. This may result in making people drink their beers more often than recommended. This may defeat the whole purpose of the service. Moreover, we don’t think it is wise to make people crave something that is already in their possession. But again, this service is more about the exploration rather than the number of beers.

Subscription: £20.00/ 8 Different beer bottle
Buy at: beerhawk.co.uk


So here was our ultimate guide for the best alcohol-free beer subscriptions in 2021 for both the US and UK. Boring meetings and working from home is going to get much better with a non-alcoholic beverages subscription. You can pursue a healthier lifestyle without having to battle alcoholic addiction. With subscription boxes, you may find a selection of beers that is not available in the supermarkets. I hope you enjoy our guide if you are venturing into non-alcoholic beer subscriptions.

Tips before getting an alcohol-free subscription

1) Identify your boundaries: Identify whether you want beverages with absolutely no alcohol or traces of it.

2) Track your consumption: We suggest listing the number of beers you drink per week. That will really help you  identify the plan which is right for you

3) Keep your favorites in mind: Decide which kind of beer suits you. It can be dark, light, ale, IPA, etc. Whatever rows your boat!

4) Always keep a check on ingredients: You need to do this especially if you are vegan or allergic to gluten.

5) Check for any cancellation fees for the subscription.

6) Check for delivery times and delivery fees for your location.

7) Read a lot of reviews.


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